Simpsons Storyboard Artist to Attempt SatAM Comeback

We’ve all been here before, but someone has designs to pitch an idea to SEGA/DiC/the powers that be to invest in a revival of arguably the greatest Sonic cartoon, SatAM. This ‘someone’ however appears to be a chap called Matthew Sullivan, who has worked on The Simpsons, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Family Guy, so he at least has some credentials.

Posting the image above in the Fans United for SatAM forums, Matt is preparing a pitch that he hopes will kickstart a new series of the classic Saturday morning show, with the hopeful inclusion of writer Ben Hurst. He makes no guarantee that this pitch will work, but as a fan himself states that he will try his damndest.

We wish you all the best Matt – if you have any questions he’s opened the floor on the FUS forums so give him our regards there.

Day ZERO! Animator X has a present for you! – FUS (via Saturday Morning Sonic – thanks Joanne!)

Sonic X-Treme Remix

Sonic X-Treme Remix site

As most will be aware there has been an X-Treme movement on Christian Senns message board. The former Sonic X-Treme art director (amongst other things) had taken time out of his busy schedule to release information and conceptual art (on the failed project) to the public. Senns release was greeted by a mouth watering fandom, but ultimately the resurrection of X-Treme lie not with Senn, but rather a Frenchman named Dobermann.

Many skilled programmers have attempted to recreate what X-Treme could have been like using 3D visuals, but it was Dobermann (a member on Senns forum) and his decision to develop his game in 2D that has yielded such positive results. Continue reading Sonic X-Treme Remix

Sonic_Hedgehogs Returns, STC is Revived!

Still working on the User thing, guys, sorry about that. Told ya things may be slow. Just to say two very important things – Sonic_Hedgehogs, owner of Sonic News, has officially returned to The Sonic Stadium to run his section again. Yum! And, even more exciting news… the best Sonic comic in existence has now officially returned – only this time, instead of Fleetway returning like we all hope, a bunch of great STC fans have taken the time to make their own ‘Sonic the Comic’, based on the Fleetway verse. Enjoy…

SSMB UPDATE: SSNG Complaints Addressed, Closure, TSS Coming Back!

=TSS= Legacy Note: This forum post is really a product of it’s time, eh? We felt it was important to salvage this from the long lost archives of TSS (or as it was known at the time, Sonic Stadium News Group – a merger of this site and fellow fansite ‘Sonic News’), as it was a key moment in reviving TSS itself (which would otherwise have become another dead fansite). Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: SSNG Complaints Addressed, Closure, TSS Coming Back!