Sonic Mania Soda Exists!

Promotional items, they can be strange, they can be wonderful, they can sometimes be eaten, or in this case, drunk! Jones Soda has partnered with Sega to produce a limited range of Sonic Mania branded Soda. Currently a comic con exclusive but comments on Facebook point to a possibly future release, the soda comes in three flavours. Continue reading Sonic Mania Soda Exists!

Let The Olympic Winter Memes Begin!

So there I was, innocently adding the new Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Artwork page (with transparent, clean PNG character art and all), when I came across these monstrosities. These images are part of SEGA’s “lifestyle” advertising campaign for the new Mario and Sonic sports mashup, and… well, they’re quite terrible, aren’t they?

I’ve not seen any of these being used in ‘lifestyle’ print or magazines (although having said that, I don’t make it a point to collect issues of Grazia or whatever), it makes you wonder whether SEGA, Nintendo et al just do these photo shoots for a laugh one day, never to be used for fear of irritating readers with these guys’ faces. Some of these faces are hilarious though, but deep down it really kinda wants you lose the will to live.

Gallery full of 20-odd lifestyle promotional M&S images after the jump. Best captions win Awesome Points™.
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