“I Dune’t Believe it!” New Episode 2 Screens

Following on from yesterdays new trailer and announcement of ‘Episode Metal,’ the Japanese Sonic 4 website has updated and with it, lots of new screenshot’s including images of ‘Episode Metal.’

The website also confirms the new level to be named ‘Oil Desert Zone’

You can check out all the screens after the jump.

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Sonic and the Black Knight Screens Make You Say ‘Ni’

“So hey, about Sonic Unleashed…” – What you say? Sonic Unleashed? That game is sooo last week. Let’s say we focus on something a bit more next year, girlfriend? Luckily SEGA Europe’s been sending out some screenshots of Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii so we can be next year… in 2008. Yeah, we’re rocking that DeLorean.

Sonic and the Black Knight is the continuation of the ‘Storybook’ series of the franchise that was kicked off with Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii. So we’ll treat it as the spinoff that it is and not facepalm ourselves into the ground. That would be impolite. There’s not an awful lot going on in these screenshots, and they’ve appeared on other sites before, but it’s nice to see that the game still exists, especially since a lot of you are going to have your artwork stashed onto it.

Enjoy these screens, a few of which are in ‘Extreeeeeeme’ blurrovision, and some which feature a familiar red knight. Hm, his face is covered. Now I can’t tell who it is…

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Sonic and the Black Knight: TGS Screens

We’re a bit late to the party with this one, but during the Tokyo Game Show a few weeks ago Sonic and the Black Knight got its first proper showing. As you could probably tell with all the trailers and mp3s flying around. Now you get some screenshots of the game in action, courtesy of SEGA Europe. They don’t really show anything new, but it’s nice to have a good look at what we’ve already seen, right?

So How’s Sonic Unleashed on the Wii Looking?

Really really nice, as it happens! There were fears that the lack of horsepower on the waggle-console would lead to a decidedly crappier looking game, but Dimps appear to be doing a fantastic job of maintaining the style of the next-gen experience and pumping their own Wii-specific controls into it. Naturally there’s a graphical deficiency that you notice if you compare Wii to 360 graphics, and Nintendo’s console is having a bit of a palette downgrade going on (looking a bit more brown I’d say) but you gotta admit it’s pretty tasty all the same. Looks like Sega really do like to push the graphical power of the Wii as much as they can.

Hit the jump for the gallery, you can also see some Wiire-hog action going on. Look, he’s jumping over razorblades like in Sonic 1! But… he’s a werewolf! Khaaaan! Continue reading So How’s Sonic Unleashed on the Wii Looking?

Slimy Sonic Chronicles Screens

New stage screens have appeared for Sonic Chronicles at Leipzig – this will most likely be playable at the press event itself at Sega’s booths. We get to see a lot more of Knuckles here, including some of his POW moves, and we come face to face with a slimy thing that appears to invite Sonic into his parlour. Ooh er missus. Those who played the Nintendo DS RPG at the Summer of Sonic convention can agree that this is shaping up to be a rather awesome little title for the hedgehog, and I’m particularly liking the ‘action’ artwork that appears in the top screen when a character performs a POW move. It doesn’t look like Uekawa’s work, but it sure makes me wish they’d do away with all the CG artwork these days and pump out some drawn stuff now and then.

I had an interview with Miles Holmes, the Lead Designer at BioWare for Sonic Chronicles a while ago, which should be published on a website I’ve been writing for very soon. His favourite game is Sonic Heroes, as a random tidbit of information there. Interesting, no?

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Get A Load Of Sonic Unleashed Screens From Leipzig

Sure, we mock it but Sonic Unleashed is really turning out quite nice. We’re just not sure about the Werehog bit – he’s either fighting some alien creatures that, despite looking rather cute, seem like Sonic’s fighting Iblis Mk2 again (not very ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ at all), or he’s doing careful platform traversing that just makes you wonder “That could have been normal Sonic doing that in his stages”.

If Werehog’s doing all the skilful platforming, does that mean the awesome ‘speed’ stages that Sonic’s involved in has no substance other than just running full tilt and pressing the odd button every now and then? We hope not – only time can tell.

By the way, we’ve also been sent a BONUS ART PIECE for the game, you can click the image above to grab it in full size. Otherwise, hit the jump for screens of Werehog dealing out da punishment! Continue reading Get A Load Of Sonic Unleashed Screens From Leipzig

E3: 36 New Chronicles Screens

OK, we dropped the ball a little bit. We didn’t pick up on the new screenshots released by the SEGA Press guys the other day (we may add them to this article later on though), but these are new-new screens, literally fresh from today’s E3 Experience. What you get here is a few shots of a volcano-esque fiery area where you most likely run into Knuckles and Shadow in. There are some screens of Chao being used in battle, and a few character’s special POW moves too.

