Sonic Boom Season Two Coming Fall 2016

Toy manufacturer Tomy have revealed that the season two of the popular Sonic Boom cartoon is scheduled to launch Fall 2016.

Announced to be getting a second season last year, Tomy revealed via a flyer at Toy Fair 2016 the cartoon was scheduled to return later this year – only a year after it finished its initial season run of 52 episodes. Photographer Paul Nicholasi snapped the photo while taking various photographs of the Tomy booth. Continue reading Sonic Boom Season Two Coming Fall 2016


In todays episode.

Things change a little bit for episode five of The Sonic Show as we take you through a commentary of Sonic Adventure DX. NTom64 and Fastest Thing Alive of ‘Hellfire Comms’ fame are your tour guides of one of most popular 3D Sonic games of all time.


Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Adventure was a game by the folks at Sonic Team and was released on December 23, 1998 in Japan for th Dreamcast. The version Hellfire take you through today is the Directors Cut version, which was released on the Gamecube many years later. The game was released as an enhanced port of the original Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, with several additional features added. Sonic Adventure DX includes a mission mode, which included 60 missions to complete throughout the adventure fields and action stages. It also contains a minigame collection, which is comprised of twelve Game Gear games featuring Sonic and friends. However today these two guys will be commenting on just Sonic’s story in this classic game.

Who are Hellfire Commentaries?

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HellfireComms are a hugely popular team found on youtube who cover a wide range of video game featurettes. They are most well known for their commentaries of videogames, especially Sonic ones as this makes up the largest amount of their portfolio. HellfireComms is made of a large team but the most notable two are NTom64 and Fastest Thing Alive. With subscribers and 1,634,414 channel views in less than a year, it is fair to say that this team are making a big impact on the Sonic community.

To watch the rest of the Sonic Adventure DX playthrough as Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Gamma, Big and Super Sonic or to watch one of their other entertaining videos, please head over to

SEASON 2: EPISODE 3: Summer Of Sonic Special!

Hey, Sonic Show fans! Are you ready for another episode of TSS’ chart-topping podcast?! Well, here it is! Season 2, episode 3 is a “Summer of Sonic” special episode, so this go-’round is not your traditional offering of Sonic Show goodness, as it mostly acts as an archive of all the media Jay (aka Disco Ponies) and other expo-goers managed to film at the event.

However, there are a few non-SoS skits in there, so there are a few surprises to be had in this episode! Featuring:

  • Exclusive Summer of Sonic coverage and footage! Featuring all the concert numbers by Richard Jacques, TJ Davies, and Lee Brotherton, T-Bird’s Quiz Show, and more!
  • An exclusive promo video for the re-opening of the Sonic Cage Dome!
  • The SAGE 2008 Promotional Video!
  • What’s going on as SoS U.S.A.? Our cameras dropped in on the show!
  • RedHedgehog doesn’t have an episode this time, but they show up to announce a new contest! What is it and what is the prize?
  • Slingerland’s Corner at the Olympic Games

With the Olympics in full swing and my love for attention, I shoved a Corner segment out the door. Fun fun fun. RedHedgehog will return to its usual antics next week, as well. We really hope you enjoy all the SoS coverage in this episode, though. The audio quality of the concerts is really good!


  • Dreadknux is the guest host, bringing his usual sexual allure.
  • We review SEGA Superstar Tennis and share some of your thoughts on the
  • We plough deep into what you need to know about Unleashed. (Or to be
  • EvilDoc smack you in the face with their wit as they explore the recent
  • Sonic Blobs does something…..
  • Slingerland continues to offend everyone
  • We of course give you a round up of the news
  • A cheap AMV, made in Windows Movie Maker.
  • And more fun here and there


  • Todd and Saphire are back to guide you through the show with
  • We have a boogie with Girls Aloud and Amy Rose, could this be
  • What happens when a middle age woman tries to explain what Sonic
  • Evil Doc attack your screens with comedy gold. And you can
  • Our resident Agony Aunt, Slingerland, comes to help out a chap
  • Much more stuff!