Datamine Suggests Infinite and ‘Christmas Silver’ heading to Sonic Forces Mobile

Sonic Forces lead antagonist, Infinite, looks set to finally feature in the mobile version of his own game. A community datamine of SEGA HARDlight’s Sonic Forces: Speed Battle suggests that the masked villain will be included as a playable character, some four years after the release of the 2017 console platformer.

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Has a Sonic Costume Been Added to Fall Guys Season 2?

We’re chalking this up as a rumour for now, but there is some widespread chatter on the internet today about a Sonic the Hedgehog costume buried within the code of popular knockout party game Fall Guys on PC and PlayStation 4. Continue reading Has a Sonic Costume Been Added to Fall Guys Season 2?

Report: Sonic Adventure 2020 Music Event Suggests New Port/Remake Incoming

SEGA Japan is apparently preparing to stage a Sonic Adventure-themed event, due to take place late in 2020. If true, this adds fuel to the fire that a port or remake of the Dreamcast launch title is in the works.
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RUMOUR: Paul Rudd “Eyed” As Lead Role In Sonic Movie

As the scheduled dates for the filming of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie approaches, the first bit of information about the film appears to have surfaced. ‘thatHashTagShow’, a site listing details on geek culture news, claim to already know the identity of a key actor in the film.

Paul Rudd, who made his name in the hit sitcom Friends and as Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is tipped by the site as “being eyed” for the lead role in the movie.

Its believed that Rudd will play the part of Tom, a cop who befriends Sonic to take down Eggman.

As always, TSS will keep you up-to-date on all Sonic movie news as it comes!


Rumour: New Nintendo Switch ‘Sonic’ Game Discovered in Gamestop Listings

We already know that ‘Project Sonic 2017’ will be heading to Nintendo’s next home console, Switch. But if this supposed photo of a retailer’s March release schedule is any indication, there might be another Sonic game heading to the platform. Continue reading Rumour: New Nintendo Switch ‘Sonic’ Game Discovered in Gamestop Listings

RUMOUR: Sonic Lost World Details Coming May 29th, Game Features Six ‘Guardians’

Sonic Lost World

According to a couple of our readers, the official Sonic Facebook page leaked the Sonic Lost World announcement early this morning, including three images and the promise of more details May 29th. One of the images sounds like the above one released this afternoon, while another is said to have featured the outline of six ‘guardians’ from the game who may be friends or foes. What gives these details some credibility is that both readers say the leaked post mentioned the SEGA and Nintendo partnership for the next three Sonic games BEFORE it was even announced this afternoon.

You can read the 2 comments after the jump. Thanks to M.S. and Bark the Polar Bear for the info.
If you saw the images and managed to grab them before they were removed, please send us a news tip at
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RUMOUR: Episode 3 to be Announced at E3?

TouchGamerCommentTouchGameplay recently uploaded a 13-minute long gameplay trailer for SEGA and Hardlight’s upcoming mobile game, Sonic Dash. So why am I telling you this again? Well, what’s interesting is the above comment made on the video by TouchGameplay. They claim to know that SEGA are currently working on a ‘new 2.5D Sonic game’ due to be released this year, which would fit nicely into the category of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 3. Of course, it could be a completely different main-series game or it could be pure speculation. Who knows?

Excited? I’m sure you are! As always, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest as soon as we hear it!

Thanks to SweeCrue over at the SSMB for the heads-up!

RUMOUR: SEGA to Announce New Sonic Game Next Month?

Sega-Sonic logo

Sources close to SEGA have informed The Sonic Stadium that the publisher intends to announce/tease a new game within the Sonic the Hedgehog series next month. Sonic fans will recall that February 2nd is of course what SEGA calls ‘Hedgehog Day’, a day the company usually likes to tease fans about upcoming Sonic games. However, one of our sources states that the game won’t be announced until mid-February, while another just says we “will hear about it from official sources next month”. It’s likely SEGA could tease a reveal on Hedgehog Day and make a proper announcement later in the month. Continue reading RUMOUR: SEGA to Announce New Sonic Game Next Month?

RUMOUR: Chemical Plant Zone to Feature in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2?

