Panovation Not Making Sonic MMO

If you’ve been bouncing around internet rumours the past few weeks, you may have heard of a company called ‘Panovation Studios’, a brand new games developer that was reportedly creating an “online Sonic the Hedgehog RPG”.

But the confusion is finally cleared, as Panovation Studios have shut down their online website – the “unofficial-but-official” Sonic the Hedgehog online RPG was never in development.

The Sonic Stadium contacted Mark Greig, chairman of Panovation, for a statement after noticing the studio website had been taken completely offline for several days. According to Greig, the Sonic Online RPG was a complete fabrication by “somebody” that has yet to be caught. It would appear that whoever started these mass rumours played on the studio’s history to make it sound more believeable. Continue reading Panovation Not Making Sonic MMO

Online Sonic Game ‘confirmed’

A member from the SEGA Forums has managed to talk to Panovation Studios, who are apparently working on an online game of Sonic the Hedgehog.

SEGA Forums member “Mondo-Cool” secured an online interview with Mark Greig, “Head Founder” of Panovation Studios, and the result is a confirmation from a incredibly unknown developer that they are legitimately creating an online Sonic title. Greig made distinct comments on the project – which could mean the game is well in development – including the notion that it will be an “Online Sonic RPG”, and not a “Sonic MMORPG”. Bizarre in itself. A small portion of what Mark said is below: Continue reading Online Sonic Game ‘confirmed’