[UPDATE] ASR Wii/DS Controls Revealed, No Mii Support

ASR Wii 3

[UPDATE] Sumo Digital staffer Steve Lycett AKA S0L has just revealed in the comments section that the DS version will have multiple control schemes and the Wii version will also have Classic Controller support. [/END UPDATE]

French Sonic fansites Eversonic.fr and Planete Sonic got to try out all four console versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing recently. In Eversonic’s preview two control schemes are revealed Wii Remote and Nunchuk and Wii Wheel support, so if your not into motion control at least you have another option. No details on wether the Gamecube Controller will be another option.

In Planete Sonic’s preview it is revealed that the Wii version will not support Mii’s, so those that like a more personal experience and would like to have themselves race against their favourite SEGA character are out of luck.

Planete Sonic also reveal that the DS version will be controlled using the buttons but one odd control choice is that the R button will be used to accelerate which according to them could cause give you a cramp.

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Hot New Chronicles Screens – With added Echidna

Planete-Sonic have managed to get their hands on some awesome new Sonic Chronicles screens that confirm all of this Echidna speculation and references seen in past images. Echidnas are in the game, pyramids and all. An OAE(Old Age Echidna) is seen atop a pyramid with some members of the Brotherhood talking to Sonic.

One member of the Brotherhood standing next to the OAE is shown to have some light pink dreadlocks coming out the back of their head with part of their face showing too. Could the Brotherhood all be Echidna’s in disguise? Would explain the long part stretching out of the back of their heads which fans have speculated since the beginning.

You can check out all of the screens here.

Thanks to SSMB member Adamis for the tip-off.

In other news Adamis has managed to get his hands on the map for what looks to be Eggmans base. Hit the jump to see a scaled down image of it (you’ll want to right-click and hit ‘View Image’ to see it full size)… Continue reading Hot New Chronicles Screens – With added Echidna