Mike Pollock coming to SAGE, more games

Mike Pollock, the voice of Dr. Eggman for 4kids, is going to be a SAGE chat guest along with the aforementioned Ryan Drummond, Chris Senn, and Richard Jacques. Chris Senn’s appearance now has a time and date confirmed. This show just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Here’s the entire rundown of what is brand spanking new as of today:


  • Sonic GEDA – a game that pays tribute to Sonic CD by emulating its play style
  • Sonic Fusion – no idea what this game is, but it’s coming


  • Mike Pollock – time and date have yet to be determined
  • Chris Senn – confirmed to be in the chat room at 9 PM EST on Thursday, August 21st.


  • Slingerland’s Super Sonic Super Trvia Game Super Show – there will be a trivia bot in the SAGE chat room, just like there is every year. However, now it will keep track of rankings! The top few people will meet head to head in a live SAGEcast that tests their Sonic knowledge. I am hosting and I will probably be as ridiculous as possible.

That’s all for today, folks!  Oh, you want a source for this information?  Well, it is not in any SAGE threads yet, but let’s just say that I have my methods (and that would be…talking to the director -easy enough).

Check back for more SAGE updates and check this story out later today at TSSZ when it is copy pasted over there (ouch).

More SAGE game confirmations!

Ugh, it’s 3 AM on Monday…no wait…it’s Tuesday now.  I am slaving away on my demo, but for the sake of procrastination, I am going to fill you in on more SAGE game confirmations.  With the first day of registration over, the following games were confirmed to show up at SAGE 2008:

  • ProSonic – Developed by saxman, this Sonic development kit is being hailed to be the “perfect” Sonic fangame creation tool, allowing users to replicate the original games “to the letter.”
  • Emerald Ties: Crossing Fates – This game has been in and out for years now, sitting on the border of obscurity, but it we are finally going to get to see some new content from this famous Sonic fangame.
  • Mecha Madness – When it comes to unique experiences, SFGHQ member Streak Thunderstorm has the bases covered. A simple, yet intuitive, combat system, an impressive array of elemental shields, and tried & true Sonic gameplay meets luscious production design to create a can’t miss SAGE experience. Continue reading More SAGE game confirmations!

SAGE Booth Registration NOW OPEN

From now until August 8th, those interested in participating in SAGE are clear to register their project’s “booth” on the expo’s website.  Before you go all gung-ho about it, be sure to have the required elements:

  • Booth Name
  • List of Member(s) Involved
  • Your project’s website (booth URL)
  • Booth image for use on the expo floor (must be 320×240 and a JPEG, GIF, or PNG under 30 KB in size)

An optional element is to include the download link to the game you will be showcasing.  Seeing how nobody is ever done with their demos by now, it better be an option.

SAGE runs August 17th through the 24th at sagexpo.org


Richard Jacques, Chris Senn, Live Concerts for SAGE

In addition to the last SAGE 2008 informational news update, posted here at TSS, SAGE director, Shadix, has released new information! The updated post includes updated photos of the games that were previously confirmed, as well as brand new confirmations:


  • Dlpha – A Sonic RPG based in the AoStH universe.


  • RICHARD JACQUES – the composer from Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R comes to chat with SAGE visitors. A time has yet to be determined.
  • CHRIS SENN – designer of Sonic X-Treme. A time has yet to be determined


  • LIVE CONCERTS – concerts will be airing over the SAGEcast channel! Three bands are confirmed: Riker Out (featuring Hunter Bridges, the composer of Sonic Nexus’ soundtrack), The Polites (headed by The Taxman, creator of Retro Sonic), and Dom (live requests and the all around Sonic jukebox).

Stay tuned for even more SAGE 2008 confirmations! A SAGE news thread has now appeared at TSS in the Sonic the Hedgehog forum as a sticky.  Check it out here!

SAGE, again, will take place on August 17th through the 24th at http://sagexpo.org/

Check out the SAGE 2008 news thread at Sonic Fan Games HQ.

Check it out at SSMB!

