SEGA To Hold Press Event, Game Line-Up Revealed

According to a report from GoNintendo, SEGA will be holding a press event in just a few weeks time. The above image is of a list of known games and developers that will be at the event, including Super Monkey Ball 3D, Virtua Tennis 4, Conduit 2, Total War: Shogun 2 and Yakuza 4. No further details about this event are currently available, but as soon as we find out more we’ll let you know. If you hear any more information, drop us a line at and we’ll credit you for the find.

With Sonic’s 20th Anniversary this year, could SEGA be planning to announce a new Sonic game? According to SEGA Europe’s Alan Pritchard, two Sonic announcements are going to be made in the early part of this year, so this event would fit that timing perfectly.

Source: GoNintendo

TSS Takes To The Slopes for Mario and Sonic

ben takes tips

TSS took to the snow with the 2010 Olympic Winter Games hopeful and Half-Pipe Snowboarder extraordinaire Ben Kilner to watch some spectacular stunts on the slopes at Manchester’s massive indoor snow slope Chill FactorE. We also got a taste of the action, and another sneaky peek and play at some more of the up-and-coming Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games title for the Nintendo Wii!

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Yuji Naka Meeting UK Press Today, Will Announce Let’s Tap

yumeshiya-nakaAs we write this, print and major online journalists are most likely awaiting (or on their way, no thanks to the snow) to become an audience with Yuji Naka, famed programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Now the leader of part-SEGA funded studio PROPE, he will visit the European headquarters of the publisher to talk about Let’s Tap. So it can be assumed there will be a European release.

From what we gather, there may be some announcements or two on top of this, but it’s not certain whether said news will relate to the inevitable EU release of the future tapping game or be something else entirely. Other high profile SEGA games, such as Madworld and Sonic and the Black Knight, will be playable for the press today as well, so you can expect some previews appearing in your favourite magazines soon, along with interviews of Naka-san.

Unfortunately, TSS couldn’t make the trip today – we’re washing our hair. But keep an eye out as we will be on the trail for all the news that trickles out of this very exclusive event.