Yuji Naka to leave SEGA?

Just minutes ago news has broken (VIA a next-gen.biz update) that Yuji Naka, head of Sonic Team throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog series, is planning to leave SEGA/Sonic Team shortly. Details are uncertain at this point, however it is understood Naka will be forming new game development studio, which according to rumours, will still be in alliance with SEGA.

Further details are still yet to be revealed, but stay with SONIC NEWS to find out as it breaks.

It’s a Sonic Revolution

Rumour has it that a Sonic game is in development for Nintendo’s next-gen console: the ‘Revolution’.

The large videogaming site ‘IGN’ recently revealed that ‘Sources’ close to SEGA had confirmed that SEGA are indeed creating a new Sonic game for the unusual little console.

SEGA have given no confirmation that such a game exists, but reports place Yuji Naka as director on the project; if this is the case then Yuji is certainly stretching himself thin, what with the development of ‘Fifth Phantom Saga’ and the next-gen Sonic title for PS3 and XBOX360. Continue reading It’s a Sonic Revolution

Sonic Riders for PSP

Spanish gaming site confirms from SEGA the launch of Sonic Riders on the PSP.

SEGA Japan apparently plans to release the upcoming Sonic racing game, Sonic Riders, for Sony’s Playstation Portable. This means that Sonic Riders will be coming out for a total of four systems- Gamecube, Xbox, PS2 and now PSP.

Currently, there are no details on the PSP version, or even if it is going to be different. It’s safe to assume though, that it may be possible that Sonic Riders may be going Wi-Fi with the handheld. Continue reading Sonic Riders for PSP

A Knuckles The Echidna Game?

Usually at Sonic News we try to avoid rumors lacking substance, however, this latest juicy tidbit comes from such a credible source we couldn’t pass up sharing it. In a synopsis for an upcoming of G4’s Cinematech we see what may be the first hint of a potential new game starring Knuckles The Echidna, ala the soon to be released Shadow The Hedgehog title.

From G4’s summary of ‘Race for Mediocrity’ (Episode #5066): Continue reading A Knuckles The Echidna Game?

Online Sonic Game ‘confirmed’

A member from the SEGA Forums has managed to talk to Panovation Studios, who are apparently working on an online game of Sonic the Hedgehog.

SEGA Forums member “Mondo-Cool” secured an online interview with Mark Greig, “Head Founder” of Panovation Studios, and the result is a confirmation from a incredibly unknown developer that they are legitimately creating an online Sonic title. Greig made distinct comments on the project – which could mean the game is well in development – including the notion that it will be an “Online Sonic RPG”, and not a “Sonic MMORPG”. Bizarre in itself. A small portion of what Mark said is below: Continue reading Online Sonic Game ‘confirmed’

TSS: What to expect at E3 2005

As The Sonic Stadium is to be covering E3 2005 almost from the inside out, SONIC NEWS has made room for a TSS article to collate everything that’s already been said, what’s been confirmed, what’s been rumoured. E3 can be a very confusing and somewhat dangerous place for those who haven’t been catching up, so allow this article to hand you all the current information we have, so you get some background knowledge on what Sonic Team has and might be offering.

First of all, let’s base things on SEGA’s Official E3 Lineup. On the Sonic Team side, you have two titles; Phantasy Star Universe and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Phantasy Star Universe is, as the name suggests, the true sequel to Phantasy Star Online. It’s the “next generation” of PSO games. Sonic Team first revealed ‘PSU’ at E3 2004, but raised more questions than answers.

Continue reading TSS: What to expect at E3 2005

Sonic coming to the PSP?

The rumors and tidbits have been coming in fast this week with all kinds of pre E3 speculation and believed leaks. The newest obscurity to be found is a page on GameStop for an upcoming Sonic game on the PSP, with little details other than likely to be wrong release date and price. The speculated release date is the first of November this year, its accuracy is yet to proven however.