Keen-eyed SSMB member Hogfather has spotted new listings at Amazon France for the upcoming Meccano Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing construction sets. The listings include the previously mentioned Green Hill and Casino Night sets, (though Casino Night is listed as Casino Street from Sonic 4: Episode 1 here), but most interesting is the listing for a Chemical Plant Zone set. If the toys are being tied-in with a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sequel, then it appears the Sonic franchise will be represented with a focus on the classic games this time around.

Links to the listing and screen-caps of them (in case they’re pulled) can be found after the jump.
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Iizuka says Sonic Dimensions a Hoax, Comments on Sonic’s Future

Remember those rumors regarding a Sonic Colors sucessor incoming for the Wii U? Well, Takashi Iizuka has finally spoken out on the matter in a SPOnG Sonic 4 Episode 2 interview. Continue reading Iizuka says Sonic Dimensions a Hoax, Comments on Sonic’s Future

RUMOUR: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Sequel/Remix in the Works?

We have received word from a tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, that a new Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing game could be on the way. Our tipster recently spoke to a high ranking staff member at development studio Sumo Digital, and when queried about new projects, the developer gave the below reply.

“Now working on another title for Sega on 3DS, VITA and WiiU. [The] title we are working on is top secret but the last game we did for them was Sonic And Sega All-Star Racing, so the logical conclusion would be… :)”

While the game could be a sequel to 2010’s Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, there is also a possibility, given the platforms, that it could be a remixed version of the first game with new characters & courses specifically tailored to Wii U, 3DS & Vita. But having said that, the tipster informs us that the developer told them months ago that they will be doing no more additional work on the first game. Continue reading RUMOUR: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Sequel/Remix in the Works?

Rumour: New Mario & Sonic Not Sports Themed, Sonic Colours May Go HD

The rumour mill is churning again and this time it’s from a random 4chan forum member who goes by the name Wentos The Travelling Salesman, who some may recall spoke out early last year claiming to be an employee at SEGA. This guy claimed to know that the next “main” game in the Sonic series would be based on Sonic Unleashed‘s daytime stages, but never provided any proof to his identity or claims. The claim may have turned out to be true, with Sonic Colours‘ stages playing out like those levels, but these are predictions anyone could make given such positive feedback on those stages from fans who played the game that SEGA quickly became aware of.

New rumours from Wentos’ sudden return to the 4chan forums begin with SEGA going for something different in the next Mario & Sonic game, straying away from the sports theme of the last two games in the franchise, but wouldn’t say anything more on the subject.

“Without giving anything away…this time, it’s not a sports game. It’s turning out quite well. I think some of you may be a little surprised.”

When asked why Sonic Colours isn’t on PS3 and Xbox360, Wentos cited cheaper development costs and developmental freedom as reasons.

“…Wii/DS is a much more cost-effective pairing, especially for an ‘experimental’ Sonic game like this where they needed the financial and developmental freedom to craft 50+ (!) stages,”

Wentos also claims that development of an HD version of Sonic Colours is all set to go, but first SEGA will need high sales of the Wii & DS versions to justify it ever leaving the cutting room floor.

“The technology and design plan is all set up to do the port on Sonic Team’s end,” he said. “Of course, they need strong sales to justify releasing it on the other two platforms (with enhancements, more money spent, etc) in the first place, so it’s all up to you guys.”

Again, no proof of Wentos’ identity or his claims has been provided and for the most part these rumours have been going about since Gamefest 2010, so we’re strictly filing this under rumour and suggest you take this with the tiniest pinch of salt possible.

For more and an extract of a chat log with Wentos, head over to SEGA Bits.

