Power Sonic Celebrates 10 Years Online

Brazilian Sonic the Hedgehog fansite Power Sonic is celebrating their 10th Anniversary today. The website launched in 2001, back when SEGA was celebrating Sonic’s own 10th Anniversary with Sonic Adventure 2’s release on their Dreamcast console. Power Sonic is a dedicated source for Brazilian Sonic fans, with regular news coverage and a large archive of content to explore that caters to all aspects of the fandom, be they video game fans or animation fans. The website also offers competitions and a huge amount of free media to download, both official and fan created. Power Sonic continues to prove that there are many passionate fans of the blue blur out there around the world and we congratulate them on this milestone.

All of us at The Sonic Stadium wish Power Sonic a happy birthday and hope to see them around for many more years to come.

The Sonic Site Award 2009 Winners

The results are in for the Sonic Site Awards 2009! You can listen to The Sonic Hour special broadcast that announced the winners live last night by going straight to our Media portal, or by subscribing to TSH’s podcast feed). For a full rundown of nominee placement, head to the Sonic Site Awards page, where you can see total votes and percentage votes for all the runners.

But for the sake of brevity, here are this year’s winners:

A big win for the Brazilian Sonic community this year – a side of the online fanbase that is just finding its feet and experiencing a boom not unlike the British and American one of several years ago. The level of excitement and energy between these websites is quite inspiring and reminds me of when I first joined the Sonic community way back in ’99. There are some truly deserving websites here, and I hope you’ll join me in congratulating them and visiting their sites on a regular basis.