Calling all remixers and remix enthusiasts – Game Music 4 All

Now while I was in Tokyo I met an awesome bloke who goes by the name Jeriaska who is a correspondent for Gamasutra. As well as being heavily involved in a lot of video games reporting, Jeriaska is also in the midsts of organizing the next Game Music 4 All compilation.

Most of you will probably be aware of some of the tracks that were on some of the previous compilations, particularly the “Loser: A SEGA Genesis tribute album” which includes the likes of the awesome “Sonic” track by The Adventures of Duane and BrandO, and the remixes by the prominent artist Spheres of Chaos. Well, the team at Game Music 4 All are looking for new tracks to add to their compilation! So, if there are any budding remix artists out there who want to get their mixes heard, or if you’re already big on the scene, then get over to the wordpress site and get your tracks submitted!

Do also be sure to visit the site for some of the most up-to-date news on the remix scene across a whole plethora of music cover bands, video game remixers, concerts, reviews, interviews…basically if it’s remix-related, it’s there!

If you’re about at PAX East this year, also keep your eyes open for Jeriaska’s presentation on the project! So come on UK remixers – lets get some representation this year!!! Oh yeah…and tell them T-Bird sent ya!

Game Music 4 All Website.

…and ok, here’s another excuse for Duane and BrandO (parental warning! Naughty words ahoy!)…

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