Zavvi Discounts Sonic Colours, Argos Answers Pre-Order Complaints

UPDATE: Zavvi has raised the Wii version back up to £29.95. DS version remains at £17.95, but is still temporarily out of stock right now. /UPDATE END

UK online retailer has heavily discounted both versions of Sonic Colours after only just over a week of being on sale. Both editions are now being sold for just £17.95, though the DS version is currently out of stock (no doubt due to this offer), but the Wii version is still available as of the time of this article, so grab it while its there.

Source: Zavvi

In other news, another UK retailer Argos, who you may recall has been causing fans some bother since Sonic Colours‘ release day regarding an action figure pre-order gift, has answered some complaints about the gift missing from their orders. Some of our readers and members of our forum called Argos every day to try to get the issue resolved and now Argos is finally coming through by offering customers affected by this problem their long-awaited figure or a £15 gift voucher (the price Argos charges for the figure when sold separately).

SSMB member jennytablina said an Argos representative she spoke to on the 16th November told her the whole situation was because of a system error:

I called Argos today and asked about this. The attendant said the call center got an internal email about this today and checked, it said Argos had a system error and EVERYONE who preordered Colours did not get a figure (computers eh?). They apparently were trying to reach customers yesterday via email and phone. Though I had no call or email in my inbox.

The official word seems to be that everyone WILL get their figure delivered separate in the post in the next few days, currently waiting on the assistant to call back with details about my own delivery (she was having trouble getting the entertainment side to respond)


jennytablina got a call back the next day and was offered the figure or the £15 gift voucher and opted for the voucher:

Argos called me, and they offered the figure but all the local stores are out of stock. I took the £15 gift voucher instead, because I simply don’t believe the figure is worth the price Argos is trying to shell it for (and mentally it makes Colours £16 in my head, automatically making it an absolute steal instead of a total rip off)

It’s a bit of a shame because I would kind of liked to have had the figure but eh, maybe it’ll be on ebay sometime.


Tomnomnom0607 at the SSMB said:

Well I just got a call from Argos. The person said that they can either send me the figure itself, or £15 worth of Argos vouchers. I took the figure of course! They said I should get it in 5-7 working days.

Looks like they have indeed sorted it out. Hopefully they’ll get in contact with the rest of you shortly!


TSS reader BlastedPinata said:

Okay this has been resolved for me, the woman on the phone placed a reservation for the £15 Sonic figure for me and has paid it for me via Argos. I just need to go down to my local store and pick it up using my reservation number. What a hassle!

SSMB member Gnasher (who provided the photos of the figure) said in a post at the forum:

Well it took 3 nights, 3 argos customer service advisors and 3 phone calls… but finally I have my figure.

I got a redemption code to my email and phone. Took it into my store and got the figure.

I don’t think it’s worth 15p let alone £15 (if you buy it separately), it should be free and nothing more! It’s such a poor figure that even the Argos staff in the shop wanted to check they’d gotten the right one.. to quote one of their staff “It looks like it should come free in Corn Flakes…”

My advice… try to get a redemption code from their call centre and go pick one up in the store. I suppose it’s good if you wish to keep it in the packaging, but certainly DO NOT BUY it separately, it’s not worth it at all!

Yes this is the £15 price, it doesn’t come in a classic Jazzwares style box, it is just a ‘bagged’ figure, regardless as to if you buy colours or not.


In that last sentence, Gnasher is referring to SSMB member Mahzes’ £15 purchase of the figure separately on Sonic Colours‘ launch day, which he said came in a plastic bag and not the usual packaging that retail Sonic figures are sealed in.

I bought the figure in-store at Argos for £15.

It doesn’t even come in a proper package, just in a clear plastic bag with a folded card strip stapled through the top. As such, the figure was (quite understandably) all mashed up, twisted and bent in the bag.

When I opened it, noticed a tiny crack on the right knee-joint (from being mangled in the bag). Took it back, got a replacement, which looked fine. A bit later, on closer inspection, there are two cracks on his right arm joints. *facepalm*

Still, they’re not ‘arm going to fall off’, so I’m just sticking with it. Dunno about anyone else (or if anyone else here has even got it yet), but the joints don’t seem to allow for much movement on the figure. The arms are jointed horribly, too.

And he has no mouth. His nose also bends upward at a pretty steep angle. D:

Overall, the figure is just ‘okay’, but definitely not worth £15. The ‘packaging’ (if it can even be called that) is just ridiculous.


If you take a look at the above picture of the figure, you’ll spot the words “Not to be sold separately” on the cardboard packaging, something we know Argos is definitely doing at £15 per figure. Clearly the figures were intended to be a pre-order gift, which Argos initially advertised them as, but come release the retailer hadn’t given them away and continued not to until nearly a week later after many pre-order customers complained, and even now they’re still selling them.

Is SEGA even seeing any profits back from the sales of this merchandise we assume the publisher gave to Argos for free? We’ll probably never know, but we do know that this has been quite the mess for Argos and their customers. At least now the problem has been solved and Sonic fans should be getting their figure or voucher shortly.

