Programmer Wanted

Things, they are-a changing for The Sonic Stadium… no, it’s not yet another sodding layout change, God how boring would that be! No, TSS is going to go over a backend makeover, making the transition from HTML to PHP and the like. A taster of the fruits of which can be seen on this page – a nice, neat website for you to enjoy… and much more in the future. We are looking for people who are knowledgeable in the field of:

  •  PHP and/or MySQL

in order to help us with our backend manouevre. You will be able to take part in something that will be truly exciting, quite a challenge, but should rock the foundations of the Sonic online world for sure. Sounds like a fun challenge? You bet your sweet ass it is. Simply direct your emails (along with proof of previous work done) to Dreadknux when you can.In other news, The Sonic Site Awards 2003 is to start any day now, so keep your eye on this space! And… HAPPY 4TH JULY to all our American Sonic lovers across the Pacific from us lot at TSS!