Roarey’s RacComic #5: What Review?

Another comic from SSMB Admin, Roarey Raccoon.  He didn’t even send me this one, as I just swiped it from a thread full of whining and/or bitching, complaining, pissing, moaning, groaning, ranting jabronies.

Now, Roareyes not saying that you should ignore the review for the bad score (remember, folks, everybody has opinions), but rather, “who gives a damn?”

Roarey’s Raccomic: Double Feature!

In the past week, Roarey made two comics that were stemming from the same subject: the Sonic Unleashed reviews.  I forgot to put issue #4 up when he finished it, so now it’s grouped with #5 for super-awesome-double-feature-madness time.

Issue #4 deals with all you assholes in the community who pushed the mods at TSS so far that discussing the reviews in such a manner warrants a 7 day ban.  Issue #5 deals with the comment boxes at TSSZ, which are, easily, producing a hell of a lot of controversy within the community. Reading the comments after each and every Tristan-spun (aka “Trispin”) story on negative reviews made me take a much needed Internet vacation over the past week. Do we really need a story for each review, picking it apart its every word?  Heeeeelllll, no.

Roarey’s RacCOMIC #3: Pessimistic Edition

Hey, kids, it has been a while, but the Roarey’s comics are back with the third iteration.  Feel like I’m misrepresenting the community with my overt pessimism?  Well, you are full of shit, because a good deal of us feel the same way.

If anything, the other bloggers are representing the optimistic crowd rather well, so don’t get all bent out of shape about it.  It’s Sonic the Hedgehog for crying out loud.

Roarey’s RacCOMIC: Strip #1!

Hey, “the bad guy,” Slingerland here. Today, TSS is introducing a new feature along side “The Spin.” It’s a comic by SSMB staffer, Roarey Racoon, and its content will be based of the happenings of Sonic and the Sonic online community. It is not something that you will see on a regular basis, but when he makes one, it will be here ready for you to read. Enjoy.

Strip #1: “Too Much Love Will Kill You”