Rumour: New Sonic Announced Oct. 22nd? Anniversary Game Like Colours, SEGA Rep Comments

UPDATE: TJ Selinka asked some SEGA reps at NYCC about the Sonic Anniversary game, but could only get a “no comment”. Seems SEGA’s being very tightlipped about this rumor. /UPDATE END

Hot off the heels of today’s earlier rumours of a new Sonic Anniversary game and a new Mario & Sonic collaboration title, we’ve now got word from Platform Nation’s Scott diMonda that an embargoed Sonic game was on show at SEGA’s recent New York press event. The game is apparently a “sequel” and improves upon its predecessor. diMonda claims that details about this game will be released on October 22nd together with screenshots.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Sega event held at the Shoreham Hotel in NYC and got a look at Sega’s upcoming lineup and yes there was plenty of Sonic to go around and there is one game I am particularly stoked for but due to an embargo I can’t talk about what I seen so I wont even tease you about the game as you will see my take on this sequel that is going to be well worth the wait and the improvements are noticeable right away, but that is for another day (October 22nd) and I promise to bring along some screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Plaform Nation

We’ve also heard from the guys at Sonic Reikai, who broke the initial rumours that the Sonic Anniversary game. The guys heard from SEGA of Spain reps that the game will play in 2D and 3D perspectives, just like in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours.

The anniversary one is a remake in 2D and 3D (As Unleashed, he dropped that but he didn’t said that clearly). Well, when he said that it will going to be a remake of the best Sonic levels, I asked him: “In 2D and 3D?” and he said: “In 2D AND 3D” , then I asked him again anyway “But in 2D and 3D” (and I pointed out the Colours game) and he replayed pointing out the same game: “In 2D and 3D”

Source: SSMB

Take all of this with a grain of salt for now until we hear something solid or official. For now, discuss these latest developments in the comments.

Thanks to Blue Comeback at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Rumour: Unannounced Handheld Title In Production At Bioware?

According to the LinkedIn profile of Bioware’s Mitchell Fujino, the developer has a unnanounced handheld game in development. Fujino previously worked on Bioware’s last handheld title, the poorly received at retail Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for Nintendo DS, which was Sonic’s first step into RPG gaming. The game’s ending left the story wide-open for a sequel, so could this be that sequel? With the Nintendo 3DS on the way, could the game (whatever it is) be headed to that system? Speculate away in the comments, but remember that Bioware are now linked with EA, so this could be anything at all.

Source: Mitchell Fujino’s LinkedIn profile via GoNintendo

Rumour: Jason Griffith Leaving Sonic Role?

Jason Griffith could be leaving his post as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog. That’s the rumour that has hit the Sonic community today, following an admission from the voice actor that he is currently not voicing the blue blur in the upcoming Sonic Colours.

Tipster ‘XD375’ told The Sonic Stadium of the revelation after having made contact with two anonymous sources close to the matter. They both suggested that “a new voice” would be involved in the Sonic franchise going forward. A message from Griffith’s Facebook profile has confirmed his lack of involvement;

Thanks for sending [a video of Sonic Colours]. Not sure who is voicing Sonic, unfortunately, so I can’t really say. Also, we have all signed NDA’s in the past, so I don’t really “speak up” on a lot of things involving SEGA.


The future of the roles of Tails, Knuckles and other lead characters were unknown, but it was revealed that Mike Pollock would continue his work as Dr. Eggman. When contacted by SSMB user ‘Crash’, Pollock declined to comment, adding that “I can’t discuss anything that’s not officially released yet, so please get back to me after [the game] hits the streets.”

Speculation of a change-up of the current Sonic voice-over cast sparked up shortly after ArchAngelUK spoke of an announcement to be made on Thursday, concerning the franchise as a whole. While it would not necessarily affect the games, it was suggested that the news would involve an element of the games to some degree. The subject of voice acting would certainly fit that bill.

The future of Griffith’s tenure as Sonic the Hedgehog is currently unknown. While his response above largely hints at a leave of the character, it is equally likely that this is a one-off – that Sega is undecided whether Sonic should have a full speaking role in Sonic Colours at all. If we get any clarifications regarding this rumour, we will be the first to let you know.

[Update] RUMOUR: Dutch Fansite ‘Leaks’ Needlemouse Details?

Earlier today, Dutch fansite SegaOnline posted information from an anonymous source claiming to have insider knowledge of Project Needlemouse’s development. The website ran the story as a rumour earlier today, before mysteriously disappearing from view.

Key details that were revealed to SegaOnline included the game’s name, ‘Sonic 4’; that the game will only be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network; and that this will be the first in a series of similar games. The website’s source claims that the game will be titled “Sonic 4: Episode 1”, but says that despite the implications, each ‘Episode’ will be a full game in its own right.

