Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed iOS and Android Versions To Include Ryō Hazuki

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed finally hits the iOS and Android platforms tomorrow, and mobile players are in for a pleasant surprise.



According to the official Facebook page of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic finally hits mobile platforms on January 2nd. Amongst the promotional images, one (pictured above) is of particular interest as it all but confirms that Ryō Hazuki of Shenmue fame will be joining the roster on these two platforms. It is unknown at this time how many other platforms he will show up on in the future, although we have already reported on him being sighted in the Yogscast Charity Stream which was the PC version. See if you can pick out all the classic SEGA and Shenmue references he comes with…and perhaps even a little jovial ribbing from Sumo Digital.

Source: Facebook

Shenmue’s Ryō Hazuki Leaked as ASRT DLC via Yogscast Charity Stream


Aw yeah, this is happenin’!

Though there is no confirmation as to which platforms outside of PC will be receiving this, if any, it has nonetheless been revealed through the recent Yogscast Humble Bundle charity stream that Ryō Hazuki of the Dreamcast cult classic Shenmue series will be hitting the streets of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in the near future!

In November of last year, Steve “S0L” Lycett of SUMO Digital had challenged fans to vote among a slew of SEGA characters to decide a top three for ASRT DLC coming down the line. Since then, a number of exclusive characters, mainly from SEGA’s own PC-centric titles, have found their way into the PC version of the game, but Ryō, who won by a landslide of 3379 votes, marks himself as the first DLC character to have come as a result of the community polls.


We’ll keep you posted once word has come as to what platforms Ryō is expected to arrive on, and when!

Now let’s see, who were the runners-up again…?

Notes And Warnings Regarding ASR Ryo-Forklift Pre-order Code

Alot of people in Europe will have received their copies of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing in the post today if not tomorrow, those of you who pre-ordered the Xbox 360/PS3 versions with specific retailers e.g. in the UK GAME, Gamestation and Gameplay will have gotten their pre-order gift code to allow you to play as Ryo Hazuki in his forklift truck as his main vehicle.

I’ve received my Xbox 360 version in the post and code by e-mail so I’ve been playing as him for the past couple of hours and after my experience I thought I’d share some notes and warnings.

1. You can play as Ryo Forklift on and offline

2. Ryo forklift is treated as a seperate character so one person can be Ryo-Forklift and another as Ryo-bike, this works on and offline.

3. You’ll be given an hard time online using Ryo Forklift as barely anyone knows about this pre-order gift code, especially those in countries that didnt get this bonus so people will be accusing you of cheating and/or hacking to use your All-Star Move throughout the game but Ryo-F has his own ASM that like the other characters cant be obtained in online play. In most cases people will have a go at you over their headset, leave or cancel the session. Its been happening to me over and over for the past couple of hours, so this gift is best to be played with locally with friends and/or family.

Sorry to be a downer and this isnt me having a public rant, I just thought I should warn people and pass on the the top 2 tib-bits of info. I hope this will enlighten people who have seen Ryo-Forklift on their travels online and thought the person using him was cheating/hacking.

[UPDATE]ASR: Ryo A DLC Only Character?

UPDATE: Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital has responded to the issue with the following statement over at the SSMB :

Don’t panic – you don’t have to download Ryo – or do you? Maybe there is more than one Ryo



The above advertising banner for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing has popped up at video game retailer GAME’s Spanish website. The banner translates to say that Ryo Hazuki is a downloadable character pre-order bonus but there is concern that he may only be downloadable on the Xbox 360 version due to the banner only appearing on the Xbox 360 section of the site. The official site of the game also mentioned Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content when it first launched before the information was pulled.

This is very odd as the trailer that revealed Ryo and every trailer since were multiple format trailers and not once since he was revealed has he been said to be a downloadable character only. If Ryo does turn out to be download only and only downloadable on the Xbox 360 version, many fans will be outraged especially since this is the first game Ryo has been playable in since Shenmue 1 and 2 years ago.

We’ll keep tabs on this situation and let you know more when we get some information.

Ryo Hazuki Features In All-Stars Racing

Okay, so this is a Sonic the Hedgehog fansite. But we have a long history with the Dreamcast, Shenmue, and just SEGA in general. So it’s with some excitement that SEGA today revealed that Ryo Hazuki, the forklift driving wanderer endlessly looking for his father’s killer, is going to be a playable character in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.

Obviously the chap managed to find a way out of Guilin and stop what he was doing to race with Sonic. Racing on the motorbike found in Shenmue, it seems Hazuki’s power up involves hopping into his docklands forklift truck (…!!!!) and mowing down his opponents.

The only thing that could make this better is if the racing game had collectible capsule toys and Ryo’s dialogue consisted of finding sailors. Watch the announcement trailer below.