Sonic Boom Editors and Voice Actors Club Together for ‘Animation Under Lockdown’ Project

We miss Sonic Boom (the TV show, obviously). We’re sure you all do too. No doubt story editors on the cartoon, Greg Hahn and Alan Denton, miss the animation grind more than most though – and to pep themselves (and the world) up a little bit they’ve collaborated with ‘Sonic’ voice actor talent to perform a readthrough of one of their favourite unpublished pilot scripts. Continue reading Sonic Boom Editors and Voice Actors Club Together for ‘Animation Under Lockdown’ Project

Sonic the Hedgehog: Awakening Found on Ex-Silver VA Resume

Sonic the Hedgehog Awakening Pete Capella

The Sonic Stadium has discovered a mysterious Sonic listing on the resume of former Silver the Hedgehog voice actor Pete Capella. The title is Sonic the Hedgehog: Awakening by SEGA Inc and Capella again did voice work for Silver the Hedgehog in it. Unfortunately, that’s all we know, as there don’t appear to be any other signs of the project online. Capella voiced Silver between 2006 and 2009, so it’s pretty safe to assume this title (whatever it is) is dead and buried.

If we find any more details, we’ll let you know.

Source: Pete Capella’s official website and IMDB resume

Pete Capella, Voice Of Silver Mentions New ‘Collaboration’ In Interview

TSS Reader Psyguy and his website Wha-Chow! recently had the opportunity to chat with the voice of Silver the Hedgehog, Pete Capella. The 16 minute interview which can be found on the Wha-Chow! website gives some interesting insight into how Pete got the part of Silver, tips for budding voice actors and the reaction people give him when they find out he’s done voice work for Sonic games, among many other topics of discussion.

Towards the end of the interview Pete mentions a new Sonic ‘Collaboration’ that he’s doing voice work on but isn’t sure if he can or can’t talk about it yet. The interviewers on the website then make mention of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games with Pete unable to confirm or deny if this is the collaboration he is talking about.

As of yet Silver hasn’t been confirmed for the Olympic Winter Games but last year some leftover code was found of the character in the original Olympic title. It’s not much of a stretch to assume Silver might be showing up this time but the collaboration might not be anything Olympic related at all.

We’ll treat this strictly as a rumour for now but that’s besides the point; the interview is well worth a listen so I suggest you do so now then comment on what you’ve heard in Psyguy’s topic on the SSMB or here in the comments section