Sonic Rush is a Liberation of the Mind!

SEGA Europe has treated those fans dedicated enough to have signed up to “SEGA City” with an interview with the producer of Sonic Rush, Akinori Nishiyama.

Nishiyama has been involved with SEGA for some time, starting off working on Phantasy Star IV and PSO and Puyo Pop for SONICTEAM, before directing all three Sonic Advance titles. It shows in Sonic Rush – a game that is very much in style to the GBA games, yet appears to break away from the troublesome level design formula that has dogged previous games. Continue reading Sonic Rush is a Liberation of the Mind!

SEGA City Unlocked Issue 2 Launched

For European SEGA fans, things have been up and down. One minute you start to think SEGA Europe cares about you, the next they tend to do something rather stupid that is equivalent to a spit in the face.

The recently revamped SEGA Europe website is an attempt to try and rectify the region’s ‘dampness’ as of late and return to the state many believed was SEGA Europe’s prime – the era of the Dreamcast.

For those fans who register to SEGA Europe, they get email notification of a special online bulletin magazine called SEGA City. It’s launch was sometime last month, and was an excellent start; featuring interviews with SEGA developers, and various competitions.

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