Someone Makes a Shadow the Hedgehog Presentation for a Party, Becomes Legend

What do you do when a friend organises a house party that requires every person to produce a three-minute Powerpoint presentation about a topic they are passionate about? If your answer is anything other than ‘talk about the philosophy of Shadow the Hedgehog’s morality in the Sonic series’, then you truly need to step your game up, my friend. Continue reading Someone Makes a Shadow the Hedgehog Presentation for a Party, Becomes Legend

The Future of Sonic To Be Revealed on Friday

What can I say really? The Sonic Party which was announced several months ago is this Friday, as we’ve known for a while it’s going to be live streamed and there has been hints of a big announcement at it. Well guess what? That’s still the case! Only now we can bring you some additional details. Continue reading The Future of Sonic To Be Revealed on Friday

Sonic 25th Anniversary Party & Other Events Listed & Dated!

25th events

You may recall how we brought you the news that Sonic’s 25th Anniversary would bring special events throughout the year. Well… we can now bring you details of those events including dates for some of them.

  • Games Developers Conference – celebrating Sonic Dash 2, 25 years of Sonic, art and music.
  • Sonic @ SXSW – History of Sonic Panel.
  • Art Event & Celebration Mural.
  • 25th Aniversary Party
  • Comic Con Events
  • YouTube Unboxing Events & Original Videos.

GDC is March 14-18th, SXSW is March 11-20th and Comic Con is July 21st.

The rest, anyone’s guess, but one of the interesting things is the Unboxing Events, have they just accidentally confirmed a collectors edition of a game with that one?

I for one am quite interested in the 25th Anniversary Party.

Picture Source: Idle Hands

Drunken College Students Have a Sonic Party

The University of Manchester “Korfball” team (linkage here if you said, “what the fuck is Korfball?”) loves to play Korfball and have team socials.  With all that partying, the kids have to mix it up every once in a while, eh?  At their most recent social, they decided to all dress up like Sonic.

Here is the result of college students, lots of alcohol, and blue paint:

The man who submitted the photos to UK: Resistance says that these photos were the least incriminating.  Save us all.

Official Needlemouse Party Thread

I think that you’ll agree with me that the Needlemouse reveal will be the biggest announcement that SEGA has made in nearly a decade.  It is huge.  Site stats have tripled, servers are crashing from traffic, and excitement has reached a fever pitch.  In just under 8 hours, GameSpot and SEGA will reveal what exactly “Project Needlemouse” is.

Let’s have a fuckin’ party!  Post links to images, music, YouTube videos, or just your pure excitement in the comments!  Celebrate with your fellow Sonic fans!


Preview: Our Samba with Amigo

As you will have seen in other recent posts, Sega Europe invited The Sonic Stadium to the Wii Flat in London to preview Sonic Chronicles. We were puzzled as to why we were previewing a DS game at the Wii Flat (well I was anyway) but we found out why in a shock surprise by Kevin (AAUK) that we would also be playing an early version of Samba De Amigo for Wii. First to volunteer was Dan Dyer followed by an eager-to-party me.

Having never played Samba De Amigo on the Dreamcast or arcades I didn’t know what to expect but I would soon be finding out when Kevin set up a multiplayer game and handed us each a Wii Remote and Nunchuk. We were shown the song list and given a track called Samba De Janeiro which Samba fans will recognise from the Dreamcast version and Sega Superstars Tennis. Continue reading Preview: Our Samba with Amigo