SAGE 2008 Teaser Surfaces on YouTube

The 2008 Sonic Amateur Game Expo, hosted by Sonic Fan Games HQ, is exactly one month away and to celebrate, TSS member Huepow00 is helping build excitement by releasing a teaser video.  The video also serves as a reminder for those who are thinking of entering to start working if you haven’t already, so get going people!  The show can never have enough projects!  Guests (most notably, Ryan Drummond, who is back for his second year) and events are being finalized and added as we speak, so it looks to be another stellar community event.

SAGE 2008 will start August 17th at 12 AM GMT.  Registration for booths will happen August 4th through the 8th.

Check out Huepow’s SAGE 2008 Teaser

Check out the SAGE 2008 Press Site

SAGE 2005 Opens!

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo (http://www.sagexpo.org/) has kicked off once again, but is currently recovering from a server problem that occured during the first day.

SAGE had a big awareness level attached to it, through support from sites such as The Sonic Stadium and Sonic HQ. Fans United for SatAM and organiser “PerfectChaos0” organised a chatroom event featuring Ben Hurst, writer for the SatAM cartoon series. Continue reading SAGE 2005 Opens!

SAGE: Ben Hurst Appearance

Ben Hurst, writer for the Sonic [SatAM] and Sonic Underground television series, is to make an online appearance at the Sonic Amateur Games Expo on July 3rd.

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo is an event you should all have heard of by now. It’s a completely online event that showcases Sonic the Hedgehog fangames. Indeed, the most popular fangames have made their debut at SAGE – or at least got popular that way – including Sonic Robo Blast 2 and Chaos Control. Continue reading SAGE: Ben Hurst Appearance

SAGE Seeking Workshops

The Sonic Fan Games HQ is gearing up the opening of it’s latest Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) event, and the organisers are currently setting up hosts for ‘Workshops’, a recent addition that debuted in the last show.

To further cater for and cover all aspects of the Sonic Fan Gaming community, the aim of the ‘Workshops’ is for experienced fangame creators to tutor others in a dedicated chatroom in real time, about certain elements of fangame creation that usually prove troublesome for the novice.

The ‘Workshops’ first arrived at the last SAGE event, but recieved little attention. TSS and SFGHQ hope that this time the feature will be more appreciated – by more novice fangamers attending for help, and more experienced people to host these chats.

Continue reading SAGE Seeking Workshops

Sonic Fan Games HQ Returns

Sonic Fan Games HQ administrator Smidge has reopened the SFGHQ site. The backend of the site has been improved, and a second site “skin” has been added.

In his returning update, Smidge affirmed that online games show the Sonic Amateur Games Expo is still planned for the week of July 3rd, and the SFGHQ is scheduled to return in time for it.

Games Section, TSS’ 4th…

Well, basically, if the content pages of some Game sections look messed up, just bear with it. We’re in the midst of modifying the Game Section to make it more accessible to you, and the first game pages to use this new system is the newly announced Feel the Magic and Sonic 1 on Mega Drive. On another note, the SSMB Forums are undergoing a makeover for it’s 3rd Birthday, and we’re preparing things for both Halloween and TSS’ FOURTH Birthday on the 24th October – which also brings the Awards Ceremony of the Sonic Site Awards. More details to appear on the Official SSA Website tomorrow. Should really update that banner rotation too while I’m at it.

As for the SAGE Coverage, due to everything going on and the apparent lack of things on show at the event, I don’t think I will be making a Coverage report this time. Sorry guys @ SAGE and the boothists – however I DID manage to interview Mj2 and The Dying Informant; the amazing people behind Chaos Control, one of the most anticipated Fan Games in production. That interview will be going up in a few days, regardless.

And… that was SAGE 9. Apparently.

Not that I’m one to complain about such things, but was it me or was SAGE 9 extremely short? Even shorter than it used to be back in the days of SAGE 4/5? I do believe this event ran for a grand marathon of about 3 or 4 days maximum. Although it was a success in such a short time, I’m sure many fangame developers would be rather choked that their creations were given a three day limit to be seen – especially considering that there are so many people out there who hasn’t even heard of a fangame. ShadowTeam was a sufferer in that we didn’t find time to add our stuff for that three day window, so we’ll be announcing our stuff over the coming weeks instead.