On top of this, the anonymous source has said there will be 7 Chaos Emeralds, a return of the ‘Zone’ and ‘Acts’ level structure, and that the game will begin in ‘Splash Hill Zone’ and finish in ‘E.G.G. Station Zone’.

As you might expect, this could be either a hot leak from someone within Sega (or with close ties to the company) that’s about to have the hounds set on him, or it’s part of an elaborately hilarious trolling. Either way, the SegaOnline story has since disappeared. It was originally located here – now a 404 Error page sits in its place.

This is not the first time that SegaOnline has had supposedly ‘leaked’ material removed shortly after publication – earlier this month the website had posted images from the Xbox 360 ‘Partnernet’ developer service, which detailed information on a port of Sonic Adventure DX on Xbox Live Arcade. It was suggested that Sega had sent a request to shut down the page.

UPDATE: Perhaps an elaborate trolling is in fact afoot? The story was picked up by TSSZ News, who has just recently received a request to remove the information by SegaOnline, and not Sega, and now the authenticity of the story has been thrown up into the air. TSSZ News writer Tristan Bresnen posted on the Sonic Retro forums;

“There is anger. That’s all I feel comfortable saying publicly right now about the authenticity of the story…at least until I can dig a little deeper.”

If this is all part of a game on the Sonic community at large, we tip our collective hat to you, sir/madam. Well played. Doesn’t affect us at TSS either way, but still – well played. If not, then what to make of it all? Let us know in the comments box below. In the meantime, we’ll just sit here and eat some popcorn and watch the whole thing play out.

Rumour: New Sonic Spinball Game Coming To Wii?

UK online retailer Simply Games are listing a new Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball title for Nintendo Wii, but what’s odd about it is they list Capcom rather than SEGA as publisher. This fresh listing has conveniently come in at a time when SEGA and Alton Towers have teamed up for a new Sonic Spinball theme park ride. A statement below from a staff member at the park claims SEGA are planning a Sonic relaunch of some kind.

Dear ….

Happy New Year

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you but I have been on holiday. I am sure that you will have picked up press reports by now relating to Spinball Whizzer and the fact that we are in partnership with Sega resulting in a retheme to the ride to coincide with the relaunch of Sonic. We hope that the retheme will be complete for our February half-term opening.

Kind regards

So, could SEGA be planning a relaunch for Sonic Spinball on Wii? We’ll let you know if any more info comes in, but for now take this with a grain of salt, especially as retailers make mistakes with their listings all the time.

Rumour: Leaked Document Reveals ‘Sonic Anniversary’

megatonMany different news sources are reporting that a SEGA America FTP bungle has resulted in a communication with Sony Computer Entertainment America being leaked on the Internet. The document, appearing to be notes from a meeting dated 5th August, include mention of special console-specific DLC characters for Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, a new ‘Sonic Anniversary’ title to arrive on PS3 and multiple ways of SEGA offering exclusive content to Sony’s home console – including an introduction of classic Dreamcast titles on the PlayStation Network.

Of most note to Sonic fans, the ‘Sonic Anniversary’ project appears to be a new title – either in development or consideration – that aims to collect “all Sonic games on one BD [Blu-Ray Disc] disc”. The document ponders a retail price point of $99, which may be reasonable depending on whether it really is an entire collection of Sonic titles. Most intriguing is a note that says: “SCEA would love PSN exclusive power ups/different game modes (like Castlevania’s flip it over/backwards)” – raising hopes that such a collection would be in the vein of Sonic Jam more than simple emulations like Sonic Mega Collection. Spin Dash in Sonic 1 once again?

Speaking on Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, special non-SEGA characters could make an appearance in the form of DLC with the following note; “Open to DLC to differentiate PS3 SKU – not ratchet and clank but other characters… maybe characters from Rare or Fable universes”. The latter two franchises suggest that the same sort of DLC is planned for the Xbox 360 version too, although who would we see? Kameo? Joanna Dark? The dog from Fable? A shame that Ratchet and Clank is ruled out (probably something Sony said), as it sounds like a good fit for the game.

According to the document, Sony also has intentions to sell PS2 games on the PlayStation Network, referencing an unnamed Sonic game and GTA Vice City as examples. SEGA also muses the possibility of Dreamcast digital titles, stating a possible exclusivity deal with Sony; “If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively… If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.”

