Mario and Sonic at the Olympics wins award

The Games Convention is wrapping up. With the end of the show, comes the awards. 85 nominees in nine categories, software and hardware. Maro and Sonic at the Olympics, alongside heavy hitters Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Fit, was nominated for best Wii game, over other notable titles such as Metroid Prime 3 and Zack and Wiki (NiGHTS wasn’t playable, therefore not eligible for the award).

Well, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics took the award home today, according to Sega Europe’s blog. Certainly an impressive feat.

In addition to the award, Mario and Sonic took home some glowing praise from the media:

IGN’s impressions

GameSpot’s Impressions

SEGA giving away Sonic Team Wii

Remember the blue Sonic Team branded SEGA Dreamcast released in Japan back in the day? Svend managed to grab the blue VMU that went with it but has yet to get the console rarity. It’s something he incessantly mutters when he strolls into TSS Towers.

SEGA Germany is launching a contest to co-incide with the launch of Sonic and the Secret Rings over there, and the prizes are enough to trigger a fatal relapse. Open to German fans and extended to visitors of SEGA Europe’s official Sonic City Blognik, one lucky fan could win a Nintendo Wii decorated with the Sonic Team logo! Continue reading SEGA giving away Sonic Team Wii

Sonic Rivals Pricing Error! *now defunct*

*this article is now defunct, as the error has been fixed*

Brought to attention by Gamerguy, webmaster of Sonic World, Wal-Mart has made a mistake in thier pricing for the new upcoming PSP Sonic game, Sonic Rivals! It’s been known that when Wal-Mart makes a mistake in thier pricing, they honor thier mistake and take the loss.

The page where you can pre-order Rivals is located here – Order it now, before Wal-Mart catches thier mistake and it’s too late! For the curious, the original price for the game is $39.99 – Here, you can get it for$19.82. A great save for Sonic fans everywhere! Continue reading Sonic Rivals Pricing Error! *now defunct*

Sonic Team @ TGS 2003

Tokyo Game Show 2003 is soon to be and Sonic team has put up their TGS Page. Japanese gamers will get special gifts and such for playing any Sonic team games, the gifts will be exclusive to TGS. The show will also feature a few special presentation’s of Sonic team titles.

  • Play Sonic Heroes and get a Sonic Heroes Memorandum pad.
  • Play Sonic Battle and get a sticker, yay.
  • Beat the Sonic Battle Tournament and get a decorated cube.
  • Play Puyo Fever to get this eye mask (below).
  • Play Billy Hatcher to get a sticker reel.
  • Win a Bottle Sleeve if you beat the Billy Hatcher Tournament.
  • The Phantasy Star I Sonic Cafe version will be there too.

The Sonic Site Awards 2002 – OPEN!

It has finally arrived. After the success of 2002 and it’s historic debut in 2001, you’ve all been crying out for a return of everyone’s favourite Sonic ceremony – The Sonic Site Awards! The SSA 2003 has hit TSS and the whole Sonic Community, and now there’s a whole new website in which you can access the event! Head to the Official Sonic Site Awards Website and find out information on what awards are on offer, the history of the SSA, and of course, your ability to vote! Phase 1 is doing supremely well – submit your own or favourite Sonic sites and efforts to grab a chance of getting into the Phase 2 final polls! Phase 1 closes officially at the end of August, so hurry! As for TSS, expect a review of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Pinball Party in a day or two, along with a few little surprises too. 😉 Stay tuned!

Sonic Team Opens SA2 Kart Racing Track Design Contest

Ever wanted to be a game designer? Well now you sort of can – Sonic Team is looking for imaginative fans to design new courses for the Sonic Adventure 2 kart racing mode. Those who want to design their own karts can also get involves, with the best ones made available for download on Dreamcast. Continue reading Sonic Team Opens SA2 Kart Racing Track Design Contest

SEGA Continues SA2 Giveaway With Signed Copy Up For Grabs

SEGA of America are in such a giving mood this year! After a whole bunch of different contests and giveaways to celebrate Sonic’s 10th Anniversary, the company has launched another competition. The prize, this time? One of 20 copies of Sonic Adventure 2, signed by the Sonic Team staff. Continue reading SEGA Continues SA2 Giveaway With Signed Copy Up For Grabs