Online Multiplayer Confirmed For Sonic Generations 3DS

We’ve known for a long time that the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations will feature a multiplayer mode for 2 players, but SEGA has never gone into any detail about it. Now, thanks to information on SEGA’s new Tokyo Game Show 2011 website, we know that the mode will also have online functionality for 2 players.

Other than that little nugget, there are no other new details. SEGA will be taking the 3DS and PS3 versions of Sonic Generations to the Tokyo Game Show in a couple of weeks time, so hopefully more details and media will be revealed then.

Source: SEGA’s TGS 2011 Website (Google Translate)

2-8 Players Online Confirmed For Sonic Free Riders

SEGA has revealed on its Tokyo Game Show website that their upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect title, Sonic Free Riders will support 2-8 players in its online multiplayer mode. This is 4 players less than originally stated on their website, before the information was quickly removed, but it’s still a good total that most racers support. This is an exciting new feature for the Sonic Riders series, but with the game being restricted to Kinect, will the lobbies remain very busy for long? That will depend on the success of Kinect.

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Source: SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show website