OPM: Unleashed 1 of 4 Biggest Diaspointments of 2008

sonic-unleashed-disapointment-OPM:UK-award chip-worst-new-character-OPM:UK-pic

In their latest issue, Official Playstation Magazine: UK have revealed their 2008 game awards as voted by you the public.

Sonic Unleashed was 1 of 4 games to be voted ‘Biggest Disappointment’ for 2008, the other 3 titles are Haze, Need For Speed: Undercover and Army Of Two.

Here’s what OPM:UK had to say –

Only disappointing in the same sense as a wayward child’s final, severing act of betrayal. We fervently hoped the hog would come good. He didn’t.

Many fans of the series have seen this game as a high turning point for the series, a step in the right direction but it looks like the general UK Playstation public don’t feel that way about the PS3 version at least. The PS2 version of the game has been placing pretty high on Chart Track in the UK Budget Priced charts since release.

The UK Playstation public didn’t stop striking Sonic Unleashed there, oh they had a problem with a certain someone from the game… Namely, Chip who was unfortunately crowned ‘Worst New Character’ for 2008.

Here’s what OPM:UK had to say –

Another year, another disastrous attempted comeback from Sega’s answer to Elvis. But for all the bile Sonic Unleashed triggered in our bellies, we reserved the purest rage for our spiky (ex-)friend’s latest sidekick, Chip: a purple douche who loves ice cream, trots out an endless stream of banality and looks like a flying Chihuahua. Which is kind of fitting given that we’d rather let a lap dog gnaw on our own undercarriage than play the big bag of balls that was Unleashed ever again.

That has to be the biggest over-exaggeration I have ever seen, there is no real reason given as to why he has been voted Worst New Character. Anyone can say they hate a character and just describe said character with vulgar words and phrases. Oh well, I guess this childish rant fits in with their review score of 4/10

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