Sonic Comic Con comes and goes

Ah, you thought we forgot didn’t you? 😉 Well, we thought it was pointless covering it AS it was going, because people update stuff halfway through and it all gets very annoying. So we did a complete coverage report for you now, when it’s ended, so you can see our review on the event. Also, did you notice? HUH? DID YOU? That’s right – we updated. When? The other day. The 5th August to be exact. But we didn’t put anything here did we? No, we indeed did not.

Take note of the ‘Latest Updates’ feature on the left hand side there – it will tell you when we last updated, and what exactly. This bit will only be updated when there is an important announcement, or when I can be bothered to do some sort of random blog-esque… thing. You’re happy – you know what’s updated and when. I’m happy – I don’t have to make a huge speech when I’ve only added a Box Art scan 😛 We all win. BTW, sorry for getting Sonux confused with Rally the Cheetah a while ago, regarding the most recent Box Art scans. It’s been sorted, so bleh. Send us stuff, remember amigos!

SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Ultimate Rehaul (or perhaps, Restart)

Now, as many of you know, Sonic Ultimate is my main Shadow Team project, but as many of you also know, it’s the buggiest ST project in production. Now, I’m sure many of you have noticed I’ve been modding alot, and spriting alot over the last two months, combine that with the fact that I am a very lazy person, and you can prolly guess what SU has been doing since March. Thats right, sitting. Well, recently due to some problems with my internet I tried to pick up work on it, getting into it though, with a clear head, I realized, that it was going to be alot more work then it was truely, truely worth.

Realizing that I could get much better results through restarting, I sent an E mail to Roareye saying basically what I have just said. He also thinks that restarting that project would be much better then trying to fix every bug. I could prolly, through alot of work, correct the current version of Sonic Ultimate, but it’s a giant mess. Every time I’d patch something, another bug would come out of it, regardless of the amount of work put in. Continue reading SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Ultimate Rehaul (or perhaps, Restart)

SSMB UPDATE: OK, I have had enough! EzBoard has got to go!

I know we’ve all had this conversation before, but I am serious this time. We need a change from ezBread. Period. Now, I don’t know whether I’ve told any of you this yet, but in the next month or so, The Sonic Stadium is getting new hosting facilities. I don’t mean simply moving to a better ‘free’ host, I’m talking the _real deal_ here – and we owe thanks to Zifei, founder of Sonic HQ, no less. Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: OK, I have had enough! EzBoard has got to go!

SSMB UPDATE: Last Ever Announcement…

In this forum. Yes, as you may have noticed, I’m executing (god, I sound like Windows) to totally redesign this place. It’ll kick ass when I’m finally finished. And, I already have one forum finished (it’ll look the same in places because of that sodding bug) – it’s called The Sky Sanctuary Reception Desk. You can find it at the bottom of the forum listing. Continue reading SSMB UPDATE: Last Ever Announcement…

SSMB Update: SSMB’s New Look Complete. You like it?

It certainly looks more ‘clean’ than before, when it looked all over the place. ^_^ As you can see, I’ve shrunk the forum pictures, with an intro to the side (looks better that way), and kept the new SSMB title logo (I was going to use that specifically for the new MB, but now I thought it’d look cool at where it most deserves to be – the REAL SSMB). Continue reading SSMB Update: SSMB’s New Look Complete. You like it?