SEGA Reveals Pink Wisp for Sonic Colours

SEGA have today revealed the Pink Wisp for Sonic Colours, along with two new screenshots of its powers in action. The Pink Wisp strengthens Sonic’s spikes and allows him to stick to walls, abling him to reach areas that he couldn’t before. As the box art indicated, SEGA confirms that this Wisp is exclusive to the Wii version.

Sonic is not the only one with spikes in Sonic Colors!

Check out the Color Power of the latest Wisp to be revealed; Pink Wisp and its Sonic-like spikes! When Sonic absorbs Pink Wisp, he can use “Pink Spike” Color Power, meaning he has much stronger spikes. Pink Spike makes the most of the spikes and is able to stick to any wall and ceilings! Exclusive to the Nintendo Wii version of the game, Pink Wisp helps Sonic explore new routes in a brand new way through certain levels of the game.

The new screenshots below showcase a new and unidentified stage. Hopefully we’ll hear more on the new stage at a later date. Impressed with the Pink Wisp? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SEGA of America Blog and Sonic City Blognik

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