Sonic Talk Podcast 85: My Favorite Sonic Character is the Olive Garden

Sonic Talk episodes are finally returning to our Youtube, and we’re starting with the latest episode, recorded March 31. In this, we talk about the Sonic 2 Pre-quill comic, the last bit of Sonic movie news before the release of the movie, and Tails’ debut as a Vtuber, among other things!

But first, we talk about the latest things we’ve been playing, including Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Mario Kart 8’s DLC. Check out the episode below:

Bits ‘N Bricks Podcast Highlights How LEGO Sonic Came to Be

Back in February, LEGO Ideas approved Viv Grannell’s Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone set featuring classic Sonic, the imposing Eggman Robot boss, the Hard Boiled Heavies, and modular chunks of Green Hill’s iconic landscape, and while we don’t have a release timetable for the set yet, it turns out we missed some small details back when Bits N’ Bricks, an official LEGO games podcast, did an episode on the Sonic Mania set and the LEGO Ideas process in February 2021.

In an interview with LEGO Group designer Samuel Johnson, he notes that the Mania build is a bit simpler and geometric in structure than most Ideas sets, in line with the series itself. Johnson hopes that this relationship with SEGA does give way to more partnerships as it did with Ghostbusters and Minecraft. Although changes normally occur between the original Ideas pitch and the final released product, LEGO Group’s designers work with the original Ideas submitter (as well as license holders) to make sure it maintains the spirit that the designer originally pitched and was voted on. Later, the team interviews John Choon, SEGA’s Director of Marketing, who expressed interest in seeing other characters and worlds represented as Lego projects in the future.

While the podcast episode doesn’t reveal anything concrete about the set itself or any future plans, it does highlight the LEGO Ideas process and all of the parties that need to be involved to fully realize an Ideas set.

Source: The Chao Channel
Thanks to VisionaryofSUPER for the news tip!

Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 76: The Year of Luigi of Sonic

This episode: Sonic on Series S, and Ian Flynn’s 15th Anniversary

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Being LGBT in the Sonic Community ?️‍?

For those who do not know, June is known to many as PRIDE month. A month where people unite to promote, stand up for and celebrate the rights and history of LGBTQ people. You may wonder what this has to do with Sonic the Hedgehog, so please let me explain. Continue reading Being LGBT in the Sonic Community ?️‍?

Opinion Zone 67: SammyClassicSonicFan Interview

For those of you who don’t know, SammyClassicSonicFan (Sammy Harbors) was a kid on YouTube who use to have very powerful raging rants on YouTube about our favourite blue mascot. In fact they were so popular he sort of become a “internet meme celebrity”. Ever seen any GIF, or meme with the word frick? That’s him. However one day he just sort of gave up and quit the internet completely, until a year or so again when he restarted his video uploading on a infrequent basis. While the personality is borderline treated as a fictional myth at this point, he is a real person. And even though he is a very introverted person, he once sat down with us for a chat about all these shenanigans from his own personal perspective.

Have you ever wondered if the rants were genuine or played up for camera? Have you ever pondered if he’s seen Chadtronic and what he thinks of him? Maybe you are even curious what he is up to these days or why he stopped originally? Well this will have all your queries put to rest! We also test him on his Sonic trivia in a fun little quiz, because it only seems fair we find out how well he truly knows that fricking hedgehog. This was an interview we recorded a year and a half or so ago, but I think it’s important to remind people that he is just as human as the rest of us. What better time for a throwback Thursday!

Opinion Zone 65: Sonic Time Twisted Interview with creator Overbound Games!

For fans living under a rock, Sonic Time Twisted is an unofficial Sonic the Hedgehog game that has been in development as a pet project for 12 years. But unlike a lot of fan game projects, this one was finished!

To celebrate today’s release of the long awaited project, we sat down with the creator to discuss what is needed to push through to the end of such a long running piece of work. Not only that but we also discuss our thoughts on the finished project and if it is worth your time downloading! We also discover that the OST features a track very similar to another fans work in 2010, what does our (half hearted) investigation discover!?

We also cover the last weeks news in Sonic (oh my did a lot happen this week!).

Have you played the game yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Opinion Zone 60: Is Archie Sonic Dead? Special Guest: Lisa Medin

In todays episode, Comic Artist Lisa Medin joins us to discuss the future of Archie Comic’s long running Sonic comic as we dissect a recent article by Jason Berry.

Is the future at risk? And what is to blame for the downfall of the long running licensed comic? Skip our news discussion (including someone going to court for using a hedgehog as a weapon) and listen to us chat all things Archie at 36:00! Let us know what you think in the comments.

We also get to learning with David The Lurker as we find out if one of our hosts use to visit Sonic Passion!

