NiGHTS into Merchandise: A Brief Overview of NiGHTS Merch

The NiGHTS franchise may not be nearly as big as Sonic, but its had its fair share of merchandise over the years, much of which is now rare, expensive, and/or obscure. I thought it would be fun to explore some of what’s been made over the years. This is far from a complete list, but we’re at least going over some of the more interesting bits of merch NiGHTS has had in the last 25 years.

NiGHTS into Dreams UFO Plushies

NiGHTS into Dreams didn’t receive much in the way of plushies, but it did get one set of them…which were made exclusively for SEGA’s UFO Capture devices. For those unaware, these devices were claw machines, and could often be found in arcades. The NiGHTS plushies have been rare and expensive for decades, and a single one of these plushies typically commands a price of hundreds of dollars. If that sounds familiar to you Sonic fans, its because Sonic the Fighters had a plushy line that was distributed the same way, and is now just as rare and expensive.

There was also a line of Christmas SEGA plushes that includes many NiGHTS characters, as well as a line of small NiGHTS plush key chains. I think these were also for UFO Captures, but I’ve been unable to confirm that for his article. NiGHTS was also part of a 1996 SEGA keychain figure line, though I’m not sure how those were distributed.

NiGHTS into Dreams Soundtrack

Released days after the NiGHTS game on July 11, the OST was released exclusively in Japan for ¥28,000 under the PolyGram record label. Not an especially remarkable release, but it was at least enough for Sonic Team to include it amongst Christmas NiGHTS’ extras (which is where the photos for the plushes came from).

NiGHTS: Flying Through the Sky Without Wings (storybook)

In December of 1996, NiGHTS received a storybook adaptation. Published by Futabasha, the 54 page book was written by Kyoko Inukai and featured illustrations by Takumi Miyake. It’s a loose adaptation of the game’s story, though with many details changed or written out. The basic premise of Wizeman creating NiGHTS, and seeking to conquer Nightopia, remain intact. The story only features Elliot, as he learns to find the courage within himself. Outside of Reala and Wizeman, none of the other Nightmaren bosses appear. The ideya are nowhere to be found, instead replaced by a “red energy” likely inspired by the red ideya of courage.

The book would later be reprinted in 2008 and sold with the PS2 re-release of NiGHTS. The book was never translated into English, though TRiPPY over at was able to get a fan translation done, which you can find here.

NiGHTS into Dreams… Tiger Electronics LCD Game

NiGHTS was one of the many SEGA IPs to get adapted into an LCD game by Tiger Electronics. The LCD game was released in 1997, and was also eventually re-released as part of Tiger’s “Pocket Arcade” line and as a game for their R-Zone LCD console.

NiGHTS into Dreams… Archie Comics

Sonic wasn’t the only SEGA series to get a comic adaptation from Archie. In late 1997, Archie Comics released a three issue NiGHTS mini series featuring writing from Dan Slott, as well as pencil breakdowns from renowned Sonic cover artist Patrick Spaziente and pencil finishes by Knuckles comic artist Manny Galan. The comics aren’t completely divorced from the game story, and does share some similarities. Just as in the games, NiGHTS was a creation of Wizeman who rebelled. Wizeman seeks to open a portal to the waking world. 

It’s in the finer details where things diverge. Instead of taking any human’s dream energy, Wizeman needs the energy of specific dreamers who only come about every 100 years with “red ideya.” His initial attempt to do this, which is foiled by NiGHTS, inadvertently leads to the founding of the city of Twin Seeds, where Claris and Elliot live 100 years later.

The mini series would ultimately spawn a second three issue mini series in July of 1998, written by then Sonic writer Karl Bollers, and with pencil finishes by Sam Maxwell. After this second mini series, the NiGHTS comic was canceled. It has never been collected in a graphic novel or re-released digitally. There are, of course, ways, but you’ll need to find that for yourself.

NiGHTS PaPetch

Unsurprisingly, NiGHTS merchandise would take a break for awhile. The next bit of merch in this run down was released 9 whole years after the Archie Comics, in December of 2007. Released as part of a line of mini figurines by besidegames called PaPetch, the above figurine was released alongside NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams as a pre-order bonus in Japan.

The figurine was just a little over two inches two and based on JoD’s NiGHTS design.

