Samba De Amigo Wii delayed in Europe

Sega Europe have finally posted up a release date for Samba De Amigo Wii on their site and it’s not the one shown in their earlier release schedules. The Gearbox developed rhythm game game is now going to be released alongside Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on the 26th September instead of the original date of the 19th September. No news yet on why the game’s been delayed but if we hear something we’ll let you know.

Samba De Amigo Wii’s product page

Sonic Chronicles team start fortnightly blog entries

ArchangelUK over at the Sega Europe blogs has announced The Chronicles Diaries, a fortnightly blog feature where a guest from the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood team will write a blog entry explaining their role in the games development, what its like to work on the game and give some details about the game itself.

ArchangelUK says the guest bloggers will range from people at BioWare, SEGA Europe, America and even maybe Japan from testers to producers and from top to bottom. The first guest blogger is Randall Bishop from Bioware who gives his 5 reasons why working on Sonic Chronicles is fun.

The fortnightly blog entries will continue until the games release so check back every fortnight.

Thanks to markwiinut over at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Sonic City Blognik, First Guest

New Sega Europe release dates

Sega Europe have revealed release dates for their upcoming games in Q1. The games and dates are as follows…

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Wii)- January 18th
Ghost Squad (Wii)- January 18th
Phantasy Star: Ambition of the Illuminus (PC, PS2)- January 25th
Universe at War: Earth Assault (PC)- January 25th


The Club (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) – February 8th
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS) – February 8th
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii and PS2) – February 22nd
Bleach: Shattered Blade (Wii and DS) – February 28th

Universe at War: Earth Assault (Xbox 360) – March 7th
Condemned 2 (Xbox 360 and PS3)- March 14th
Viking: Battle for Asgard (Xbox 360 and PS3)- March 14th
Sega Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii and DS)- March 28th

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more news as it happens!

Sonic City interviews Richard Jacques

Good old ArchangelUK over at Sega Europe has released some early Christmas presents to fans on the official European Sonic City website.

Site goers can now:

  • Read an interview with popular game composer Richard Jacques about creating the main theme for Sega Superstars Tennis
  • Listen to 2 Sonic Riders Zero Gravity tracks on Sonic FM
  • ArchangelUK has also managed to get a Sonic City EXCLUSIVE. The main theme to Sega Superstars Tennis is now available on Sonic FM for your listening pleasure.

Congratulations ArchangelUK! Stay tuned to Sonic News for further updates as they happen!

Sega looking to acquire another company?

Now that the Activision Blizzard emergence is over Mike Hayes president of Sega Europe has told MCV their company could be next to acquire another company.

With Mario and Sonic reaching the Chart track number 1 spot Sega have obviously benefited from deals with another company, so can they bring in a similar result again if they acquire a company?

Here are Mike Hayes quotes from the article:

“The growth challenge is never over,” said Hayes. “Therefore like most other publishers we are always on the look-out for new signings – product or company.” Continue reading Sega looking to acquire another company?

Sonic City now LIVE

Sega Europe have today released the long awaited official Sonic site Sonic City. ArchangelUK who recently joined Sega Europe has been teasing fans since yesterday on the Sonic City blognik with a Mystery blog entry, countdown and tiny hints. Fans at the SSMB had fun with detective work and guesses while they waited.

The end result is a site filled with Sonic goodness such as-

  • Character profiles
  • Games list including games of old with descriptions, fun facts and media.
  • The Blognik
  • An Arcade
  • Sonic FM
  • News articles
  • An official Sonic forum is also coming soon.

SEGA Superstars Tennis announced

One of the endearing things we liked about Sonic was that he wasn’t as whored about as Mario has been on the whole ‘let’s do as many different sports and genres as possible’ game. We had Sonic Shuffle, lesson learnt for the most part.

SEGA have today announced that SEGA Superstars Tennis will be released on the PS3 and XBOX 360 and feature an entire roster of Sonic Team and SEGA characters such as Samba, Ulala and (yes!) Big the Cat. About time that freakishly slow cat got some more love.

Despite the premise of the game being a bit depressing, what with the year of spinoffs and what this tennis game could mean for the future of Sonic’s pimping days, the two screenshots released for the game appear to be just about the greatest things we’ve seen in years. Also note the Motobug as ball boy in the first image. Sumo Digital, the developers of this new spinoff, are our new heroes. Continue reading SEGA Superstars Tennis announced

Blaze and New Raccoon for Sonic Rush Adventure

A new banner created by Sega Europe displays Blaze and a brand new Raccoon character, both set to appear in Sonic Rush Adventure.