Opinion Zone 59: Farewell Dan Sheridan

As you most probably heard from yesterdays article, Dan Sheridan has now left SEGA Europe. At just over a year in the role of Europe’s Community Manager, it is quite impressive what he achieved in such a relatively small time frame. Having spent a trip with him in San Diego after winning last years contest to find Europe’s biggest Sonic fan, it only makes sense that todays opinion revolves around the man and his Sonic hat. (Skip to roughly 37 minutes in if you wish to skip the news and head straight to our Sheridan discussion)

This is also the start of a new season of The Opinion Zone, which brings a whole new range of segments for your enjoyment. In fact, we are looking for you guys to help us with a future show piece! If you think you have quite an interesting Sonic/Sega related fact or anecdote about yourself or something you once did (can be light hearted, dark, funny, strange, really anything!) then send us an email to thesonicshowchannel (at) gmail (dot) com. You must be happy to talk to us on the podcast to be applicable,

Sonic The Hedgehog At 25 – A Double Tap Interview

The Sonic Show’s own Jay Egge Mann got a chance to sit down and chat to the Double Tap podcast alongside James Booth from Hardlight! Everyone’s favourite Blue Hedgehog is 25 years old. After his recent Birthday celebrations at the San Diego Comic-Con and London, we celebrate his incredible legacy and what lays in the future for SEGA’s most popular character.

Opinion Zone 15: Why Do Trolls Live In The Comment Sections?

A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. They are most commonly known to hide under bridges, and since roughly the 2000’s have found access to the internet.
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Opinion Zone 12: Where are the Sonic fangirls?

WARNING: (Explicit Tag) (Contains strong language)

A silly question maybe to some. We see the “fanboys” everywhere, but with the recent news that a YouGov poll found more women to be fans of Sonic than men, we were just curious where are they?
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The Opinion Zone Episode 10: Soz For Betraying Sonic Fans


Android / Web


Jay, Fuad, Donnie, Tom are joined by Pete aka TitansCreed filling in for Uncle Poxxy as we discuss the recent news that Sega CEO, Hajime Satomi, has admitted in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu that he feels the company has “betrayed” the trust of their fans.

Fuad also brings us “Fuad Things”, a quickfire round of discussion covering, Sonic Prologue 2, the fan video of how to improve Sonic, the Phantasy Star anime and more.

Donnie (master all of Sonic media) once again goes up against a fan to see if they can Defeat Donnie. Plus Pete fills in for Uncle Poxxy and answers your advice questions including if adult Sonic fans are weird and what to do when your parents find out your a hardcore furry.

If you have a question for Uncle Poxxy or want to appear on Defeat Donnie (skype required), message us at thesonicshow (at) or message us on Facebook.

WARNING: (Explicit Tag)


Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 17 Don’t Judge Me

For the first time in several weeks, no guests! But a very strange Hunger Games elimination in the latter half of the podcast!

Episode 17: YouTube Edition

Episode 17: Uncut Extended Podcast Edition

Also available on itunes!

Kevin, Donnie, Tanner and Tom prepare for the latest Sonic Boom episode and discuss your comments and a number of other Sonic-based topics. Including: What would a version of the introduction sequence with Eggman as the hero look like? Strange Sonic 3 Remastered emails, a bizarre version of Oliver Twist seems to happen and is Tom worse than Tumblr? That and the gang do a play-by-play on Tanner’s mid-week reveal of a Hunger Games contest starring them and others. Who survives the games? And will Tanner survive the end of the show!?

Boom Commentaries: Episode 16 Special Guest: The Great Clement

In today’s wonderful show, Kevin Donnie and Jono are joined by The Great Clement. They get indepth with today’s episode of Boom, plus answer your questions and chat about the usual randomness. Plus, Jay adds his own unique editors notes throughout this 2 hour sausagefest podcast edition.

Episode 16: YouTube Edition

Episode 16: Uncut Extended Podcast Edition


Also available on itunes!


Watch The Sonic Show: Season 2, Episode 4

It is that time once again for another installment in The Sonic Stadium’s own podcast, The Sonic Show.  After a one month delay, caused by me (my bad, but school comes first), the fourth installment of the second season is ready to hit your iPods with style.  What is jam packed into this episode?

  • Turbo, from “Turbo Drive Live,” guest hosts!
  • All the latest Sonic news
  • New Unleashed and Black Knight footage and trailers
  • Slingerland’s Corner goes to college
  • Red Hedgehog visits G.U.N.
  • Finally, Red Hedgehog does some silly shit.

The Sonic Show’s New Groove

Hey, everybody!  The Sonic Show has followed suit with TSS’ WordPress update and has now launched its own, brand new WordPress site!  Updates are now more manageable for Jay to update and for you to view.  The new site is an RSS feed for you to subscribe to, so that you know when the next episode of the #1 Sonic podcast is available, or when Jay scores some rare and/or exclusive media!

The Sonic Show has been on a roll since moving here to TSS.  The show has now been downloaded 170,304 times (season 1 and 2 combined) and the most recent episode (Season 2, Episode 2) has been downloaded 8,125 times, according to the RSS feed.  Episode 1, which debuted back in February, has now reached the 15,000 download mark and is truly impressive.

Look out for Episode Three of the second season to debut after the much-anticipated Summer of Sonic.  The show will feature Unleashed news, new Sonic shorts, and I will continue to read your e-mails.  I encourage everybody who loves Sonic to tune in and to check out the new site!