Sonic 2 40% Off on XBLA Starting November 30th

4117203937_ed6311e08aSEGA of America’s blog has announced that during the week of November 30th (the week after Thanksgiving), Sonic 2 will be Xbox Live Arcade’s “Deal of the Week.”  The classic title will be 240 points, 40% off from its normal pricing of 400 points.  Keep in mind that the “Deal of the Week” is available to Xbox Live Gold Members only.

In addition, SEGA of America will be having free giveaways during this week on their blog.  We will tell you what SoA will be giving away when the time comes.

Sonic 2 has had quite a week, eh?  First, it was released on Blackberry, then it was announced for DS, and now it’s 40% off?  Killer.

Olympic Winter Games Already Slashed To £18.99

MCV is reporting that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is the latest victim of supermarket price-cutting, with Morrison’s selling the Wii sports mashup for only £18.99 until Sunday. That’s a discount of over 50%, and a counter to Sainsbury’s free pack-in of the game with new Wii consoles.

Other games that have fallen victim to supermarket price cutting include EA’s FIFA 10 and Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The UK games industry has rallied against the increasing trend, calling it ‘worrying’. In the case of Mario and Sonic, although it can be argued that this price drop will get the game into more people’s hands, there’s no real reason to doubt that people would have bought this title at full price anyway. Regardless, it results in less money returned to the developer – money that, in a recession, publishers are finding hard to come by.

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and Sonic Rush Adventure price crash

UK retailer GAME have made some huge spring season Sonic price cuts on Sonic Riders Zero Gravity (both versions) and Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS.

You can now pick the Wii version of Sonic Riders Zero Gravity up for £19.99, down from £39.99 and the PS2 version for £12.99, down from £19.99. You can also pick Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS up for £14.99, down from £29.99.

If you were interested in these games before but were reluctant to part with mega bucks for them, then now might be a good time to give these games a look.

Sonic the Hedgehog for 360 gets a price drop!

According to, the 360 version of Sonic the Hedgehog (360) just got a nice price drop – from the original $59.99, now to $29.99! Hopefully this calms the nerves of those wary about trying the game out, and gives them a chance to do so with less to lose for doing so.

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Thanks to Gamerguy of Sonic World for the heads up!

Tesco ‘Price Blitz’ Cuts Cost on Sonic Software

The UK based supermarket chain ‘Tesco’ is currently running a large promotion that it calls ‘Price Blitz’.

The promotion aims to bring a wide range of audio visual entertainment to the consumer at budget prices. On offer are: CD’s, DVD’s, PC software and Videogames, each category is then grouped into a different price range. Understandably the quality and production number of these items will affect their price.

Worthy of note (and the whole purpose of this report) are the Sonic items included in the offer. If you’ve been deterred from buying Sonic’s PC outings or DVD instalments of Sonic Underground, because of the price, then worry no more. Infact the items on offer were already part of value a range, so you can be sure the cost has been slashed severely. Continue reading Tesco ‘Price Blitz’ Cuts Cost on Sonic Software

Dreamcast Price Cut Official; Get It For $79.95

Now that the Dreamcast is winding down for early retirement, SEGA has confirmed that it will be introducing a price drop for the console in North America. You will now be able to get the little white box for $79.95 (down from $99.95), as well as controllers for $14.95 each. Continue reading Dreamcast Price Cut Official; Get It For $79.95