Sonic 2 Remastered: Proto Palace Zone Discovered

In the last few days, a number of discoveries have been made regarding the Sonic 2 Remastered Edition.


The first is a fully working Egg Gauntlet Zone, it is effectively a boss attack mode. However it was cut from the final game, whilst some of the assets from the stage remained in the game, it wasn’t possible to access without modifying the game. Furthermore, as Taxman explains, due to a recent game update, the stage assets have been cut, even through modding it’s no longer possible to access.

But… there is one other very interesting discovery and revelation. Sonic 2 remastered has a hidden stage which is accessible in the current release via a cheat code.

For younger readers. Cheat codes are what we used before DLC was invented.

The new stage is called ‘Proto Palace Zone’ and whilst you may think ‘it’s Hidden Palace’ it’s actually different. It’s based on the original prototype stage which was on show at that toy event way back in the 1990’s.


And here is how you access it.

Step 1: Access the Sonic 2 level select code. (Tap the letters in the SEGA logo from left to right, then put two fingers on the title screen).

Step 2: Enter the debug code 01,09,09,02,01,01,02,04

Step 3: Enter this code 03,03,03,0B,10,10,10,04

And that’s it, you are now playing Proto Palace Zone, which include the original ‘track number 10’ music. But if you don’t have the remastered edition, here’s a video of the stage.


Source: Taxman

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