Sonic Boom Fire & Ice’s Plot Sure Sounds Familiar


Sonic Boom Fire & Ice may not have been at E3, but it’s up on Amazon for pre-order, along with a brief plot synopsis which some may find they’ve heard before.

Dr. Eggman has discovered the supercharged element ragnium on the mythical Island of Ragna Rock. He mines it as a fuel source, piping off the messy by-products of the operation to adjacent islands, creating fire and ice gameplay. Using this fuel to power his ultra-fast bot racers is his latest plan to discredit his eternal rival Sonic, but backed by ragnium, fire and ice, a robot army, and D-Fekt, an unflinchingly powerful henchman, this time Dr. Eggman just may succeed. Sonic and friends must re-claim each island by destroying enemies, vanquishing the Island Defender, winning rival races, and reversing the flow of the elemental tubes. It all culminates with an epic battle on the Island of Ragna Rock where Sonic may just have to save Dr. Eggman from his own creation.

Eggman finds a source of incredible power, builds a powerful robot army, his creation turns against him, Sonic has to save Eggman.

That sounds, very familiar to a lot of previous Sonic games, in fact it sounds very similar to the plot of Rise of Lyric in many ways.

Amazon is currently asking for $39.99 for pre-orders and currently has a placeholder release date in place.

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