If true, it all seems to be very exciting news for both SEGA fans and Sony PS3 owners alike. It also means that this is the latest in several incidents where SEGA America’s FTP team has leaked documents by uploading them publicly by accident. You can see the entire thing at Sonic Retro.

Confirmed: Website Not Legit

If you’ve been checking out TSS this morning or discussing various things on the SSMB today, you’ll probably have noticed that there’s a new Sonic game announced that’s getting more attention than any in recent times. But what’s caught the attention of some fans, even more than the impressive teaser trailer, is the mysterious appearance of a website at


Featuring nothing but a black page and the above image (labelled as ‘concept artwork’ within the page’s source code), the safe assumption is that we’re seeing a bunch of early renders for a Green Hill-esque stage in the new 2010 ‘Needlemouse’ project. But, is it a real legit SEGA website?

A few forum members on the SSMB have dug up WHOIS information and have found that, while the domain name was registered back on the 21st August 2009, the nameservers link to one ‘’ – obviously, this isn’t exactly the sort of host you’d expect to see an official SEGA website on. The fact that SEGA are usually so protective of leaked images, and hardly ever release concept artwork, suggest that this webpage could either be a clever hoax or a lead-up to some sort of fan project.

Having said that, nothing solid has been proven against the validity of the website – this could all be a clever grassroots viral campaign, lead by a development team that isn’t as protective as Sonic Team. Indeed, we’re not even told if Sonic Team are even involved in this project at all.

The only sure way to find out is to obtain comment from SEGA — the Sega America official blog does not mention the domain at all (where you would imagine that it would get some sort of acknowledgement) and our calls to SEGA directly about the matter has been met with the response; “I’ve asked”. Sounds a bit ominous if you ask us.

We’ll update you guys on SEGA’s official response on whether what you’re seeing is the real deal. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Apparently TSSZ has been in touch with a Sega America representative who told them that the site “is not connected to our Project Needlemouse”. Regardless, we’re holding out until we hear some sort of confirmation ourselves. But the prospect isn’t looking too good is it?

UPDATE: IGN has now gotten word from the Sega America Community Team about the non-relation to Project Needlemouse. So that settles that, then. If you didn’t like the fan-created Green Hill Zone then your prayers have been answered. If you did like it though, perhaps the real thing might turn out better. Who knows.

Mario & Sonic to return for Round 2 at the Olympics?


You better believe they will.  Spanish gaming magazine ‘Nintendo Acción’ have rumoured a wintry themed follow up to the immensely popular ‘Mario & Sonic and the Olympic Games’ that’s to be announced in the next issue.

The original Mario and Sonic (released November 2007) saw the clash of two great gaming icons for the very first time, celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Hints in Nintendo Acción’s text (of which is written in Spanish, of course) state that the next meeting between both SEGA and Nintendo’s mascot characters will not be much different from the first, sad news for anyone hoping for a more traditional style of crossover game.

The scan was first posted on the Internet by unofficial Nintendo blog site ‘GoNintendo‘, and despite pointing them in all the right directions, still classes the sequel as a rumour until the revealing issue is out on the market.

What’s your take on the rumour? Are you all for Mario and Sonic’s second trip to the Olympics, or are you craving for something a bit different this time around? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo.

Rumour: 4Chan’s ‘Wentos’ Hints At Future Sonic Team Plans

wentosthreadimageThe SSMB Forums have brought to light a discussion that has recently taken place on popular imageboard 4chan. In it, an anonymous tipster called “Wentos the Travelling Salesman” has hinted at details that could be included in the next major Sonic title. Click the image on the left there to give it a good read.

Claiming that he knows a few people in the Localisation department of SEGA, it appears he has been privvy to Hashimoto’s desire to create the perfect Sonic game, as he tells captivated posters on the imageboard that the current Sonic Team is built of old school fans fresh out of college. It is suggested that the new team will handle the series for some time yet. “Wentos” also let slip on the conclusion to the reaction of Unleashed;

“The next Sonic will be just Sonic with optional characters in the sense that they were optional back in Sonic 2 and 3; the levels will be in the style of Unleashed daytime levels, though there will be an increased focus on careful platforming to replace what the Werehog strived for.”