If you pre-ordered with Argos and haven’t received a call/e-mail from them, we suggest you contact the retailer and they should hopefully offer you the figure or gift voucher they’ve offered everyone in this article, but if you go for the figure, be sure to take print-outs of your order/receipt, e-mails to and from Argos about the issue and anything else of relevance, in case you experience the below situation that SSMB member Gnasher has reported in the forum.

On friday I was told by the person who picked up the figure (as I couldn’t get to the store on time) what the staff tried to do. Despite having a redemption code in the form of a mobile phone text, and as an email print out. Argos staff still wanted the person to pay for the figure!

Yeah, the code wasn’t a ‘free code’ it was a ‘on hold’ code. Meaning had I not made copies or my order in the form of print screens, or copied that screen shot you took of the listing, chances are I wouldn’t have gotten this figure as Argos did NOT want to give it out for free regardless of what my code said.

So if you get a redemption code, take all prints and evidence that the figure it should be free with you.


Good luck!

Free Figurine With Sonic Colours Pre-orders At

It appears the UK will be getting the Sonic and Wisp figurine that is being packaged as part of a “Special Edition” with Sonic Colours in some parts of the world. UK retailer, Argos is now listing the figurine as a free gift with pre-orders of either version of the game.

Free Sonic wisps figurine when you pre-order at Argos! Get your figurine of Sonic and the whisps which appear in Sonic Colours, delivered free with your copy of the game of the day of release.

It is odd that the figurine is being given away free with pre-orders in the UK, since the “Special Edition” with the figurine is listed at a higher price than the game alone, so could there be more than just the figurine bundled with that edition? Argos is listing this as an “Online exclusive” offer, so it appears they won’t be stocking it in-store. No other UK retailers are currently listing the gift. Argos also appears to be SEGA’s retailer of choice for pre-orders of the game at their website.

If you’re interested in the figurine, you can pre-order the Wii version for £33.99 and the DS version for £25.99. Will you be pre-ordering at Argos for this bonus?

EB Games Australia Reveals ASR Pre-order Bonus

EB Games Australia have revealed their bonus gift you can receive when you pre-order any version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. The gift looks to be the toy race cars based on the game that were revealed last year in concept art form to be released this month at Toy Globe.

EB Games warns you that the racer you get may vary on purchase so it appears you dont get to choose your favourite character, you instead get what they give you. It’s unclear wether Australia will still be getting the Ryo Forklift DLC code ArchangelUK revealed for Europe where he stated Australia might get it but wasn’t sure.

Will you Australian fans be grabbing this deal? Let us know in the comments.

Pre-order ASR Wii @ ShopTo & Get ASR Wii Wheel have uploaded a new picture to their Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Wii version product page. The new picture contains the game and what look’s like a Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing themed Wii Wheel peripheral. The peripheral has the game’s logo and SEGA’s logo making it look pretty official.

No info is given on the product page about the peripheral so there’s no telling wether this comes as standard, wether it’s a ShopTo exclusive or not or even wether it’s for pre-orders only.

Least the price hasn’t gone up and there’s no seperate listing for this bundle so we can at least guess that this peripheral is a free gift. We’ve had a look around many other retailers websites and can’t see this peripheral so for now at least it’s a ShopTo exclusive but it wouldn’t be surprising if the wheel comes as standard like with many racing games on Wii such as Mario Kart Wii and F1 2009.


Thanks to Hero of Legend for the higher res pic.

UPDATED: HMV Pre-Orders Nab You Exclusive M&S T-Shirt


As I mentioned in yesterdays article about SEGA’s UK Marketing Campaign, SEGA have some pre-order incentives planned. Well have updated their product pages for both versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games with a new pre-order offer.

Pre-order Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games on Nintendo Wii or DS and receive an exclusive Mario & Sonic T-Shirt (T-Shirt to be delivered within a week of release date)

M&S2 T-Shirt

UPDATE 1 – PIC GET(Thanks Jix Hedgehog): As you can see above, HMV have uploaded a picture of the t-shirt now. The shirt has all of the playable characters emblems on the front and another image on the left sleeve, making for one funky t-shirt.

The Wii version costs £29.99 and the DS version costs £24.99 and both have free delivery available.

When asked at my local HMV store the colleague behind the counter informed me the T-shit offer is online pre-orders only.

Werehog Figurine for Australian Pre-Orders

Live in Australia? Picking up the awesome looking game that is Sonic Unleashed? Need more Werehog for your cash? Well EB Games has got something for you, a Werehog figurine. He stares, he snares, he scares, tears into your soul while you sleep at night… ok he doesn’t do that, or does he? Personally, with the evil Tails Doll out there somewhere in the shadows I won’t be trusting the Werehog Figurine. *Oh dear, what have I started?*

The deal is available for all versions of the game, online and in-store and is exclusive to EB Games. As of now, EB Games is listing Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 versions to be released on the 27th November and the PS3 version as Dec 2008, but no release date has been officially announced by SEGA yet.


Thanks to Game Boy over at the SSMB for informing us of this!