The Sonic Stadium: 1 Million Hits + Update

As has been maniacally recorded by SSMB members across the world, The Sonic Stadium has entered the prestigious accolade of “come of age” Sonic sites by hitting that ever-elusive 1 Million Visitors mark. The actual occurance happened at 3pm or 4pm (depending on who you go by, or what timezone weirding thing you use – I always note things by GMT [UK Time] naturally), and had as many as 80 people logged into the SSMB at once all celebrating. ^_^ Thanks to everyone who’s supported, supporting, and will continue to support TSS and the Network simply by visiting our website and voting on those Toplists (;D).

I will be updating TSS’ History Section tomorrow, with details on the events, including an updated Timeline as well. May even get a little “Illegitimate” with the event and all.

But I DID promise something special today, sort-of to celebrate, sort-of because I had it lined up anyway, lol. XD This is another step of TSS’ great return to form this year: The Sonic Fan Club. You may have garnered some hints when I changed the “Creative Outlet” forum list to the namesake, and it is true that Biafra and I have been trying to sort out the section so that SSMB members can post their creations on TSS.

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Get Ready… FOR 1M!

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but The Sonic Stadium is getting DANGEROUSLY close to the 1 Million Visits mark. Lock up your doors and windows, protect your Sonic plushies. TSS, upon this very time and date of posting, has just under SIX HUNDRED Visits left to do. I think it will happen later this afternoon. Keep your eyes on that ticker. We have a surprise lined up for you today as well, so it’s just as well we have the 1M mark today as well innit?


How’s it going guys? A big update today, as I said yesterday. First off, Sonic Kid sent us a huge bunch of scans and the Sonic X French Theme, so you can view and download all those things. It’s called for a new section for the Comics Zone called Foreign Comics. The Sonic X Theme can be found in the Sonic X section. Flare Gamer who is constructing a cool site asked me for an interview a few weeks back, and you can read the transcript here if you got nothing better to do. AND, there was also the TSS Timeline update made yesterday, which has a complete psychological history of TSS during 2004 up till this present day. For more updates, check out TSS’ front page, under “Latest Updates”.

But for more exciting things, looking ahead now! The Sonic Stadium will be FIVE YEARS OLD in October. October 24th to be exact. And what does a major Sonic site need to make its existence complete? Why, the legendary 1 MILLION VISIT count of course. If you check the Site Meter for The Sonic Stadium you can see that we are close to the 1M mark. Granted, it’s a fair way off, but it’s worth shouting about, even this early. 903,500 unique visitors have entered TSS since October 24th, 2000 (on last count; today at 8:22pm GMT). At this rate we’ll be hitting that target in a month or two! Exciting. 😀 Anyway, enjoy those updates.