Finally, you also get to see the GUN Commander in full cartoony form. Hopefully he won’t break down and cry when he sees Shadow or something. Dude’s a soldier man. Ain’t no time to get sappy now.

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E3: 23 New Unleashed Screens

Take a gander at all these new screenshots of Sonic Unleashed. High quality and everything. Some are from stages you’ve seen before, some are from the new China level, and some are HQ snaps of the Werewolf action. If nothing else it’s looking both interesting and tasty. Not an awful lot to report on these snaps otherwise besides the massive reach Were-Sonic appears to have to beat down foes, and some rather nice enemy design during the Sonic segments. Like the rather cool looking robot in the image below, which looks like something out of Knuckles’ Chaotix. If they’re called Badniks as well, that would be win. SEGA, make it happen.

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Sonic Wii Screens Unleashed

GoNintendo has released two scans of the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed.  The screens are compared side-by-side to the Xbox 360 version of the game and while the graphics of the 360 version is obviously better looking, the Wii version does not seem that far behind.  However, the levels in Wii version are considerably…browner.  I have no idea as to why there is so much brown, while the 360 version pops with vibrant colors.  Check the link below to see for yourself.

Sonic Unleashed Wii Screens at GoNintendo

New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered

Some screenshots have been uncovered from a “SEGA FTP” that appear to be the first images of new title ‘Sonic Unleashed’.

Alsha ClanClan Prower of the EspioKaos Message Board discovered the following images whilst browsing one of “SEGA’s FTP” portals. They indicate a CG introduction involving Super Sonic being defeated by Eggman, and various locales based on cities in Greece. Continue reading New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered

Mario & Sonic DS Exclusive Screens

SEGA have handed The Sonic Stadium several exclusive screenshots of the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games… er, game on Nintendo DS. The title is scheduled for release on February 8th (that’s this Friday fact fans) and features many events found in the Wii version, only downsized and built for the touch screen portable. There will also be a few Nintendo DS specific events, including Cycling and Basketball.

Basketball involves touching balls on the touch screen and throwing them upwards to land in the moving basket nets in the top screen. Power up balls appear including ones that block opponent’s nets, lining up your own nets for combos and golden balls for triple points. Here we see Waluigi taking the top gong – we’re not entirely sure whether Rory was playing this game when the screengrabs were taken… Continue reading Mario & Sonic DS Exclusive Screens

New screenshots of Sega Superstars Tennis

Some more screenshots of the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2 versions of Sega Superstars Tennis have hit the internet. The screenshots show what look’s to be a near final version of the game.

Looking at the images we can see Shadow like Sonic is getting his super-form as a power-up and characters are also getting short cutscenes to go with their power-up. Could these cutscenes slow down gameplay? We’ll have to wait and see when we get gameplay videos.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for further updates!

New SEGA Superstars Tennis Screens

Get a load of- Get a load of- Get a load of this!

Tiscali Games uploaded some new screenshots of the upcoming SEGA Tennis title earlier this week. The new screens show off Eggman and AiAi caught up in the action along with what appears to be the Space Channel 5 court.

Check out the new screenshots here or you can view them from their origional foreign source at Tiscali games here. Continue reading New SEGA Superstars Tennis Screens

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and NiGHTS PS2 Media Frenzy!

Frozen Bell was my favourite stage from the first and it’s looking as good as ever in the remake!

IGN have updated their website with some new videos of the highly anticipated NiGHTS Wii game earlier today, showing off some new in-game footage, music and a better look at the three new transformations in action.

Check out the NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams IGN media page here.

One video also shows the Race Multiplayer in motion, with the voice of Reala sounding much more deeper than it did in the original game. It’s shaping up to look like a lot of fun, with each video SEGA release looking more of an improvement each time. Continue reading NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and NiGHTS PS2 Media Frenzy!

New Riders 2 Screens Reveal Loads

That looks like an awkward position to drive in…

New screenshots of the upcoming Sonic Riders sequel to PS2 and Wii uploaded at SEGAs FTP show off some new content. Shadow and Rouge and confirmed to be back, now with the unsurprising inclusion of Blaze the Cat.

