Project 24 Returns December 15th as Four Station Collaboration

Project 24

9 days from now, a once time-honoured tradition on SEGASonic:Radio is set to return to its airwaves. Those who stuck around long enough will no doubt have heard of it – it is a sweet little day long marathon of DJs bantering around, quality music blasting from the speakers, and more.

Coming round for its 5th edition, Project 24 has been a massive success in its runs and will go live on SS:R as soon as the bell tolls at midnight, December 15th GMT! Listeners are invited to tune in on this special occasion and chat with our esteemed masters of ceremony, especially if they are up for winning sweet, sweet prizes!

In the past, Project 24 brought together DJs old and new from the station’s history, but this year, things have been shaken up quite a bit, for not only will SEGASonic:Radio play host to this event once more, but it will be joined by friends and affiliates at RadioSEGASonic Radio, and RadioNintendo as well!

Here is the tentative schedule for the event – take note that it is not final and is therefore subject to change!

  • 12am – Welcome Show / The Music Plant Zone with VizardJeffhog [SS:R]
  • 1am – The Music Plant Zone with VizardJeffhog [SS:R]
  • 2am – Sanity Within Chaos with cdrom1019 [RN]
  • 3am – Sanity Within Chaos with cdrom1019 [RN]
  • 4am – A/V Hijack with Biafra Republic [SS:R]
  • 5am – A/V Hijack with Biafra Republic [SS:R]
  • 6am – Paraphernalia Radio with JayZeach [SS:R*]
  • 7am – Paraphernalia Radio with JayZeach [SS:R*]
  • 8am – Random Hour with foreversonic [RS]
  • 9am – Random Hour with foreversonic [RS]
  • 10am – Turbo Drive Live with Turbo [SS:R]
  • 11am – Turbo Drive Live with Turbo [SS:R]
  • 12pm – Cyber Razor Cut with SonicYoda [RS]
  • 1pm – Cyber Razor Cut with SonicYoda [RS]
  • 2pm – The Late Late Late Afternoon Breakfast Show with Shadow Remix [SR]
  • 3pm – The Late Late Late Afternoon Breakfast Show with Shadow Remix [SR]
  • 4pm – T-Time with T-Bird [SS:R*]
  • 5pm – T-Time with T-Bird [SS:R*]
  • 6pm – SEGA Mixer Drive with Rexy [RS]
  • 7pm – SEGA Mixer Drive with Rexy [RS]
  • 8pm – Top 40 Countdown with KC [RS]
  • 9pm – Top 40 Countdown with KC [RS]
  • 10pm – Silver’s Saturday Show with SilverSonic [RN]
  • 11pm – Silver’s Saturday Show with SilverSonic [RN]
  • 12pm – Closing Show / The Music Plant Zone with VizardJeffhog [SS:R]

More details will be trickling through the grapevine, so it would be in your best interest to keep tabs on the four stations involved. As head of SEGASonic:Radio and on behalf of the P24 crew, I hope to see you all on December 15th! Check back for frequent updates!





[UPDATE: TOTAL AND WINNER!] GreenAid: Donate For A Chance To Win A F4F 20th Anniversary Statue!


Over the period of the last week we have raised a massive £530 (about $800US) for Dan Green! We at the Sonic Stadium would like to convey our utmost gratitude to all those who donated – this is an absolutely fantastic contribution!

We’ve drawn a winner at random, and we’d like congratulate Josh T from the UK! You are the lucky recipient of a very rare and exclusive F4F 20th Anniversary statue!

Thanks to everyone who has donated or posted an entry on the guest book!



Earlier this week we were informed of the sad news regarding the passing Dan Green‘s wife. Dan has contributed substantially to the voice acting community, notably providing voices for cartoons such as Yugioh – you will most likely remember him as the voice of Knuckles the Echidna from 2005-2010.

Our good friend Mike Pollock, who many of you might have run into at Summer of Sonic, has set up the Dan Green Guestbook through which you can send a message of condolence, or donate (there’s also an address to send cards or fan art or any other small physical letters).