As for the coverage, I’m going to begin after I’ve had my lunch. But considering the number of booths that appeared this time, and the lack of time to see it in, it’s a shame I’m using the “aftermath” time to actually cover these fangames. A suggestion for SAGE 10 – especially since the SAGE event is to be a once-yearly event after SAGE 9: make it about 2 or even three weeks. Especially seeings as it’ll only be happening once a year now, a lot of people will be looking forward to it. And it also gives people like myself time to cover, report and actually play these games at leisure.

SAGE 2004 – And Rubbing Girls

So, the stylish influence of United Game Artists strikes further within Sonic Team HQ, as we finally know what ‘Project Rub’ is all about. It’s a dating sim for Nintendo DS, you see. And it involves “touching girls”. Egad. We’ll be covering that in a day or so’s time. Sorry for lack of updates too, but a new job convinces me to stay away from this computer and all, so bleh. Trust me though, I’m putting stuff up and have a ton of great things lined up over the next month – in time for TSS’ FOURTH Birthday. Also, SAGE has started once more – but if you hear hide nor peep from me for a day or so, I’m just fixing up Shadow Team’s booth for the event. Finally, the Sonic Site Awards is in Phase 2. Need I say more? I don’t think so. ‘Ave it.

SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Boom Racing, New Shadow Team Project

I’ve set myself a bit of a task but nothing too big considering the free time I have. As you all know, SAGE is coming up and I know you’re all probably going to be dribbling over Sonic the Fighters 2 and wanting to know what else has happened since you last got your grubby mitts on a copy. Well, that’ll all be shown on the day, since Sonic the Fighters 2 is mainly Anarchy Rat’s game as he does all the excellent programming.

However, Shadow Team doesn’t wish to put all it’s eggs in one basket. As you know, from ST:UK there are four members – Anarchy Rat, Dreadknux, CyberBlade and me. Since Anarchy Rat’s been working hard on STF2 you’re probably wondering where the rest of us have been? Continue reading SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Boom Racing, New Shadow Team Project

SAGE and the FTP Service

First of all, the SAGE 8 coverage is finally finished. We’re not usually this slack, so apologies to the SAGE crew for being so tardy, but given the amount of troubles we’ve got at this time, I guess it’s understandable. The next event that’s due to start are… well, THREE actually. June marks the start of SonicVerse Team’s Sonic Comic Convention, Prower Power is going to launch it’s very first Chaos Con, and then of course you have TSS’ very own Sonic Site Awards 2004. 2004 marks a slight change for the SSA, so that the original aim of awarding smaller lesser known Sonic sites can be focused on a little bit. But more on that when the time comes.

On a side-note, Prower Power is a new affiliate of TSS. How did he do it? He didn’t ask. ;P Think about it. If you’re desperate to have a link on TSS, then there is the Links Section that gets a LOAD of attention every day (trust me, I’ve seen the figures… wait, hang on, they stay here, obviously… honest. They just like to know about other sites… heeey, my site is good.. isn’t it? :D). Oh, and as a gesture of how 1337 buddies we are, Sonic CulT and TSS have decided to make a little banner exchange with each other. So TSS visitors can see a link to the CulT and CulT Members can snoop around on TSS if they’re that bored. ^_^ Continue reading SAGE and the FTP Service

SAGE Coverage Complete

Gee, SAGE 7 over already? Although seeming fast, it’s perhaps the first time in ages that the doors have been open the full 2 weeks, which is an impressive start to a better SAGE at least. The SAGE events that had not been covered by TSS earlier this year and last year were hailed as souless, with hardly anybosy participating.

I’m happy to report that SAGE 7, although not setting the world alight, has been a massive improvement since we last covered SAGE in March 2002. Although he often gets a lot of flak for his work (and mostly coming across as a big-head: not my words), Luckett X has done an excellent job running SAGE this year. Continue reading SAGE Coverage Complete

SAGE Closing Too Early Again

SAGE is a two week event. TSS gets the coverage during the second week. And we get word today that the SAGE event will close tonight.

