Sonic Lost World (PC) Out Now


Exclusive? What exclusive?

Yesterday, Sonic Lost World was released on PC, breakng that exclusive deal which Sega made with Nintendo a few years ago. The game is more or less the exact same game which came out on the console, however there are one or two major changes.

First of all there is no multiplayer mode, there are no circus tent mini games and the NiGHTS DLC is included in the download and unlocks after you beat the first stage.

Currently priced at £19.99, however if you look around odds are you can find it for slightly cheaper.

So far the response to the game has been very positive. But we’ll probably be doing a review on this version at some point in the near future.

Sonic Lost World on PC from Steam

Sonic 4: Episode II Out Now on Xbox Live!

Gone live a few minutes ago, Sonic 4: Episode II is now available for purchase off the Xbox Live Marketplace. The game is priced at 1200 points and should be available worldwide.

Those who are away from their consoles at the moment can reserve a downloadable copy of the Sonic 4 saga’s second entry right off the game’s Xbox Live Marketplace product page and start the download immediately when they get home.

Sonic Colours Now Available at U.S. Retail, Launch Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] UPDATE: SEGA of America has released the above trailer for the U.S. launch of the game on their blog. /UPDATE END

After hitting Australia on the 11th November and Europe the very next day, the wait is finally over for U.S. Sonic the Hedgehog fans, with Sonic Colours on Wii and DS now available at retail. The game has been receiving a great deal of praise from AU and EU players and mostly high review scores from critics, but now U.S. gamers can grab the game and judge it for themselves. If you didn’t see the launch trailer for the European release on Friday, we have it for you below, complete with American ESRB rating and launch date, because we’re cool like that.


SEGA of America has put out the below press release to mark the occasion, too, and if you missed it, the company also released a U.S. TV commercial for the game.

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – SEGA of America, Inc. today announced that Sonic Colors , the new title offering a high-speed and colorful adventure, has shipped to retailers across North America. In Sonic Colors , Sonic the Hedgehog is back in an interstellar adventure with new powers, exciting moves and bold, colorful worlds to explore. Along for the journey are the Wisps, an alien race whose energy Sonic can absorb to access never-before-seen powers and unlock exciting gameplay features.

“We are thrilled for consumers to finally experience Sonic Colors,” said Alan Pritchard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SEGA of America. “Sonic Team created an incredible game that not only balances the classic 2D side-scrolling Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay with new 3D action, but also adds a new and colorful twist using the Color Powers to create an experience unique to the Sonic franchise.”

Sonic returns to Wii and Nintendo DS in Sonic Colors, where he finds himself racing through incredible theme park-inspired worlds to rescue the colorful alien race, Wisps, from the clutches of the evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic Colors contains co-op and competitive local multi-player massive levels with multiple paths and over 40 single-player stages designed to provide a new experience with every play. Sonic Colors features eye-popping graphics at a high frame rate, new worlds exclusive to Sonic Colors and all new powers that gamers can harness to access hidden areas.

Sonic Colors is available exclusively on Wii and Nintendo DS systems and is rated E for Everyone. The game retails at $49.95 and $29.95, respectively, and will be available at all major retail outlets today, November 16, 2010.

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About SEGA of America Inc.:

SEGA of America, Inc. is the American arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA Corporation, a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. SEGA of America’s Web site is located at

Will you be picking up Sonic Colours? Are you enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments.

Archie Sonic #113 is Out Now in Stores

A quick note to remind you all that the latest Archie Sonic comic – issue #113 – is out now in US shops. Collectors of the long-running blue blur book should rush out now to pick up a copy. If you get yours delivered, it’s probably already arrived by now!

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