Other than the new Blaze sightings, water bike gear, flying gear and Chopper bike gear have been shown, expanding on the originals mere three type of vehicles (Board, Bike and Skate.) There’s also screens of some new courses such as the water based stage and temple like area. Continue reading New Riders 2 Screens Reveal Loads

More new screenshots and four new Rivals 2 Videos

IGN have released four new gameplay videos of Sonic Rivals 2, one of them including a story scene between Tails and Espio. Ironic to the game’s name it look’s like characters will be coupled to WORK TOGETHER –

  • Sonic and Tails
  • Knuckles and Rouge
  • Shadow and Metal Sonic (Fan-fiction love story writers will be loving this -_-‘)
  • Silver and Espio (and this -_-‘)

It also look’s like we have adventure maps like the one in Sonic Advance 2 making a return.

There is alot of voicework in these video’s(Espio sounds terrible in my oppinion) and doesn’t seem to be written very well, for example at the start of the Knockout mode battle between Sonic and Knuckles Sonic says “Let’s race”. Continue reading More new screenshots and four new Rivals 2 Videos

New Rivals 2 Screens

Sega have released some new screens of Sonic Rivals 2 which include more of Rouge and some new in-stage gimmicks such as hamster wheels, hang gliders, air boards and some pumpkin gizmo that look’s like it works the same as those logs in the first game.

We can also see two bosses, a roulette boss where Eggman doesn’t look flat like he did in Rivals 1 and a huge robot bull that chases after you and your rival.

The graphics and presentation also look alot better in these new screenshots. Will all these new features and modes make for a better game experience? I think so, it’s little in-stage gimmicks that made the old school 2D games so successful so there may be some hope for this game.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more Rivals updates!

NiGHTS: JoD to use Weather Channel [UPDATED]

It’s been rumoured for quite some time now, but SEGA officially announced today that the Weather Channel function will effect the ‘My Dream’ Chao Garden like area of the new and upcoming NiGHTS Journey of Dreams game for Wii.

The channel seems to give impact on the weather conditions of the game mode, showing effects such as Snow, Clouds and Thunderstorms. This is the first Wii title to make use of the Weather Channel in the actual game itself, and just like the origional titles changing music for Saturn (along with Christmas NiGHTS date and clock function) offers something new and uses the latest gaming technology to full advantage. Continue reading NiGHTS: JoD to use Weather Channel [UPDATED]

Sonic Rivals 2 officially confirmed

According to a french gaming website, as well as Sega-Europe, we’ve received official Sega confirmation of Sonic Rivals 2, slated for release on the PSP in autumn of this year.

According to the press release, Tails and two new characters are confirmed to be in the game, though details have not been revealed on the latter two characters at this time. More tidbits include a “jostling” new control scheme, allegedly meant to bring better customization and style to the existing control scheme, allowing for “tighter” competition. Sounds peachy. Continue reading Sonic Rivals 2 officially confirmed

SONIC 06’s 4th Hedgehog

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today, a few new screenshots of the Xbox 360 and playstation 3 game SONIC the hedgehog have surfaced on the ‘net. These all new images finally reveal a fourth hedgehog named Mephiles (According to the japanese Sonic the hedgehog site) that has been rumoured for a short while already. These images are proof that what was said in the previous interview with an anonymous contributer is indeed starting to come true. Continue reading SONIC 06’s 4th Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – update, video & images

On the 4th may 2006 both IGN and GameSpy lifted the vale on SEGA’s Sonic 2006 project. Since then more discovery’s have come to light from various other sources, and this article shall continue to be updated as they do. As well as hinting a Sonic game unique to the Nintendo Wii, SEGA also revealed the games release would coincide with that of Sony’s Playstation 3. With the PS3 receiving a simultaneous worldwide release can we really expect SEGA to follow suite? Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – update, video & images

8 New SONIC the Hedgehog Screens

Earlier this morning Sonic Team finally came clean with 8 new high resolution shots of the much anticipated mysterious XBox 360/Playstation 3 title ‘SONIC the Hedgehog. Simply head over to Sonic Channel’s SONIC the Hedgehog page (In Japanese) to view the new content.

Not much is known currently about SONIC the Hedgehog, however given the emphasis around the title given to Sonic’s 15th Anniversary, it would be wise to assume a release roughly around that time (23 June 2006) on XBox 360 and Playstation 3 should it be available then. At current there are absolutely no details even hinting at a possible Nintendo Revolution release.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Knuckles X at the SSMB forums for the tip.

New Puyo Pop Fever DS Screens

If you havent had enough of Puyo Pop Fever, then theres new screens of its latest version, this time for the Nintendo DS. GamesAreFun has 30 shiney new Screenshots to drool over. The latest version will be developed by Atlus USA this time, and not Sonic Team/Sega. The game is scheduled to be released next month on the DS, and then a month later on a Sony PSP.