E-102 Gamma Now Available in Sonic Forces Mobile, Paladin Amy Also Revealed

E-102 Gamma is now the latest character to arrive in Sonic Forces Mobile, via the event ”Operation: Gamma. The event is set to run until July 19, and like other SFM events, has players completing missions to earn cards towards unlocking the charater.

Gamma can be unlocked with just 30 cards, and has been categorized as a ”super rare” character, meaning it will be possible to unlock him and level him up with character cards after the event concludes. Gamma has a speed rating of 8, an acceleration rating of 8, and a strength speed of 6. His items include two originals, ”missile launch” and ”laser blaster,” and one move derived from other robot characters, ”electro boost.”

Missile Launch fires a steady stream of missiles down the track, and can be interrupted if you are attacked. Laster Blaster can lock onto another character and attack them from above, and can be upgraded to target multiple enemies. Electro Boost is speed boost that also attracts rings and zaps opponents.

SEGA Hardlight also revealed Paladin Amy, though its currently unknown when she will be available. Bluwolf has datamined the game and gotten Paladin Amy’s model. You can download it in the tweet below:

We’ve also gone ahead and posted the images Paladin Amy’s model as well:

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