So, just before you go ape over the whole thing closing early yet another time, TSS has managed to save all the booth links, so at least you’ll still get the booth reports each day.

Let’s hope, come March next year, when we cover SAGE 2004 Season 1, that Perfect Chaos 0 (the guy supposedly taking over the reigns from Luckett X) will do a better job with time keeping. =/

Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

SAGE is less than a month away, and we’re giving you the exclusive details on a new Fan Game developer who will be rearing it’s head among the entire Online Sonic Community. Labelled Shadow Team, regular visitors of TSS will know them as the home-grown antics of Roareye, Anarchy Rat and Dreadknux (Click HERE to visit the website), but this will be their first real appearance onto the public.

Their first game, Sonic Avalanche, met with a very good reception at Sonic Fan Games HQ, but with SAGE hopefully shedding of it’s niche audience, Shadow Team and other Fan Game teams will be able to get more recognition for their work. Continue reading Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

SAGE 2003 Registration

Yes, SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) is coming up fast once again, and entries are being accepted by Perfect Chaos Zero until the 24th August!

For those that do not yet know what SAGE is, we can’t really blame you. SAGE is a showcase of everyone’s Fan Games, much like what E3 does for professional video games. It pops up twice a year, and the first opening in 2000/2001 caused a huge reaction within the Online Sonic Community. Thank Blaze Hedgehog for that.

But as time went on, interest for the event waned, as the event slowly became more and more the property of popular site Sonic Fan Games HQ. The last Sonic Amateur Game Expos have been alright, but didn’t really catch mainstream like it used to – only people who visited SFGHQ on a regular basis showed their items. Continue reading SAGE 2003 Registration

Chaos Control: New Screens and characters

Mj2 has sent us a press release earlier today, telling all and spilling much about his Sonic-go-commando-style Fan Game, Chaos Control.

At SAGE 5 just a few months ago, you may well have remembered a ‘playable introduction’ to the game – well, Mj2 has revealed a NEW Chapter, which takes place some two years later. According to Mj2, the game now has a completely new engine with a new plotline, along with a set of new characters and Zones to go with it. A Fan Game with no Eggman or Chaos Emeralds! Shocking! 😉 But, we don’t think it would have worked anyway – the game is now much more military based, and the intervention of the classic stuff may have ruined it. Here is the list of characters that Mj2 showed us:

Continue reading Chaos Control: New Screens and characters

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Mighty the Armadillo’ Developer Yuski

Yuski is a solo fangame developer, currently making a decent ROM Hack of Sonic 1, starring Mighty. It should be out soon, and because of this we spoke to him at SAGE 2002 about it. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Mighty the Armadillo’ Developer Yuski

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Big Adventure’ Developer MK Gamester

MK Gamester is leader of MK Games. Heading up ‘Big Adventure’ Fan Game, and also contributed to the SAGE 2002 Compo we held. Nice guy. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Big Adventure’ Developer MK Gamester

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic: Eternal Rings’ Developer Myst Hedgehog

Myst Hedgehog is currently running his latest Fan Game project, Sonic: Eternal Rings at SAGE 2002. Also helped contribute to the SAGE 2002 compo we held, the nice chap. ^_^ We sit down with him to learn more about his game. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic: Eternal Rings’ Developer Myst Hedgehog

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic Adventure Neo’ Developer ShadowHermit

ShadowChaos & Hermit Dude are the heads behind ShadowHermit Production House. After a solo outing, these two joined forces and combined to form a joint fan game developer. Showcasing Sonic Adventure: Neo at SAGE 2002. Visit their site here. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic Adventure Neo’ Developer ShadowHermit

SAGE 4: Complete Coverage

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo has hit again, and the shows so big this year, it’s gonna need two parts to this massive News Special! Unfortunately, due to lack of time, the Sonic Stadium did not manage to get through the immense wave of games on show – perhaps a longer show period for September’s show, guys??? Continue reading SAGE 4: Complete Coverage

