Legacy Sonic Fan Site ‘Sonic Cage Dome’ Returns With New Crew

If you’re a bit of an old-timer in the Sonic community, you’ll remember a website called ‘Sonic Cage Dome’. Dedicated to online Sonic game tournaments and streamed multiplayer events (it was basically Twitch before Twitch happened), it had an enthusiastic gaming community and was even a part of the ‘TSS Network’. Now, ten years after it closed its doors, a new team has revived the project – just in time for Sonic’s 29th birthday. Continue reading Legacy Sonic Fan Site ‘Sonic Cage Dome’ Returns With New Crew

FastFeet Media Returning

Seems like this week is a good one for community returns, as after a year of hiatus the download portal FastFeet Media will be returning this Sunday at 7pm. FFM used to be hosted on our TSS Network before they ended up having loads of ‘studios’ and wanted to do their own thing, so it’s good to see them finally come back. We missed the redness.

There’ll be forums and the return of their FTP Hub along with other cool stuff like a new Public Access section, so give their new site a gander when it relaunches just before Sonic’s 17th Birthday.

TSS: A Whole New Approach

Welcome to The Sonic Stadium. Place looks a bit different doesn’t it? Yes, this is what we’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks – updating your favourite Sonic site to be a bit more ‘hip’ and ‘happening’. Whatever that means these days. Kids, tsch.

So why the change? Put simply, for the last two years, TSS has been a floundering Sonic ship – while we certainly worked hard to become one of the most popular fansites online, my university and other commitments over the years had put something of a hold on adding updates of any real worth to the site (having said that, we have been lucky in getting stuff like interviews with Yojiro Ogawa, Simon Jeffery and Lee Brotherton so we haven’t been sitting on our thumbs the whole time). There have also been many things I’ve wanted to post about Sonic but pretty much couldn’t due to the way the site was designed and how the front page was dealt and all that jazz.

We did have a new TSS code base in the making – you’ll probably have heard me going on about it for the last two years. That was a system B’man and I started working on from the ground up, but again, other commitments meant the thing was going nowhere, and as a result TSS suffered. A few months back I thought it was time to can the bespoke script we were making and just make do with a pre-packaged one and add our own bells and whistles to them. Continue reading TSS: A Whole New Approach

Sonic Fan Games HQ Returns

Sonic Fan Games HQ administrator Smidge has reopened the SFGHQ site. The backend of the site has been improved, and a second site “skin” has been added.

In his returning update, Smidge affirmed that online games show the Sonic Amateur Games Expo is still planned for the week of July 3rd, and the SFGHQ is scheduled to return in time for it.


Hi folks, just a quick heads up that everyone’s favourite Sonic news source, SONIC NEWS, is back online right now! Everything you loved about SN during and before it’s move to TSSZ is still here, plus some wicked new features:

  • TSS Account: If you have an SSMB Account (which, if you’re posting here, means you obviously do), then you can log into SONIC NEWS too! Check the familiar blue navigation strip underneath the website links in the header. If you’re not logged in, you can log in on the spot. If you’re already logged into SSMB, you’re logged into SONIC NEWS too, and you can see your username in the blue strip! Unique features are planned for SONIC NEWS, so keep an eye out.
  • Comments System: SSMB/TSS Account members (when logged in) are able to post comments for any SONIC NEWS article. Visitors need to register and become a part of the SSMB in order to post comments – this saves any unnecessary spam.
  • Website Services: We have a Headlines List and a News Ticker for visitors to use – in either PHP or Javascript code format. Like TSSZ, we offer services for sites top use our news. We also have a new RSS feature for anyone who cares to want it.
  • Search Function: Search our archives, or surf through them in our aptly named ‘Archives’ section.

Be sure to email the staff with news and hot tips for our reporting use, you will be credited completely. Keep an eye on Sonic News as we catch up with the news, first. Then start getting busy.

Weeee’re Baaaaaaaa-aaaaccckkkk!

Well, it’s a fabulous honour to say “Welcome back to The Sonic Stadium!” It’s been a long three/four months, but it looks like through thick and thin, we’ve managed to find our feet. And it’s all worth it in the end – before we crashed we provided thousands of people with Sonic goodness. And now we’re back to provide even more!

But things have changed somewhat. The navigation bar will be different depending on what page you are on, and the main sectors of TSS will show up just like they are now on this page, whenever you’re at the root of TSS. This is to kill the navigation problem that people were having – if you get lost, there are links to the Site Map just below the “TSS Network” button in the header, so hopefully TSS is easier and more fun to surf around. Continue reading Weeee’re Baaaaaaaa-aaaaccckkkk!

Announcement: The Sonic Stadium is BACK!

Well, did you miss us? It has been rather a struggle, but The Sonic Stadium is back to give you, the Sonic fan, even more information and blue hedgehog related stuff than before!One of the reasons for the downtime was because of an incompetent host that we were on, we shan’t name names, but their company name was right about you only wanting (or being able) to Host there Once. =P

Continue reading Announcement: The Sonic Stadium is BACK!

SEGA Launches Redesigned Official Website

SEGA has redesigned its official website with a whole host of things to drool over. There’s a swish new design featuring Sonic’s head in the background, new sections for each gaming platform and pages for the latest and upcoming games. There’s even a news post currently online talking about new Sonic Team collectibles. Continue reading SEGA Launches Redesigned Official Website