The Sonic Stadium posted the banner last night upon finding the image, but has since removed it on Sega’s request. The image was curiously leaked somehow from the European offices and had yet to be approved by the Japanese branch. We apologise to our readers for stripping our content, but in return Sega will exclusively reveal details of the brand new raccoon character when they are ready to surface. Continue reading Blaze and New Raccoon for Sonic Rush Adventure

SEGA suing humour website over AoStH gag

“Of course you know this means war!”

SEGA Europe has sensationally filed a lawsuit against humour website YTMND (You’re The Man Now Dog!) over jokes it contains involving Sonic the Hedgehog.

YTMND, for the uninitiated, is a website where users can create their own webpage consisting of only an image for a background and a voice clip as background music. Many trends are built on the back of this, where Star Trek’s ‘Epic Manoeuvres’ and Star Fox’s ‘Do A Barrel Roll’ being gags that has spawned countless YTMND joke pages.

The most popular of the Sonic jokes, a mickey take on the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon motto “That’s NO Good!”, involves editing the voice clip to include various random quotes from films and other cult references. Many different versions of this Sonic gag suggest furry rape or sex or some other kind of ‘NO Good!’ activity, which is likely the reason that SEGA have kicked off in such a way. Continue reading SEGA suing humour website over AoStH gag

SEGA Announces Advertising Campaign

While avid Sonic fans are entertaining themselves with their newly acquired games for both the PSP and XBox 360, SEGA has begun to step a bit further into comsumer space to advertise these games (Sonic the Hedgehog on XBox 360 and Sonic Rivals on PSP) to a more expansive audience via Microsoft’s own advertisement network.

On the fourth of December, an agreement was signed with Microsoft to launch a theme pack for Windows Live Messenger, that allows users to easily and effectively have their conversation windows remind them of the blue blur himself.

The Head of Marketing at SEGA UK, Tina Hicks, also had a comment regarding the newly signed agreement: “We have a wide audience to reach and converse with. The MSN theme pack enables users to interact with the Sonic brand in a way that is not possible with standard online advertising or rich media, which can be a far more passive way of talking to consumers.”

From the description of the theme pack given, it sounds as if it will feature a complete Live overhaul – this, of course, includes winks, emotions, and backgrounds. A release date for the theme pack and starting date for the advertising campaign has yet to be announced.

SEGA’s Community Blog Opens

SEGA Europe has kicked off the hype for all things Sonic related as it officially opens its Community Blog. Titled the ‘Sonic City Blognik’, it features members of SEGA Europe’s marketing and community management team discussing various interesting facets of the blue blur.

Initial blog entries included posts from Community Manager Rom and Svend Joscelyne, webmaster of The Sonic Stadium. Shortly after a mention on its e-newsletter, posts from the marketing department shared an exclusive insight into the upcoming TV and print advertisements for Sonic the Hedgehog on XBOX 360.

The inclusion of respected members of the Sonic the Hedgehog community is part of an attempt initialised by SEGA and The Sonic Stadium to bring the official source closer to the fans. TSS webmaster Svend will be writing regular columns for the blog, while a few other community members have already been offered the opportunity to write a piece for the online diary.

Visit the Blog to see TV advert sneaks and information on official game sites.

Sonic Rivals official European site launched

SEGA of Europe have launched their official site for the Playstation portable game Sonic Rivals this week. A fair warning however, the site is in Flash.

The site features many screenshots, 3 interesting movies of gameplay features in this amazing looking game and much information, including the names of each of the race courses and profiles for each of the 4 main characters; Sonic the hedgehog, Shadow the hedgehog, Silver the hedgehog and Knuckles the echidna.

According to the site, the names of the 6 race courses or “Zones” as the site refers to them as (Perhaps a nod to the earlier 2D games in the series and Sonic heroes) are Zone 1 – Forest falls, Zone 2 – Colosseum highway, Zone 3 – Sky park, Zone 4 – Crystal mountain, Zone 5 – Death yard and Zone 6 – Meteor base. 4 bosses of 4 of the zones have also been revealed.

The Egg turtle will be the boss of Forest falls zone, Egg falcon shall be the boss of colosseum highway zone, the Egg lynx will be the boss of crystal mountain zone and the Egg kong is presumed to be the boss of death yard zone. Each have been created by the evil villain Dr Eggman and not only does the player have to land the finishing blow on the contraption to win, he also has to stave off his rivals in order to accomplish this! For all of your characters rivals shall be present and trying to defeat Dr Eggman himself.

Many thanks to Sonic1985 of the SSMB forums for the tip off!

Sonic Wild Fire’s New Title is Confirmed!

The video game website known as Gaming Age has very recently reported that they have had word that the Nintendo Wii Sonic title, Sonic Wild Fire now has a new name.

