Sonic the Fighters Rumoured for XBox Live Arcade

Amidst the flurry of classic SEGA titles hitting XBox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network last week, it may come as no surprise to many that whispers of potential releases of other classic games are circulating.

A recent tweet from XBL enthusiast @lifeflower lists the “unannounced/rumoured” release of three classic SEGA titles including Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter and Sonic the Fighters, displaying a screen grab of a USK rating for each of the games on their release schedule page.

While still officially unconfirmed with no information on extra features these games may have, many fans will be happy at the potential prospect to revisit one of the lesser-known titles from the Sonic franchise, along with other seminal beat’em ups from the SEGA Saturn era.

Props to eagle-eyed SSMB members NiGHTS and goku202006 for spotting this!