Notes And Warnings Regarding ASR Ryo-Forklift Pre-order Code

Alot of people in Europe will have received their copies of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing in the post today if not tomorrow, those of you who pre-ordered the Xbox 360/PS3 versions with specific retailers e.g. in the UK GAME, Gamestation and Gameplay will have gotten their pre-order gift code to allow you to play as Ryo Hazuki in his forklift truck as his main vehicle.

I’ve received my Xbox 360 version in the post and code by e-mail so I’ve been playing as him for the past couple of hours and after my experience I thought I’d share some notes and warnings.

1. You can play as Ryo Forklift on and offline

2. Ryo forklift is treated as a seperate character so one person can be Ryo-Forklift and another as Ryo-bike, this works on and offline.

3. You’ll be given an hard time online using Ryo Forklift as barely anyone knows about this pre-order gift code, especially those in countries that didnt get this bonus so people will be accusing you of cheating and/or hacking to use your All-Star Move throughout the game but Ryo-F has his own ASM that like the other characters cant be obtained in online play. In most cases people will have a go at you over their headset, leave or cancel the session. Its been happening to me over and over for the past couple of hours, so this gift is best to be played with locally with friends and/or family.

Sorry to be a downer and this isnt me having a public rant, I just thought I should warn people and pass on the the top 2 tib-bits of info. I hope this will enlighten people who have seen Ryo-Forklift on their travels online and thought the person using him was cheating/hacking.

GAME UK, & JB Hi-Fi Now Also Offering Ryo-Forklift DLC Pre-order Code

UPDATE: ArchangelUK has informed via Sonic Wrecks and the Sonic city Blognik that (Benelaux) and JB Hi-Fi(Australia) are getting the Ryo-Forklift pre-order DLC code though JB Hi-Fi arent listing it yet. If you’re in Spain and missed our earlier report, GAME are also offering the code – PS3 & Xbox 360. :
Xbox 360(Netherlands)

JB H-Fi (Australia) :
Xbox 360

You may remember when we informed you that will be offering the Ryo-Forklift DLC pre-order bonus, well now you have another retailer choice as GAME UK have updated the product pages for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing with a notice about the pre-order bonus code Ryu spelling error and all.

GAME UK still arent offering the game as cheap as Gameplay though –
Xbox 360 £30.99
PS3 £28.99

Xbox 360 £32.99
PS3 £32.99

Wether GAME will be offering the pre-order DLC code in-store is unknown at present but we’ll try to find out as soon as possible and let you know.

First UK Retailer Stocking Ryo Forklift DLC Code Revealed

In the UK and waiting to find out whick retailers will be stocking the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing pre-order exclusive Ryo Forklift DLC code? Well your wait is over as have revaled they will be stocking the code.

Simply put your pre-order down for the Xbox 360 or PS3 version and you will get your code when yor game is delivered. An added bonus is that right now Gameplay are one of the cheapest retailers for this game with the Xbox 360 version priced at £30.99 and PS3 version priced at £28.99.

Preorder Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for Xbox 360/PS3 and receieve a bonus unlockable DLC character – Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue with his famous forklift! Please note that you will require Xbox Live/PSN access to download your bonus. Offer available while stocks last.

Be warned Gameplay are an online retailer only and you must have access to the Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Store to get you Ryo Forklift DLC.

Xbox 360