We at Sonic Stadium would like to rally the entire Sonic community to contribute in order to assist Dan and his new born children through a very difficult time – and we want your help too! Continue reading [UPDATE: TOTAL AND WINNER!] GreenAid: Donate For A Chance To Win A F4F 20th Anniversary Statue!

SEGASonic:Radio Project 24 – 24 Hours Of Live Sonic Music!

Once again SEGASonic:Radio returns with it’s annual day long radio event on Sunday the 11th of December 2011! This year’s 24-hour LiveCast will play host once more to your favourite SS:R DJs old and now, bringing you the best of Sonic the Hedgehog music and related banter throughout.

Now in it’s fourth installment, Project 24 has been a massive success in recent years giving fans a chance to request and listen to some of their favourite tracks, as well as to engage in conversation with the DJs and other fans on air and via the SS:R Chatroom…and this year we hope to see even more of you guys and girls!From midnight on the 11th of December (0:00GMT), come and join our gang of DJs, including some notable characters from the community!

We’ve brushed the dust off veteran oldies including Hawkz who will return with Hawkz In Da House, and Roarey Raccoon will also be bringing his usual brand of banter once more for the Raccoon Zone. Long-running DJs such as Turbo with Turbo Drive Live and P24 coordinator BlitzChris with Blitz n’ Pieces will be playing host to special P24 versions of their shows, and even head honcho Dreadknux will be returning for a special edition of the Sonic Hour. Those are just but a few shows joining the massive roster for the day’s festivities!

Continue reading SEGASonic:Radio Project 24 – 24 Hours Of Live Sonic Music! Taking Pre-Orders for Sonic Free Riders OST, for a limited time will be taking pre-orders for copies of the Sonic Free Riders Original Soundtrack “-Break Free-“, containing twelve tracks including the Crush 40 version of “Free”. Similarly to the offers last year, you can have your copy of the CD signed by Jun Senoue himself, by pre-ordering through the official shop for the  bargain price of $23 plus shipping.

If you’ve already spent your money on Christmas this year…then don’t worry! Tune in to Project 24 on SEGASonic:Radio this Sunday (5th of December 2010) for an opportunity to win a copy for yourself!

Link to Official Shop

Bumper Prizes To Be Won On SEGASonic:Radio’s Project 24!

Hohoho! It’s only just turned December,yet all of us here in merry old England are already snowed under! Don’t worry though; we’re all wrapped up warm at TSS HQ eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine. Christmas is coming though, and Santa will be loading his sleigh with merch! Unfortunately to make room for the new, and we need to get rid of it all on Sunday during Project 24!

Continue reading Bumper Prizes To Be Won On SEGASonic:Radio’s Project 24!

The Sonic Hour: All Episodes Online, Series 6 Next Sunday!

SEGASonic Radio is gearing itself for another Project 24 event (Sunday 5th December 2010), and to celebrate I’ve finally found time to update the podcast feed to The Sonic Hour, the radio station’s flagship live show. Presented by myself (Dreadknux) and Roareye Black, TSH has been going for something like 6 years now – almost as long as The Sonic Stadium itself!

Since our very first episode in Christmas 2003, we’ve recorded a total of 93 episodes and at least 3 specials. We’ve had several presenter line-ups to join the ‘Dread x Roareye’ tag team, from Anarchy Rat in the early days to Jemnezmy most recently, and all kinds of special guests inbetween.

Project 24 will also mark the first episode of Series 6 of The Sonic Hour. As always, we will be live on air between 6pm – 7pm GMT every Sunday (please check your timezones for your area), with #601 broadcasting on the 5th December.

A sixth series, and the 100th episode right around the corner?! How in the hell did we ever get this popular? Is it our randomness? Our lame attempts at humour? Our insistent Sonic music playlist of awesome? Police Lieutenant Smith? Lyle the Bear? Rory’s Monologue? Dodgy Dread’s Emporium of Sonic Chintz? WongWatch? Or was it just Sonic Pants?

