Super Sonic Scansday

Yeah, about time eh? >P Sorry about the wait in update, naturally as things get rolling during the kickback into Real Life™ education, things will naturally be a touch slower. Seeings as there’s not much talk on Sonic as it is at the moment anyway, what a good time to actually do what many other places aren’t and update. 😀 Super Sonic Scansday’s not forgotten, in fact, it’s just begun. A period of about a week or so of me adding loads of scannable materials. Yumyum!

And today’s sampling of 45 (!) new scans is too good to pass up, ne? Magazine Articles, old and new, abound! Keep an eye on that ‘Latest Updates’ header to see what new scans have popped up during the course of the week! And the TSS competition – make sure you enter and do your funky stuff QUICK, because the competition’s going to close soon. Although I may push it back for yous guys getting stuff together. You wanna win the Sonic X OST don’t you? Or the Sonic Underground boxset? Or do you just want me to keep them? Well ENTER then, buffoons!

Happy Birthday TSS!

Happy Birthday to The Sonic Stadium! Festivities kicked off last night, as the Sonic Site Awards Ceremony was broadcast live, while the Sonic Top 8 Awards followed. We had such a great turnout, it was really buzzing last night. I’d like to thank all those that attended and had a great time with us. It’s not over though – TSS is about to make a HUGE update, with a massive SUPER Sonic Scansday! And, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE PART IN OUR COMPETITION! Yeah, we have a real competition, with REAL PRIZES. Take a look, and enter; you have about three weeks to send your entries to me. Fancy winning a Sonic game, the new Sonic Underground DVD Boxset maybe? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted the Sonic X Original Soundtrack? Well, take part, we got them all up for grabs baby! Who says we don’t treat you right? Stay tuned to TSS!

Sonic Scansday Deluxe: Day 2

Good job we dedicated two days to this bumper Sonic Scansday eh? I promise you you will have the most fun with today’s update – all comic scans related! First off, the Fleetway Comics section has been improved, with Issue 7 and Issue 8‘s scans replaced with TSS’ own high quality scans now. Alongside that, courtesy of regular submitter Robert Frazer, we have two new Fleetway issues too – Issue 20 and Issue 78 are now online for you to read.

Finally, the Manga Comics section is due a bit of a makeover and information reformat, and you can read new Sonic manga at the information page for the SEGA Gag 1P Comic book, that includes Sonic and NiGHTS manga, both of which you can read right now. And that’s not even it yet. An website on the TSS Network returns today, and we know it has it’s fans for it’s innovative…ness. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here.

Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

First off, the response to the Sonic Scansday has gone, for the most part, pretty well. Remember if you have any magazine adverts, old artwork from comics and mags, comic scans or other print media that can be scanned, be sure to wing them our way. On the back of this, some people who don’t seem to like Sonic can’t understand that if you don’t like Sonic, then you shouldn’t be here. These people’s behaviour is what’s scientifically known as “Being A Dumbarse”. Here are the rewards from this weeks Scansday:

More from Scansday next week. Get your submissions in! Continue reading Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

Sonic Scansday Returns!

You may remember we used to have a regular feature called ‘Sonic Scansday’. It happened every Wednesday, where I would offer a special update devoted to scans. Well, now TSS is back, it’s time to beckon Scansdays again.

For now, Sonic Scansday will only happen on certain Wednesdays instead of every week, because of the amount I have to scan, and the fact that the whole thing may last a few months only. But, here’s today’s offering:

  • New Phantasy Star Online scan, of SEGA registering a star and naming it ‘Ragol’. Cute, no?
  • Fleetway Issue 7 and Issue 98 have been added. While I’m on the subject, check out the Comics section. Go on. You can read some Archies and fully scanned Fleetways and whatever. ^_^ Scans of these issues are from JDogg and ZSaiyanHajimeZ respectively. Sorry it took so long, guys =)
  • Archie Issue 111 Cover, donated by “Tails the Echidna“.

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