Smash Bros Brawl Avoids Recolour Disaster

You might have noticed that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is finally out in the UK and Europe. Good for us, eh? It’s about time. Of course, this is the latest in the series where Sonic the Hedgehog is a playable character. Ever since that announcement several months ago of the blue blur’s inclusion, you could hear a mile off all the wonderings of the community. Whether, for instance, their shitty little recolour would inadvertedly be ‘included’ in the game if more than one person selected Sonic in a brawl.

Well fret no more, normal Sonic fan, because Nintendo appears to have been aware of the clusterfuck surrounding ‘creativity’ in the Sonic fanbase and decided not to touch that with a 60 foot pole. When more than one player selects Sonic the Hedgehog, different colours are assigned to the cufflinks on his hands and feet. He gets a slight tonal change too in his spines, but nothing that “~~~Dr_TailsFox2000~~~” can lay copyright claims to.

As for the rest of Sonic in Brawl, he is awesome. Awesomely handled in Subspace Emissary, awesomely handled in combat… for the first time in so many games, the hedgehog has been treated with respect.

Well played Sakurai, well played.