SEGA 60 Kicks Off Week of Content With Wallpapers, Avatars,

SEGA’s 60th anniversary website is having a weeklong celebration of Sonic this week, and they’re starting things off with some Sonic avatars and wallpapers. The wallpapers utilize the 30th anniversary render released earlier this year, while the avatars use Sonic Mania stock art. To download them, you can either sign up over 60th anniversary website (which nets you a free copy of NiGHTS for Steam), or check them out below:

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SEGA Celebrates 60 Years With 60 Days of Discounts, Free Games, Competitions, and More!

SEGA’s 60 years old this year, in case you weren’t aware! SEGA’s been celebrating this with all sorts stuff, including their current Steam sale and Sonic 2 giveaway. But they aren’t stopping there: starting today, SEGA is running a 60 day long celebration. During this celebration, they will be:

  • Releasing four free retro-inspired mini games.
  • Discounting more of their games.
  • Running giveaways and Competitions
  • Putting out exclusive interviews

And “more” according to their tweet announcing this whole thing. As of today, SEGA is giving away free Steam copies of the Sonic Team classic NiGHTS into Dreams to anyone that signs up at their 60th anniversary website, here.

The website will provide free wallpapers, avatars and early notification of prize giveaways to anyone who signs up. If you want the free NiGHTS code, don’t dawdle, because they will only be provided for ”as long as codes last.”

The four free mini games, which will only be available for a limited time, include a prototype for a proposed new Golden Axe game made by the now-shuttered SEGA Australia, a Yakuza/Streets of Rage mash-up, a Fantasy Zone-inspired Endless Space game, and a retro tank battle take on SEGA’s Company of Heroes franchise. Click the links I embedded in each to go to their Steam pages. These games will be released daily starting October 15 and will only be available until October 19, 10 AM PST. So, again, if you want these don’t wait.

SEGA will surely be doing lots of Sonic and Sonic Team related things during this, so stay tuned for all that!

Sega 60th Sale Hits Steam (with Free Sonic 2!)

Following the Nintendo and retail sales, Sega’s big 60th anniversary sale has finally hit Steam, including all Steam Sonic titles, the Yakuza series, Total War, Persona 4 Golden, and more! It might be the best opportunity to grab a few games before this year’s Sonic Hacking Contest before it hits full swing the last week of October!

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TSS SEGA 60th Anniversary Roundtable: Our Most Important SEGA Memories

As Sonic fans, SEGA has invariably played at least some role in the tastes of everyone on the Sonic Stadium staff. Whether it is our love for their hardware, software or intellectual property, we each have a memory that either defined SEGA for us, or allowed SEGA to shape our tastes in gaming as a whole.

Today, on SEGA’s 60th anniversary, we thought it would be good to reminisce about the company that created a character we all have at least some fondness for.

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Happy 60th Anniversary, SEGA!

Sixty years ago on June 3 1960, Nihon Goraku Bussan, a distributor of Rock-Ola jukeboxes, was established. The company was one of two created as a successor to Service Games, Japan, and was run by American salesman Richard Stewart. Service Games itself was established by Stewart as a distribution arm for the company he was a salesman for, Service Games, Hawaii, which was a company that specialized in selling coin operated amusement devices on US military bases. Nihon Goraku Bussan would acquire Service Games, Japan’s other successor, Nihon Kikai Seizo, four years later, before merging with Rosen Enterprises in 1965 and formerly becoming SEGA Enterprises. Continue reading Happy 60th Anniversary, SEGA!

Sonic x Puyo Puyo Japanese Merch Collaboration Begins June 3rd

As well as the awesome limited edition t-shirt to celebrate its 15th anniversary, the official Sonic Channel from SEGA Japan has also announced a new collaboration with bookshop Village Vanguard to release a number of cool new merch items for SEGA’s 60th anniversary. Orders for all of the below will go live on June 3rd. Continue reading Sonic x Puyo Puyo Japanese Merch Collaboration Begins June 3rd

SEGA’s New Human Super Hero Has A SEGA Saturn-Themed Backstory

You might be aware of this already, but 2020 marks SEGA’s 60th anniversary – and the company has gone to great lengths to celebrate, including building an awesome-looking microsite covering its long history. SEGA recently revealed a new ‘hero’ called ‘Sega Shirou’, a new ‘mascot’ to promote the publisher in adverts – and a new video has included a truly random twist on the character’s backstory. Continue reading SEGA’s New Human Super Hero Has A SEGA Saturn-Themed Backstory

Send Your ‘Messages to SEGA’ And Win This Cool Sonic Chalk Bag

SEGA’s official 60th Anniversary website has now opened its virtual doors to accept messages of support from fans around the world – which means that you now have a perfect opportunity to try and get yourself one of these limited edition SEGA 60th Anniversary chalk bags! Continue reading Send Your ‘Messages to SEGA’ And Win This Cool Sonic Chalk Bag

SEGA Launches 60th Anniversary Website

SEGA turns 60 this year, and the company has launched a new website to mark the occasion! Called “GO SEGA,” the website contains a summary of SEGA’s 60 year history, as well as a message from SEGA Group chairman Haruki Satomi. In the message (read here), Satomi talks about the company’s aspirations for the future, the meaning of “GO SEGA,” and promises special content throughout the anniversary.

What exactly that content is, we don’t know as of yet. The website’s “events” section is currently greyed out. In addition to the history lesson and Satomi’s message, the website will also be accepting 100 character messages from SEGA fans about their experiences with the company and its games. These messages will be accepted between April 21 and June 3, and will eventually be displayed on the website. 60 lucky people will even have a chance to win a special 60th anniversary handbag, pictured below:

What are you hoping for from SEGA during it’s 60th anniversary? Let us know in the comments!