Sonic Generations 3DS & PC Listings Removed, Cream the Rabbit Teased

SEGA has now removed the Nintendo 3DS and PC versions of Sonic Generations that were listed in SEGA Sammy’s earnings report May 17th. NeoGAF member Shiggy, who admins claim is very reliable, says retail sources have also been informed about this by SEGA. Now this could mean that the listings were an error or it could be SEGA patching a leak. Hopefully SEGA will speak out on this soon.

In others news, Cream the Rabbit’s Japanese voice actress Sayaka Aoki has revealed on her blog that she has been recording some voice work for Sonic Generations and posted the above image.

Here’s a Google translation of the blog entry:

We have been recording a new Sonic game!

Cute as ever grinded in Cream ♪

Chocolate ice cream with Itadai until after recording,
Kanamaru’s behind me is (Sonic’s), and
Be able to talk to you a long time,
Recording was fun!

All means for your interest ~ ♪

From this we can only assume that Cream the Rabbit will be one of Sonic’s friends Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka said would be appearing in Sonic Generations’ story.

Sources: SEGA Sammy Financial Report PDF, NeoGAF and Sayaka Aoki’s blog

Thanks to Woun for the heads up on both news pieces!