NiGHTS & Reala from First4Figures

In 2015, First4Figures released a NiGHTS resin 12.5” statue as part of its SEGA All-Stars line. The statue came in both regular and “exclusive editions,” priced at $210 and $235, and limited to 1000 and 500 pieces respectively. The exclusive edition lit up.

Years later, in 2017, F4F held a vote to gauge interest in a Reala statue, which had been in production but was in danger of being canceled due to perceived lack of interest. The statue was made available for pre-order last year, and is being sold in both standard and exclusive variants for $330. As with NiGHTS, the exclusive edition lights up. Reala is scheduled to release in Q3 2021, and can still be bought here.

And the rest…

There’s more NiGHTS merch, of course. There’s promotional pillows, clothing, stickers, and probably other things I’v missed. SEGA’s US shop currently has a jigsaw puzzle, a shirt, and a Christmas ornament. My personal hope is that NiGHTS might receive something a bit more than some clothes and puzzles, but a bit less than a $200 statue. Here’s hoping we might get another plush that isn’t a super expensive collector’s item one day!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year (along with Christmas Day and Pancake Day) and it feels like every year more people get into it. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to take a look at my top 5 scary/Halloween related Sonic moments. Whilst some may not be strictly Halloween related, they scared me and others then, and may still scare some people now. So without further ado, hit the read more link to see my Top 5 scary/Halloween related Sonic moments.

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AFD 2012: Lost Sonic Plushies Found By a Lost Tribe

In 1999, to promote Sonic Adventure, an advertising campaign was launched which showed several Sonic Adventure plush toys being thrown out of a plane and dropped into Amazonian jungle rivers to be carried away. However, due to the difficulty of filming from a plane and near rushing water was than many shots didn’t come out right, so many boxes of these plushes had to be used during the filming. Due to their location there was no way to recover the ‘merchandise’ after it was thrown from the aircraft. Continue reading AFD 2012: Lost Sonic Plushies Found By a Lost Tribe

Fanatics: Sleep Well With Metal Plushie

Dude, where did I go?

I’ve been battling bronchitis and I really, really, didn’t feel like writing anything for the front page.  Nothing.  Sonic news has been pretty dull anyhow, since SEGA has turned all of its attention to the success of House of the Dead: Overkill.  Well played, SEGA.  Anyway, on to fan-made things that make you go 😮 …

DeviantArt user, Zero20-2, made a plush Metal Sonic doll.  Yep, it’s awesome.  Cuddle with it as you hum the tune(s) to Stardust Speedway and drift off to Dream Land.

You want to know what’s more awesome?  Zero20-2 made an entire set of Sonic plushies!

E-123 Omega PlushieEggman Plushie

Blaze the Cat PlushieAmy Rose Plushie


There’s more art at Zeros 20-2’s DA page, including more plushies, awesome NiGHTS and Sonic drawings, and a whoooooole lot of fancharacters.  Oh, fancharacters, how ridiculous you are.

New Sonic Plushies? In Europe? With Our Reputation?


It’s true. Eagle-eyed SSMB’er Sonic-Fan has spotted some new Sonic X branded plushies, which will be heading for Europe in ‘Early 2009’. The drawback? You can’t buy them. You can only win them.

The plushies were found on SEGA Prize Europe’s website, which is a subsidiary of SEGA that deals in prize arcade machines – the most common of which being UFO Catchers. While super-rare, SEGA branded UFO Catchers do exist in the UK, with the two most prominent ones located in London’s Trocadero Plaza (the building formerly known as SEGA World) in Piccadilly. Although these plushies will most likely feature in SEGA’s own UFO Catchers, the ‘Trade Purchase’ option suggests that non-SEGA branded machines could also house these awesome looking toys.

You can grab one of five different characters; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy or Shadow. No Eggman sadly, but these 12″-15″ plushies look very cool indeed and are much better than some of the other official UFO plushies that looked like cheap knockoffs. The Sonic one is particularly cute. D’aw, look’attim. He wants a hug.

If you’re a prominent arcade manager, or a rather brave Sonic fan that will gladly pass themselves off as an arcade manager, then you can buy these plushies in bulk cartons of 6 pieces. You can enquire via the SEGA Prize Europe website.

New Sonic plushies due to be released in early 2009! – SSMB Forums