Rumour: ‘Sonic Runners Adventure’ Coming to Mobile Devices

To those of you who were sad to see Sonic Runners leave our phones last year, listen up. It looks like SEGA is working with Gameloft to bring the concept back, in a new title called ‘Sonic Runners Adventure’. Continue reading Rumour: ‘Sonic Runners Adventure’ Coming to Mobile Devices

Sega: Sonic Runners is a Failure

Now depending where you sit when it comes to this kind of game, this news will actually not surprise you, or it may take you completely by surprise. Sega considers Sonic Runners a failure, in terms of how much money it’s making. This comes as a bit of a surprise as the game appeared to be profitable and doing rather well.


Now, in the past, I have been quite vocal regarding my stance on a certain ‘free’ to play mobile game staring Sonic, however, one thing which was hard to deny, is that Sonic Runners was being downloaded, it was being played and people were spending a lot of money on it.

Though at the same time, I’m not that surprised, the game has been heavily criticised for poor technical performance, an intrusive and invasive micro-transaction strategy and in some cases, randomly banning players for utterly no reason. Why would people want to give money to this?

However, another issue which is a little strange is that, according to the report, Sonic Runners on average was making 30 million yen per month, which is around £180,000, that sum is considered a failure? How much money went into developing the game for that sum to be considered a failure?

To put it into perspective, Sega considers games which make 50 million yen, or £300,000 per month to be successful.

Source: SegaSammy