Sonic Runners Hits 2 Million Downloads

Earlier this week, Sega announced that their free to play title Sonic Runners had hit the 2 million downloads figure.


To celebrate the news Sega are offering discounts to users who purchase red rings from the in-game store. However if you don’t fancy spending any money, Sega are holding a daily promotion. From now until August 3rd, if you log into Sonic Runners, Sega will reward you with 10 red star rings each day until the promotion ends.

Can they make it three million? Lets hope so! Then we might get more free stuff!

Cancelled Sonic Adventure Burger King Promotion Comes to Light

Sega are no strangers to doing promotions with fast food chains, I’m sure most Sonic fans out there are familiar with the many McDonalds or Burger King toys which accompanied kids meals back in the 90’s. Well… it seems that there was another line of toys planned for Burger King, however for whatever reason the line was cancelled.

burgerking40The documentation which came to light earlier this week shows that the toyline was going to be very extensive, the following toys were planned to be included.

  • * Walk em’ Sock Em Knuckles (No that’s not a typo, it’s really called ‘Walk’ and not Whack’)
  • Rip Roaring Robotnik
  • Twistin’ Twirlin’ Tails
  • Go Gamma Go
  • Somersaultin’ Snowboardin’ Sonic
  • Super Sonic Sled
  • Frog-Catchin’ Cat
  • Noisy Amy!
  • Knuckles Goes for a Spin
  • Turbo Prop Tails

Aside from the odd names, some of the toys look quite cool for meal toys, some however look… well… look…


I almost wanted to save this for Freak Out Friday, What’s going on with the artwork/look of Amy!? It looks like something you’d find in Demon’s Souls!

However there are one or two awesome looking toys in the documents, Gamma for instance looks great.


And who wouldn’t want a rocking action big the cat?


What I like about a number of these designs is that a few of them come with some smaller accessories or additional bits, for example, the Robotnik toy comes with a smaller Sonic figure, and the Knuckles spin toy also has Robotnik chasing him.

Sadly there are no models of these toys, it seems that these were scrapped at the design stage.

The full documentation can be found in our gallery and all images are at their full size.

Sega Taking Out Full Page Adverts for the Sonic Brand

sonic advertSega have taken out several full page adverts for Sonic in a number of licensing and product magazines. The advert has so far been spotted in both the April edition of Licensing Worldwide Magazine and the Kazachok Licensing Fair magazine which was given out at a major licensing fair a few days ago.

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The Vault: Giochi Preziosi’s Sonic Promotion/The Revenge of The Hog with the Death Ray Eyes

In 2009, I found a youtube video which at the time had only a handful of views, the video showed an old Italian TV advert which was a promotion for Sega and the release of Sonic 1 in Italy. The promotion was basically ‘Buy a Sega Megadrive and get a free pin badge which gives you the chance to win win Sega prizes.’


The advert quickly became quite notorious, mainly due to the ending which featured an out of tune Sonic theme and an animation of a miscoloured Sonic with glowing red eyes pulling a goofy expression. Even TSS featured it, lovingly calling it ‘The Hog with the Death Ray Eyes.’ To date the pin badge is known as ‘The Sonic Baydge’ by various merch collectors and amazingly, they still work as they did back in 1992, when you consider this is over 20 years old, thats quite impressive.

Since 2009 the details of the promotion have remained a bit of a mystery… Until today…

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Buy ASRT at Gamestop, Get a Hot Wheels Danicar Toy For Free


On October 10th 2012, Sega announced that anyone who purchased a copy of ASRT would receive a free Hot Wheels Danica/Danicar toy from selected retailers. However, as ASRT’s release date drew closer, many had assumed that the promotion had been cancelled as nothing more was mentioned about it.

It has been 25 days after ASRT released on the 3 main consoles, and a week after it’s release on the Vita here in the EU. Sega has now given details as to how you get the toy… You have to buy the game again!

Full press release after the break.

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