How StreetPass Works in Sonic Generations 3DS

Japanese gaming website Andriasang has shared details of how Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS will use the handheld’s StreetPass feature and we’ve listed the main points for you here.

– Players will be able to swap profile cards and missions via StreetPass.
– The game contains 100 extra missions which can be unlocked via StreetPass.
– “When you do a StreetPass exchange with another player, he or she will appear in your StreetPass log. Then you need to select the player’s name and you’ll receive a mission that the the player cleared.”
– “There’s a mission called Revenge which has you where taking out a certain number of enemies while Special Trial sees gopher-like enemies turning up in Act 1 of Mushroom Hill Zone.”
– If you’re not able to get enough StreetPass hits, there is also the option to unlock missions with game coins.
– You can list your Sonic fan credentials on your profile card and other details, like who your favourite Sonic character is.
– Your profile card will also record how long you’ve been playing Sonic Generations.
– Your profile card will update automatically when you perform an exchange.

Some screenshots of this feature have also been released by SEGA Japan and you can view them below.

Source: Andriasang (via ONM)

Thanks to CyberGW, Lip and interface for the heads up!

ONM Previews Sonic Generations 3DS, Review in Next Issue

The UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine has previewed the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations in their latest issue and within it are a few details about physics, Casino Night Zone and the Metal Sonic Rival challenge.

* Regarding Classic Sonic’s physics, the magazine says “The Mega Drive physics are more or less spot-on, and far better than they were in recent WiiWare release Sonic 4.”
* According to ONM, Classic Sonic’s Casino Night Zone music is “slightly modernised but for the most part it’s faithful to the ditties from the older games.”, while the remixed Modern Sonic version is “bursting with saxophone solos and various other musical flourishes.”
* The Metal Sonic boss battle is a race to reach the end of the level before he does. ONM says “It reminds us of the two-player mode in Sonic 2 and it’s a fun, challenging stage.”

ONM will have a review of the game in next month’s issue, which is due out in UK stores November 17th. To read their full preview, pick up their December issue at your local retailer now for £3.99.

First Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Screenshots

Official Nintendo Magazine UK has gotten hold of the first screenshots of both Wii and 3DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The screenshots were posted on their website this afternoon, together with details of new events (including Dream Events) shown off at a recent press event SEGA held for the game.

New 3DS events include 1000m Kayak, Breaststroke, the Race Walk, Judo and Balance Beam (this event not shown in screenshots). New Wii events in the game are canoeing, equestrian, Dream Long Jump and Dream Discus.

ONM confirms that no new characters have been added to the game and online multiplayer will again not be included, but the game will feature 4 player local multiplayer. The website also reports that the Wii version doesn’t support Wii Motion Plus.

For full details of the various events, head over to ONM. (Wii, 3DS)

Check out the screenshots below and see if you recognise the Dream Event locations:


Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

Iizuka: Shadow The Hedgehog’s Target Audience Was U.S. Gamers

In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has explained that Gamecube, Xbox and PS2 title Shadow the Hedgehog was aimed at U.S. gamers. Iizuka says the reason for this is because first-person and third-person shooters had garnered so much popularity in the U.S. market and the development team saw Shadow as the perfect character to work with shooter-based gameplay. Continue reading Iizuka: Shadow The Hedgehog’s Target Audience Was U.S. Gamers

ONM Sonic Colours Reviews: “Sonic Cycle Has Finally Been Broken”

Issue 62 of Official Nintendo Magazine is available from today in stores across the UK for £3.99 and inside are reviews for both Wii & DS versions of Sonic Colours. The game grasped an impressive 86% score from reviewer Chris Scullion on Wii, closely followed by an 85% score from reviewer Simon Bramble for the DS edition. The Wii version is highly praised for not containing any gimmicks that ruin the game, such as the Werehog, talking swords or the motion controlled gameplay of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Scullion sees the Wisps as a gimmick, but says they don’t ruin things and are completely optional, so you can completely ignore them if you like. Scullion especially likes the Yellow Drill Wisp, saying “You’ll have a blast manoeuvring Sonic through the dirt and underground passages at stupidly fast speeds,”.

Another feature praised about the game is the new voice acting of Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog. Scullion says Roger makes Sonic seem pretty cool and not the equivalent of The Simpsons‘ Poochie The Rapping Dog. Elsewhere in the sound department, the music receives some positive criticism, with Scullion saying the ONM team were humming along to the tracks for each level. Speaking of levels, Scullion doesn’t rank them as high as the best of the daytime stages Sonic Unleashed had to offer, but he is happy with lots of the stages. Scullion wasn’t impressed with multiplayer and says “if you’re buying this for multiplayer, you’ll probably be disappointed, as Sonic Colours is far more enjoyable when played on your tod.”

Scullion finishes the review with a statement that many fans will be happy to hear:

Colours hits the jackpot for Sonic fans. It’s one of his best 3D outings since the Dreamcast days. Round of applause for Sonic Team – the Sonic cycle has finally been broken.”

