Freak Out Friday: All Aboard the Hype Train!


Sonic the Hedgehog is now on trains. I’m really not sure what else can be said apart from ‘We gots ourselves a new Hype Train to catch’ whenever the next Sonic game ends up being announced.

This very cute 1/10 scale railcar is running at the brand new SEGA Lalaport in Fujimi, Japan. The attraction known as the ‘Sega Sonic Railway’ allows visitors to ride in the Sonic themed engine seen above on a miniature railway. I’m not afraid to say that I want a ticket. Badly.

A roughly translated transcript of the accompanying post is as follows:

Today ‘ Sega et lalaport fujimi “and Sega Sonic train ‘ et et lalaport fujimi ‘ in the new open! Sonic design 1/10 sizeminitrain both adults and children can drive yourself!¬†

Japan. Please keep being awesome.