Interestingly enough, the game is listed as an Action/Adventure/Racing game, could the recent Sonic R Extreme rumors actually be true? We’ll let you decide on that one until further information is released.

Special thanks to Hogfather at SSMB for posting the link. Be sure to stay with SONIC NEWS for future developments in this story.

Sonic Game details from Game Crazy

Sonic News has been tipped off by an employee of Game Crazy and forum member Spinos that Game Crazy’s release dates have been updated – including the new Sonic game, titled “Sonic R EXTREME”.

The date has been set at Q1 2006 (first quater – January, February, March) and is said to be on all platforms, but no other details were available. If this information is true, then we can expect a sequel to the SEGA Saturn/PC racing game which involved Sonic and friends racing each other in 3D environments.

Game Crazy have yet to update their website with any information, however, Spinos recommends asking at your local store for more details. If anyone in America gets an opportunity to confirm this information, then please contact SN immediately.

Sonic Mega Collection Details

This has prolly been mentioned in every other website and board under the sun, but… more info on Sonic Mega Collection!

The game’ll come with:

  • Sonic 1
  • Sonic 2
  • Sonic 3
  • Sonic & Knuckles
  • Sonic 3D Flickies Island
  • Sonic Spinball
  • Mean Bean Machine

+ Two unlockable games – Flicky and Ristar. Yes, Ristar! Continue reading Sonic Mega Collection Details

Sonic Mega Collection games Revealed

Intensity Mag got a tip from Sega of Japan on which games will be included:

Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis – 1991)
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Genesis – 1992)
Sonic CD (Sega CD – 1993)
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Genesis – 1994)
Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis 1994)
Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn – 1996)
Sonic R (Saturn – 1997)
Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast – 2000)
UNCONFIRMED: Sonic Drift (Gamegear – 1995)

The games to be included are some of the main platformers, but come on Sonic Team. Theres so much you could of included to make this game very impressive. Like including Knuckles Chaotix, or the two rare arcade games of Sonic the Fighters and SegaSonic Arcade. Also, if your gonna have Game gear games, why Sonic Drift? Lets hope there’ll be more added before it’s released.

New Sonic Game Rumours

This article comes from the latest article of Electronic Gaming Monthly:

“Sega’s blue, attitude-filled, sneaker wearin’ mascot has gone on his last Adventure. But dry those eyes and buck up, lil’ camper. He’s not gone for good. Sonic Team is reportedly hard at work in Japan on a brand-new Sonic that will take the ‘hog back to his roots’. That’s right-no more freakin’ searching for jewels as Knuckles. The gameplay will return to the tone of the original series, focusing on fast platforming action with no B.S. And to reflect the change in design, the game will reportedly drop the Adventures moniker it has clung to for the past few years. While a release date remains sketchy at this point, we could see see the first fresh fruits of Sonic Team’s labor by the end of the summer…”

Get excited, 3 more Sonic games, don’t forget that mystery title as well! Keep visiting The Sonic Stadium for more news.

Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly Article

Rumour: PSO To Offer Xbox and Gamecube Cross-Play

Seems like the upcoming release of Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II is going to be much more significant than we thought, if recent rumours are to be believed. Apparently, the game will allow for cross-play between Nintendo Gamecube and Microsoft Xbox players. Continue reading Rumour: PSO To Offer Xbox and Gamecube Cross-Play

Shigeru Miyamoto Teases Sonic in Mario Kart

Ever since Sonic Adventure 2 was confirmed for Gamecube, we have heard a number of rumours about how Mario and Sonic will one day join forces in the same game. And now we get a fresh tease, only this time it’s come from a more official source: Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself! Continue reading Shigeru Miyamoto Teases Sonic in Mario Kart

NiGHTS Gamecube Teased as SEGA Announces New Global Content Strategy

In a keynote address at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, newly-third-partied SEGA unveiled its new global strategy that it says will make the company the #1 independent game publisher in the world. And if its slides are anything to go by, Sonic Team classic NiGHTS into Dreams could be a part of that strategy. Continue reading NiGHTS Gamecube Teased as SEGA Announces New Global Content Strategy