Having said that, it was then suggested that an announcement on this project is unlikely to happen for some time. Dubious 4chan readers were challenged to archive the thread and see if the crystal ball-gazing was in fact on the money. “Wentos” then wrote some development information regarding Sonic Unleashed, and how the Wii version was specifically made to recoup the losses of the intentionally superior Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases. Continue reading Rumour: 4Chan’s ‘Wentos’ Hints At Future Sonic Team Plans

‘Sonic Proof’: Prototype? Fact? Fiction?

Despite no efforts to the contrary, we are still able to obtain access to Sonic Retro, including their forum. It was there that a photo was discovered that featured a disc titled ‘Sonic Proof’. To put it into some context, this disc was apparently found in a room at Sega’s Headquarters which contains almost all of their work, including Dreamcast, Saturn and Mega Drive titles. The photo above shows (an obvious CD-R based) Sonic Proof wedged between some retail games.

But what does it all mean? Is it the working title for an old Sonic the Hedgehog engine? Is it a concept of another unreleased Sonic title altogether? Is it something unrelated to Sonic and even Sega (the ‘Sega room’ contained games from other publishers on PS2 as well)? Is it a massive hoax or a plant (although given the original photo is pretty legit, it might not be the case)? Who the heck knows? Not many at the moment, with speculation at a dead end pretty much.

We’re slapping this up as a rumour for now; Sonic Retro are pretty cool with getting information on old stuff, but until it’s verified it could well be a wild goose chase.

“Sonic Proof”? – Sonic Retro Message Board

What is ‘Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection’?

A hawk-eyed TSS reader has informed us about “Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection” (highlighted), which is listed in Gamestop’s latest release schedule. Priced at $29.99 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and due for release on the 10th February 2009, it appears SEGA haven’t yet given up on providing all of Sonic’s classics to current consumers. It makes sense – with half the community bitching about how much better the Mega Drive games were (which I can’t say doesn’t hold merit) it seems wise to let new gamers experience the hedgehog’s glory days. For fans, it opens up a whole new world of speculation — will SEGA provide loads of meaty bonus content ala Sonic Jam this time? Will players actually be able to play Chaotix without locating a 32X? What the heck does that mean for those that purchased Sonic 1 and 2 from Xbox Live Arcade?

Before we all go jumping the gun though, it’s important to note that SEGA haven’t officially announced such a title. Having said that, retailer’s secret schedules are regularly a source for getting to know of new projects ahead of time. Jot this down in your Sonic filofaxes as a ‘rumour’ for now. Many thanks to our anonymous tipster who sent this in – top stuff.

TalkPlayStation Speak of ‘Leaked’ Sonic Unleashed Story, Fang

The Leipzig Games Convention takes place tomorrow, and we can expect plenty of fresh information on Sonic Unleashed. According to the TalkPlayStation Blog however, one reader (called ‘Dan’) couldn’t contain his secrets any longer and apparently spilled some massive story-based beans. Among the unsupported claims is talk of Sonic and the Werehog having separate ‘Super’ forms, Tails appearing with the Tornado and something about a Chaos Golem. Here’s TalkPlayStation with some more tidbits:

The returning character is called Fang the Sniper. He’ll be reinvented like the Chaotix were when they were reintroduced in Sonic Heroes. Fang the Sniper is hired to destroy the Werehog with the promise that he can get the Emerals from his dead body. He becomes an occasional rival in three or four boss battles. In their final battle, he reaches the last Emerald before Sonic and has an adverse effect.

Again, there are no official sources confirming this, so don’t go over the top with this newfound information, kids. There’s a chance that reader ‘Dan’ may just be, you know, making it up. But GC’s only tomorrow, so we’ll know soon enough.

Source: Sonic Unleashed Story Leaked – TalkPlayStation

Nintendo published Sonic game rating appears on OFLC

A rating for a Sonic game has appeared on the OFLC’s website. The game has been rated G for General and is simply titled “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Game (Multi Platform)”.

