Respawn Point Doing Sonic Game Marathon for Child’s Play

SegaSonic Radio and Summer of Sonic’s JayZeach will be joining gaming crew Respawn Point tomorrow for their Sonic Marathon 3 & Knuckles show.

Starting Friday at 3PM GMT and ending on the 4th of January (just in time for this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick…), RP will be streaming a load of Sonic games to help raise money for children’s charity Child’s Play.

The Sonic Marathon 3 & Knuckles

Respawn Point Return With Sonic Marathon For Child’s Play

The guys from Respawn Point are back again this year to take on 7 days of non-stop Sonic games in aid of the Child’s Play charity, starting today. All of the week’s events will be streamed live over at along with opportunities to win prizes including games, comics, collectable and more.

The Sonic Marathon raised over $2000 for Child’s Play last year which, provides hospitals all over the globe with games consoles, games, toys & books to help make the stays of children more enjoyable.

Join in the live action now!