The innovative game is now titled “Sonic and the Secret of the Rings”. It is now known that this new name is now official due to word from SEGA Europe.

For now, not much can be deduced from the new name but the game may obviosly involve Sonic cracking the secret of the gold rings which are a Sonic game series staple.

The game is due out sometime in March 2007. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium and Sonic News for more information as it is revealed.

Sonic Converse All Star competition

There was a time when our blue buddy was content to wear cheap red knockoffs, but that all changed with ‘Sonic Adventure 2’ when he developed a lust for ‘Soap Scorchers’, and then in ‘Sonic Riders’ when he wore grungy skater boots. So what now, well lately it seems Sonic gets a ‘Rush’ from wearing Converse All Stars. Get it?

That’s right, if you were wondering where SEGA of Europe blew all its Sonic Riders and Rub Rabbits budget then look no further, the answer is Sonic Rush custom designed Converse All Star footwear. Gah it all makes sense now. Continue reading Sonic Converse All Star competition

SOE offer signed Shadow and Sonic images

Remember back in October, when SEGA of Europe held a charity auction to raise money for provisions needed to perform a sponsored climb of the mountain Kilimanjaro, for the video games ‘Entertainment Software Charity’?

Well if you do then you should also remember the ‘one of a kind’ signed Sonic and Shadow images that were auctioned off for over £100 ($200) each.

Well as it turns out the images, signed by Yuji Naka, are not so original after all. In yet another one of SEGA of Europe’s spectacular (SEGA City exclusive) competitions, a duplicate copy of the signed images are being offered up to those that can answer this simple question: Continue reading SOE offer signed Shadow and Sonic images

Sega Europe unleashes Shadow site

A brief piece of Sonic news here:

Sega of Europe has unveiled their European ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ website. Unlike pervious EU Sonic sites this one is identical to that of its US counterpart, the only difference being the PEGI game rating, and a link to ‘Sonic City’.

The notification came in the form of an email that was sent to those who had signed up to Sonic City. The email contained an advertisement for the game (the first of the Shadow promotions in Europe) which when clicked upon, linked to the European Shadow site. Continue reading Sega Europe unleashes Shadow site

Will Climb Mountain for Signed Sonic Pictures

African mountain-climbing, massive sponsored online auctions… sounds like another SEGA charity event. The European arm of the video games giant recently organised a venture called “TAKIN AGES“, a Kilimanjaro chairty climb in aid of the Entertainment Software Charity (ESC).

Three of SEGA Europe’s partygoing managers – Caroline Searle (Purchasing Manager), Tina Hicks (UK Marketing Manager) and Lynn Daniels (EU PR Manager) – will be making the climb in an effort to raise money for children’s education charities. On 4th October they will be whisked to Tanzania to commence a no doubt rigorous six-day trek through the African mountainside.

In order to aid raise funds for the event, many SEGA auctions were held on eBay featuring exclusive SEGA items – the headlining of which included signed Sonic and Shadow pictures by the ‘ledge’ himself, Yuji Naka. These items were of particular interest, as you’ll no doubt see by the increments in biddings. Continue reading Will Climb Mountain for Signed Sonic Pictures

Sonic Release Date Delights

Today, SEGA Europe announced when the next three Sonic the Hedgehog titles are due for release in our continent.

The gun-toting Shadow the Hedgehog has been given a release date of 25th November, as has the blue blur’s DS debut, Sonic Rush, making for a bit of a Sonic day in Europe. For more information on Shadow the Hedgehog, click here and for all the latest on Sonic Rush simply click here.

As for when you may expect to play Sonic CD and Sonic the Fighters via Sonic Gems Collection, the new compilation will arrive in Europe at a much earlier date of 30th September. Read all about it here.

According to our sources, Sonic Gems Collection was just released today (17th August) in the US, with Shadow the Hedgehog also getting a November release and Sonic Rush a tentative ‘Fall 05’ slate across the pond. Let us know what you think of Gems in the comments.

SEGA City Unlocked Issue 2 Launched

For European SEGA fans, things have been up and down. One minute you start to think SEGA Europe cares about you, the next they tend to do something rather stupid that is equivalent to a spit in the face.

The recently revamped SEGA Europe website is an attempt to try and rectify the region’s ‘dampness’ as of late and return to the state many believed was SEGA Europe’s prime – the era of the Dreamcast.

For those fans who register to SEGA Europe, they get email notification of a special online bulletin magazine called SEGA City. It’s launch was sometime last month, and was an excellent start; featuring interviews with SEGA developers, and various competitions.

Continue reading SEGA City Unlocked Issue 2 Launched