Sound Test Saturday: Spinball Edition


Because we all need is a good laugh to start things off!

Welcome back to Sound Test Saturday, Sonic netizens! We’ve got quite the music haul to highlight, so take a seat (though you’re likely already doing so), relax, grab some munchies, and ready your ears.

This week, we’ll be taking a look at five Sonic Spinball remixes! And what better way is there to start things off… than with a rearrangement by one of the game’s composers, Howard Drossin?

Let’s boot up the spinball machine and “Return to the Toxic Caves”!


Flip on through the rest after the jump!

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WHY WOULD YOU SHOOT A MISSLE AT ME? Oh hey, it’s a ring.


If you love Sonic and laughter, there is no excuse for you not to watch “Sonic Abridged: Episode 1.”

The series aims to take episodes from Sonic X and make them shorter and funnier.  Most importantly, “Sonic Abridged” turns the entire episode on its head with hilarious voice acting, a random array of sound effects, and a bevy of obscure internet references.  If it’s one thing I like more than watching Sonic X, it’s making fun of it.

Highlights include: Cheese, Knuckles’ indifference, and “wouldn’t it be weird if I mutated into a giant, butt-ugly werewolf thing?”

Plus, Psyguy is the main man behind it all, so you know that it’s quality.  Watch it, foo’.

Community Interview: Fireball20XL Comic Author PsyGuy

Known as the ‘Mad Dog of Sprite Comics’ (well… to us, anyway), PsyGuy is the creator of the Fireball20XL website, a fan comic workshop that contains a number of strips including Dirty Power and That’s My Sonic. As one of the leading voices in the Sprite Comic arena, we had a chat with Psy to learn more about the cool things he’s doing. Continue reading Community Interview: Fireball20XL Comic Author PsyGuy