What’s odd about it is that the game’s publisher is listed as Nintendo. I guess this could be for Sonic Unleashed or Sonic and the Black Knight but Black Knight is supposed to be Wii Exclusive not multi-platform and Sonic Unleashed is surely being published by Sega because its being released on Sony and Microsoft platforms. Only conclusion one can come to is this must be referring to a new Wii and DS game as Nintendo are publishing it. Hopefully Nintendo/Sega will explain soon.

Thanks to Dan Hibiki for bringing this to everyones attention at the SSMB!


Where In The World Is Jun Senoue? Why, planning for ‘Sonic Next’

Sonic Unleashed is kicking all sorts of arse, and it’s just round the corner. Has you thinking a few things. Things like, “OK, this is like the third game in a row that Jun Senoue (a person that for some reason TSS strikes a similarity with Ken Watanabe) hasn’t had an involvement in the soundtrack. What gives? Is he gallivanting with roadies on stage or something?”

That’s a good question, but fear not! Rather than sitting in a palace garden reminiscing about Cherry Blossoms (maybe), we have it on good authority that Jun may be busy preparing for the next Sonic the Hedgehog title, and our sources tell us that Lee Brotherton (Sonic Rivals, Silver’s theme in Sonic 06) and Richard Jacques (Sonic Chronicles, Sonic R) is to meet with the Japanese rocker soon to discuss possibilities (maybe ‘Endless Possibilities’?.. Oh God, that joke really will get old very quickly).

According to our super-secret-squirrel, this new Sonic project is very likely canon and not a spin-off – Jun’s involvement only reinforces that. But still, such a project is eons away; given the usual time frame for Sonic games, we’ll probably see this one in late 2009 or 2010 unless it’s continuing to use the Hedgehog Engine. It’s just nice to know these things though isn’t it?

So for now enjoy Sonic Unleashed, safe in the knowledge that Junny Baby is not out, and that as clockwork SEGA are planning the next game in the franchise. Can you imagine a possible soundtrack involving Senoue, LB and Jacques though? Epic. If there’s a God, He better well make it happen.

Site Pulls E3 List Out Of Arse, Finds ‘Sonic Attitude’

Someone’s been dreaming on the Internets again. According to an apparent lineup at PlayStation Beyond, SEGA America are set to show a game called ‘Sonic Attitude’ at E3 2008 in a few weeks time. Set as a “Rumour” (probably to save their skin when people realise it’s likely just a wishlist for said website – we’d all like an F-Zero for Wii and a NSMB2 for DS), this Sonic game we’ve never heard of will apparently be on the Nintendo DS and is 100% more important than Sonic Chronicles, which isn’t set to make an appearance at all.

No sources are given, and E3 doesn’t seem to have an official list of attendees, at least right now. And unless Dimps really enjoy overworking, pain and suffering (the team is currently responsible for the PS2 and Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed) they won’t be undertaking a new Sonic project either. This is either Sonic Chronicles in sheep’s clothing or I’m eating someone’s clean, plush hat.

PlayStation Beyond (Via GoNintendo) – Cheers SSMB

Sonic Unleashed coming to four platforms?

According to GameStop, Sonic Unleashed will be coming to the Wii, PS2, Xbox 360, and PS3 on November 4th, 2008. The prices vary from SKU to SKU, but the PS2 version will be selling for the budget price of $30, while the Wii and PS3/360 versions will be going for the standard $50/$60 price tag respectivey.

GameStop can often be a source for new info on upcoming games, with prices, release dates, names, and platforms for upcoming games often leaked months before the publisher officially announces the info. They where the ones who leaked Samba De Amigo Wii early, among other games. While their track record is very solid, any info from them should still be regarded as speculation and rumor, until officially confirmed by SEGA.

Sonic Unleashed to be Multiplatform

Dennis, from a German gaming magazine, has confirmed that Sonic Unleashed will indeed be a multiplatform release:

“Sonic unleashed will be on the cover of the next PLAY magazine, it will also feature in Nintendo’s magazine (NOM) and will be in the August issue. The screens I have uploaded are from the Xbox 360 version of the game, however, the game is going to be a multiformat release.”

This confirms both a 360 and a Wii version, at least.

Special thanks goes out to TSS’s own Casanova for reporting this info, and sending in the above Google translation.

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