Say “Hello” to Hello Kitty Sonic

Sega and Sanrio have teamed together to bring you some new Sega products. First thing out the door is a Hello Kitty Sonic which combines their two biggest franchises into one plush. The plush will be available at Sega Joyopolis later this month. Sega has stated that the plush will be available worldwide by summer 2013. Probably in those @#$% Sega UFO catchers. You know the kind. they got the plush just dangling over the edge and even a video tutorial on how to catch it but the dang thing never drops! You end up spending $30 with no avail! All I wanted was to get my niece a pirate Domo with an eyepatch! Why must this blasted machine tempt me so?!! IT’S NOT FAI-oh. “ahem” Sorry. Sooo..yea. Looking forward to what other Sega Sanrio products they come out with.

Source: Andriasang