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic Robo Blast 2’ Developer Johnny ‘Sonikku’ Wallbank

Johnny Wallbank is better known online as ‘Sonikku’, and runs Sonic Team Junior, the guys responsible for bringing Sonic Robo Blast 2 to your PC screens. He was milling about at SAGE 2002 so we had a word. Visit the SRB2 Website here. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic Robo Blast 2’ Developer Johnny ‘Sonikku’ Wallbank

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Toolz’s First C++ Platform Mover’ Developer TLS PRWR

TLS PRWR is at SAGE 2002 making “Toolz’s First C++ Platform Mover: Text Based” – the oddest sounding Fan Game in the world, possibly. Naturally, that piqued our curiosity, so we managed to find him, sit him down and ask him just what the hell it’s all about. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Toolz’s First C++ Platform Mover’ Developer TLS PRWR

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Retro Sonic’ Developer Taxman

Taxman is currently doing a fantastic job on Retro Sonic, possibly the finest 2D Fan Game in existence at this moment in time. We spoke to him at SAGE 2002. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Retro Sonic’ Developer Taxman

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘SonKnuck Adventure’ Developer SonKnuck

SonKnuck is the top gun of SonKnuck Team. He currently has two projects on the go at once – S&K:Aftermath and SonKnuck Adventure 2. We sit down with him to learn more about both games. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘SonKnuck Adventure’ Developer SonKnuck

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Shadow Returns’ Developer Ian Bennett

Ian Bennett, aka B’man, is head of Team Infinity, currently in the process of making the ‘Shadow Returns’ Fan Game. Gave us a ton of stuff up for grabs in our recent SAGE Compo too. Kudos to him. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Shadow Returns’ Developer Ian Bennett

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic vs Mega Man’ Developer Twister

The main man of fangame developer ‘Flaming Cheese Productions’ (yum), Twister’s hard at work making Sonic Vs. MegaMan at the mo. We have a sit down with him during SAGE 2002 to find out more about the game and where it’s heading. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Sonic vs Mega Man’ Developer Twister

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘ShenSonic’ Developer SimSonic

SimSonic is a member of Magitek Software, but has his own solo project with ShenSonic – a Sonic ‘spin’ on Ryo Hazuki’s Dreamcast outing. He also contributed to our SAGE Compo prize. Nice chap. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘ShenSonic’ Developer SimSonic

SAGE 4 Interview: ‘When Tails Gets Bored’ Developer Matt the Yak

Matt the Yak seems to be the only member of his team, Gameplay. Has a wacky mind, and brings this out in his admirably senseless plots in his Fan Games. We catch up with him during SAGE 2002. Continue reading SAGE 4 Interview: ‘When Tails Gets Bored’ Developer Matt the Yak

Enter Our SAGE 2002 Season 1 Competition [Update: Winner Announced]

Yes, no sooner than SAGE 2002 has launched, The Sonic Stadium has set up its VERY FIRST competition for you to enter! If you’ve been looking about recently, then you’ll know about many of the games that are in development here, soon to be unleashed on your own PC. To celebrate SAGE 2002 Season 1, TSS has teamed up with some of the show’s exhibitors to share a bundle of special ‘playables’, for one lucky winner. Continue reading Enter Our SAGE 2002 Season 1 Competition [Update: Winner Announced]

Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2002 Opens Its Doors

It’s that time again! The community’s global fan gaming festival, Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), has opened its doors once again for the first of two shows for 2002. There’s a lot of good projects on show this year, and we at The Sonic Stadium intend to cover the whole event like never before! We’ll have the best coverage of SAGE, so keep an eye on the site over the next week for the full low-down… and even a competition! Stay tuned – and in the meantime visit the SAGE website here.

Sonic Amateur Games Expo Kicks off Second Show of 2001

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo has opened once again for a 2001 showing. This is the place where all kinds of Sonic the Hedgehog fan games come together and show the community what they’re made of. This is the third SAGE to ever take place; the first happened last year, which we missed, but we were able to report on SAGE 2 back in March – you can read that here. Check out the new show by going to the SAGE website.