TSS Super Happy Hedgehog Moments Birthday Competition! [CLOSED]

Wooo! Partay! What with Sonic turning 19 years of age, we at TSS are clearing out our merchandise cabinet and giving you the chance to grab some goodies!

Up for grabs today we have:

1 x copy of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for the Nintendo DS!

2 x Sonic the Hedgehog Shirts, courtesy of SEGA of Europe!

2 x Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Archives Volume 12 Paperback books!

1 x Jazwares Sonic and the Black Knight 5″ Figure!

3 x Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog Figures (Sonic, Tails, SatBK Sonic)!

1 x Sonic the Hedgehog sticker album and sticker packs!

That’s 10 prizes for 10 winners! All we want you to do is share your favourite hedgehog moment with us in the comments! It might be about the first Sonic game you bought, it could be about a childhood memory of meeting the Sonic mascot as a kid! It might even be your favourite moment in a videogame!  Be creative, be original…but most of all make it Sonical!

e.g. Silver T. Hedgehog
“My favourite Sonic moment was when I finally found the Iblis Trigger, but it was no use!”

Closing time will be 12:00PM BST tomorrow (Thursday, 24th of June 2010), so all those living on the other side of the pond can get your memories in too! We don’t mind if you want to send in more than one entry either, however there will be a maximum of one prize per entrant.

My favourite moment has to be getting a chance to play on the SEGA tour bus…or was it getting to play Unleashed months before it came out? Hang on, no, it’s definitely that bit in Sonic X…ah, so many memories!

The Countdown to Project 24 – A Day of Music and Prizes!


With only 10 days to go until Project 24 kicks in, it’s about time we showed off just some of the reasons you should tune in!

Project 24 is an all-day radio livecast on SEGASonic:Radio, the Sonic Stadium‘s much-loved radio channel with 24/7 music and shows hosted by a swarm of SSR DJs, taking place from 0:00GMT on Sunday the 15th of November and continuing until Midnight the next day! Spearheading the organisation of the project is resident SS:R DJ and Sonic Remix Expert BlitzChris, who has painstakingly promoted the event and even ressurrected some DJs from the bygone days of the SS:R airwaves such as Hawkz and Iceman to brush off the dust on the headset and to take to their shows once more! Also joining the ranks during the day are TSS Staff writer and fangirl heart-throb Slingerland,  Scottish random-rambler JayZeach, a delicious slice of Speedknux Pie,  the husband-wife antics of AAUK and EchoHawk on Radio Redux and the all-too hillarious flagship show The Sonic Hour with our hosts Dreadknux and Roareye…just to mention a few! Even I will be cracking out a collection of my favourite face-melters and metal monsters for a T-TIME! special!


Not only do you have a whole day of back-to-back tunes, requests, programming and chat on the Sonic Stadium IRC,  there will be a huge hoard of prizes to be won during the day including T-Shirts, Sonic Unleashed Beachballs, SEGA Superstars Tennis branded controllers and Smash Brothers Prima Guides. Because this simply is not enough, we’ve even got a signed copy of Jun Senoue’s new album “The Works” to giveaway, yes, GIVE, to one of you lucky hedgehogs or hedgehogettes, complete with Sonic Adventure 2 stickers and an official Jun Senoue guitar pick, used by the man himself! How do you win this you ask? Well…we’ll have more details of that next week! All I can say is, keep Sunday the 15th of November free in your diary! (Props to Roarz for the awesome artwork!).

signed works

Check out more Project 24 details on the Project 24 forum thread!

TSS’ Birthday Sweepstakes

To celebrate our 9th birthday that’s coming up soon, we have a few prizes in store for you. At the moment, you can enter for our awesome Mario & Sonic Pre-order T-Shirt Competition, and today I’m announcing the TSS Birthday Sweepstakes. Basically, I’ve been trawling the Internets to find the most exquisite things to give away. I’ve not got a complete list of stuff to hand out yet, but the list includes

  • UniQlo Sonic Adventure ‘hands’ T-Shirt (Blue, very rare)
  • Matt Herms’ signed Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #195
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Car Sticker (rare 1990s, classic style)
  • Sonic X Book
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog VHS
  • Sonic games (random, new and old)

And many more besides, including a prize from SEGA too. Ooooh. So, because it’s a veritable mish-mash of stuff, we’re going to give away one prize to one winner! Making many winners instead of just one! How can you have a chance to get your hands on one of these fabulous prizes?

Simply email your name, email address and mailing address to [contest now closed to new entries]. That’s it, but you MUST include those three details. Then, on Sunday, 6pm GMT listen in to The Sonic Hour, where myself and Roareye Black put all your names into a hat and pick out a winner for each prize. Click here to listen to SegaSonic Radio while TSH is on, and click here to sit in the IRC Chatroom while we’re on air and have some fun.

By the way; we have a few small/bunk prizes to give away too – just to make it more fun! Including this very nice pair of Sonic Heroes ‘branded’ pants, for ages 4-5. Will you win the awesome UniQlo T-Shirt? Will you win the SEGA prize? Or will you win a pair of grey homemade kid’s pants? The suspense! The fun!

Update: The contest is open to anyone (anywhere in the world, but it’ll help if you live near me! ;)) and it’s not required to listen to The Sonic Hour, we will email you after the show to let you know you’ve won something regardless. It’s just fun to hear the results played out live, is all.