Take a Look Inside Sega’s 2016 Vegas Licensing Expo Booth

Las Vegas is hosting the annual Licensing Expo, as usual Sega are in attendance and someone actually took photos of the booth for once!

It’s certainly a different design to the usual, we’ve had a close look at the photos but we don’t see any clues or hints at anything new game wise, there might be the odd one or two new pieces of merch in there somewhere.

Anyway, enjoy the pics in their full size in the gallery.

Source: First4Figures Facebook

The SEGA booth at Gamescom 2011 Video Tour


Having visited the SEGA booth at E3 with it’s mammoth Sonic statue, the aesthetic Sonic Generations stand, the quaint M&S London Olympic games arena and the Aliens bunker to name a few, I thought SEGA wouldn’t ever be able to outdo themselves. Well, take a look at some of these images and videos coming out of Cologne this week from the Gamescom 2011 show!

In amongst all of the titles being shown off at the German event, there is giant inflatable Sonic the hedgehog, an entire double decker bus…and of course my favourite part of all, a  history wall showcasing merchandise past and present (check out the video tour for that!) kindly donated for the duration of the show by Sonic fan and Sonic merchandise collector ‘Yellow’ (Alessandro Sanasi) from Spindash.de.


Look out for Sonic making an appearance too! Be sure to check out the SEGA flikr feed for more photos of the day.

Video from Planet3ds.de. Image taken from the SEGA flikr account.