Either way, you can now catch up with every single episode of the show! Subscribe to us on iTunes (US LinkUK link, or you can simply crack open iTunes and search for “The Sonic Hour”), hit the raw XML feed here, or just download each individual track on our Media portal. If you’re already subscribed to us on iTunes, right-click the podcast and select “Show all available episodes” and the older ones will appear.

Due to popular demand as well, all Series 4 and Series 5 episodes have been re-encoded into AAC-HE format, cutting down filesize dramatically with just as much sound quality. The m4a files can be read in almost every music program – or at least, every music program worth using that’s for sure. If you’re struggling, use either iTunes or VLC.

If you’re new to the delights of the very first regular radio broadcast in the Sonic community, why not give The Sonic Hour a spin? I warn you right now though: it’s NOT for the faint of heart, and it’s pretty explicit in content. You will most definitely lose several brain cells as well.

Hit the jump for a shortlist of all 23 episodes added to The Sonic Hour’s archive: Continue reading The Sonic Hour: All Episodes Online, Series 6 Next Sunday!

[UPDATE] SEGA Sonic Radio Project 24 Returns! Postponed to Sunday 5th December 2010

[UPDATE] Due to a large number of DJs being unable to broadcast next Sunday, Project 24 has been postponed to December 5th. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. To make up for this, T-Time will be filling your stockings early with bumper prize give-aways throughout the show! Stay tuned for more details! [UPDATE END]

Back by popular demand! SEGASonic: Radio‘s day-long event returns for the second year running on November 21st! This year’s 24-hour LiveCast includes a whole host of regular and one-off shows hosted by SS:R DJs old and new, bringing you the best of Sonic the Hedgehog music as well as a whole host of prizes to be given out over the course of the day!

Continue reading [UPDATE] SEGA Sonic Radio Project 24 Returns! Postponed to Sunday 5th December 2010

The Countdown to Project 24 – A Day of Music and Prizes!


With only 10 days to go until Project 24 kicks in, it’s about time we showed off just some of the reasons you should tune in!

Project 24 is an all-day radio livecast on SEGASonic:Radio, the Sonic Stadium‘s much-loved radio channel with 24/7 music and shows hosted by a swarm of SSR DJs, taking place from 0:00GMT on Sunday the 15th of November and continuing until Midnight the next day! Spearheading the organisation of the project is resident SS:R DJ and Sonic Remix Expert BlitzChris, who has painstakingly promoted the event and even ressurrected some DJs from the bygone days of the SS:R airwaves such as Hawkz and Iceman to brush off the dust on the headset and to take to their shows once more! Also joining the ranks during the day are TSS Staff writer and fangirl heart-throb Slingerland,  Scottish random-rambler JayZeach, a delicious slice of Speedknux Pie,  the husband-wife antics of AAUK and EchoHawk on Radio Redux and the all-too hillarious flagship show The Sonic Hour with our hosts Dreadknux and Roareye…just to mention a few! Even I will be cracking out a collection of my favourite face-melters and metal monsters for a T-TIME! special!


Not only do you have a whole day of back-to-back tunes, requests, programming and chat on the Sonic Stadium IRC,  there will be a huge hoard of prizes to be won during the day including T-Shirts, Sonic Unleashed Beachballs, SEGA Superstars Tennis branded controllers and Smash Brothers Prima Guides. Because this simply is not enough, we’ve even got a signed copy of Jun Senoue’s new album “The Works” to giveaway, yes, GIVE, to one of you lucky hedgehogs or hedgehogettes, complete with Sonic Adventure 2 stickers and an official Jun Senoue guitar pick, used by the man himself! How do you win this you ask? Well…we’ll have more details of that next week! All I can say is, keep Sunday the 15th of November free in your diary! (Props to Roarz for the awesome artwork!).

signed works

Check out more Project 24 details on the Project 24 forum thread!