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Release Date Rumoured

Rumours are flying around that a Japanese release date has been set for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for Nintendo Gamecube. These unconfirmed reports speak of the game hitting store shelves on December 20th. SEGA hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the rumour, and there’s no word on any US or European date. We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out…

Sonic Adventure 2 Gamecube is Secret Spaceworld Game

SEGA has been keeping quiet over their secret fourth game, to be revealed at Nintendo’s Space World show – but it seems like the cat’s already out of the bag, as internet sleuths have deduced that Sonic Adventure 2 is coming to the Gamecube. Continue reading Sonic Adventure 2 Gamecube is Secret Spaceworld Game

SEGA Says ‘Maybe’ to Sonic and Mario Crossover

Oh Sega, you absolute tease! After Yuji Naka poured water on the idea that Mario and Sonic could star in a game together, it seems that Sega of America’s president Peter Moore is going against that, stating that the company is keeping its options open.
Continue reading SEGA Says ‘Maybe’ to Sonic and Mario Crossover

Woah Woah Woah! Hold the Phone! MARIO and SONIC?

No, this is not a blatant lie – there is very big rumour that Sega and Nintendo are indeed in working on a game. But – and get this – this will be a landmark game that’ll bring Sonic and Mario together for the very first time! According to the latest issue of the UK ‘N64’ magazine by Future Publishing, the news sounded pretty much like it was no rumour – so if this is true, it will bring a tear to many feuding Nintendo/Sega fans of old. Truly remarkable news. Sonic and Mario, joining forces it seems, the thought of it is just… wow! And I mean WOW!

SEGA-Nintendo RPG Not Happening, According to Yuji Naka

Remember me telling you about an RPG that Sega and Nintendo were rumoured on working on together? Well, a recent interview with Yuji Naka suggests that the rumours were indeed just mere speculation, and Sega and Nintendo are currently not making a game together. Continue reading SEGA-Nintendo RPG Not Happening, According to Yuji Naka

RUMOUR: SEGA and Nintendo in RPG Cahoots?

In a recent article in the UK edition of Nintendo Official Magazine, it was noted that Sega and Nintendo are working together on a top secret RPG for Ninty’s new knight in shining armour, the GameCube. We already know that Sega is releasing a number of games on the console, including Phantasy Star Online, so this wouldn’t seem too far fetched.

In any case, it really seems like Sega has hit the ground running when it comes to third party development. Beware, Electronic Arts!

Rumour: PSO Version 2 Could Get Global Launch

Could PSO Version 2 also see a global release? That’s the current chatter happening in the Sega community this week, with suggestions that Sonic Adventure 2 will just be the first of many games that will enjoy a co-ordination worldwide launch. Continue reading Rumour: PSO Version 2 Could Get Global Launch

SEGA’s E3 Details Revealed

Sega is preparing to show off a lot of titles at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo. Among the confirmed games on the show floor will be the upcoming GBA titles Sonic Advance as well as ChuChu Rocket from Sonic Team, but Sega titles on Xbox will also be revealed. Continue reading SEGA’s E3 Details Revealed

Rumour: Sega to Discontinue the Dreamcast and Become Multi-Platform Developer?

What… the… heck..? This is a pretty explosive rumour, so let’s hope it’s not true. Apparently, there are noises that suggest Sega is going to stop production of the Dreamcast and actually make video games for other rival consoles – including PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance!(?) Continue reading Rumour: Sega to Discontinue the Dreamcast and Become Multi-Platform Developer?

Rumour: Sonic Compilation Coming for Dreamcast

Sounds like the Mega Drive won’t be the only thing getting revived on Dreamcast. The rumour mill is churning at a breakneck pace, and it’s telling us that Sega intends to release a Sonic-themed compilation for the console next year to coincide with Sonic’s 10th Anniversary. Continue reading Rumour: Sonic Compilation Coming for Dreamcast