As for the DS version, it’s highly praised for being developed by Dimps who did the very well received Sonic Rush titles, because this game sticks closely to the fast-paced gameplay in those games. Bramble says Sonic Colours on DS is at its heart “speed-run gaming at its finest” and has a lot of good things to say about the replay value of going through levels again to improve your performance and earn a higher rank and/or using later unlocked Wisps in earlier stages to find new paths and goodies. Like Scullion on the Wii version, Bramble is happy to see the Wisps are completely optional in this version, so you can speed through in usual Sonic fashion without ever using one if you so wish to.

The only complaint Bramble brings up about the DS version are the boss battles and bonus levels, because they break the flow of the game and says “the story’s a tenuous load of old tosh – but at least Sonic doesn’t talk.” The review is ended like the Wii one, with another positive statement that will put a smile on the face of fans.

“In fact, Colours on DS manages to silence not only its star, but those looking for yet another Sonic game to complain about. By ignoring the mistakes that did for recent titles, Colours manages to glide along, happy and oblivious, just as you will when you play it.”

For the full reviews, pick up a copy of Official Nintendo Magazine issue 62 in stores now, or order online at

ONM’s Sonic 4 Interview With Takashi Iizuka

Official Nintendo Magazine UK have posted up their Sonic 4 interview which contains questions fans sent into ONM staff to be put forward to SEGA’s Takashi Iizuka.

Here’s the list of questions and answers below –

Why has Sonic 4 taken so long to come about? – BADGERGAMER

Takashi Iizuka: Ever since Sonic Adventure was released in 1998, Sonic has evolved into a game which is faster and features new actions for Sonic. On the other hand, the sense of speed from side scrolling means that the popularity of ‘classic’ series still remains high. Even now a lot of fans enjoy playing those classic games via the Wii’s Virtual Console. The aim for Sonic 4 is to provide a ‘new classic series’ using modern techniques that have only been around for the past few years for fans from all around the world who love the ‘classical’ series.

How long has Sonic The Hedgehog 4 been in development and how has the approach for designing a downloadable game differed from the way you design other Sonic games? – MK Skillz

TI: About a year including concept development. As this is a downloadable title, the data size and price is very different from a packaged title. We just focused on old school classic game content to minimise data size and price.

Why did you decide to make it episodic? – Aki-toriko

TI: The object of this project was to make a game with a lower price which can be played and downloaded easily from the beginning. We are exploring making each episode volume small and having an increased number of possible episodes.

Why did you decide to use the WiiWare service rather than releasing the game on one disc? – Deku Scrub

TI: As stated previously, this was always planned as downloadable exclusive title. We thought the users who purchased classic games like ‘Sonic 1’ and ‘Sonic 2’ through the Wii Virtual Console would be the most interested in the downloadable titles.

Were you inspired by the success of New Super Mario Bros on both Wii and DS? In terms of giving the retro fans what they wanted? – FlibyFlow

TI: At first we weren’t aware of it. At the beginning of the development we wanted to create a downloadable exclusive title but knowing that the Wii version of New Super Mario Bros. has become a major hit in Japan and also around the world, it encouraged us as even now 2D platform action is loved by a lot of people.

All The classic games since Sonic 2 have featured Miles “Tails” Prower. Will Tails be featured in any one of these episodic adventures? – SuperKnightAI

TI: Tails won’t appear in Episode I. I’ll leave it to your imagination whether he’ll appear for further episodes!

What made you decide to include the Homing Attack, and does it have any impact on the classic- gameplay? – MK Skillz

TI: As you know, Homing Attack was an action featured from ‘Sonic Adventure’ and it didn’t appear in the classic series. In Sonic 4 the Homing Attack is added, and this provides sense of speed that none of the classic series have.

Can we expect only levels or enemies inspired by the original games or will there be anything completely new? – bleedOrange

TI: Sonic 4 stages have motifs that remind us of previous series, but they have been designed to be completely new for this game. We prepared many gimmicks and devices that are classic and also some you have never seen before!

Now Sonic has returned to his old roots, will he remain this way from now on or will we still see him return in his 3D adventures such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed? – Dooby

TI: I think Sonic 4 is positioned as a game which provides simple classic gameplay, so it is not considered the same as something which evolved as a 3D action series. I cannot answer how 3D action series will expand from now on unfortunately.

Will Super Sonic be available to players who collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds? – Sonic Boom

TI: It is one of the biggest characteristics of the classic series but whether it is in this game or not, I’ll leave to your imagination.

In your opinion does this game have most in common with the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy, the Sonic Advance games, or the Sonic Rush games? – spambot404

TI: Of course Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy is the one this has most in common with. With the DS Sonic series, you have various actions like grind or boost. What I am creating with this title is a simple platform action game that you can enjoy with one button.

Any chance we could see a return of the Vs Mode from Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, where you have to race a mate to the end of the zone? – Random_guy_14

TI: We don’t provide Vs Mode in Episode I. Unfortunately, I cannot answer about further episodes at this point.

Will the Wii version offer something different to the PS3 version? – The Batman

TI: Basically we prepared identical game content so users could enjoy playing with their preferred hardware platform. However, some hardware specific capabilities are implemented. For Wii, you can enjoy a special stage by using the Wii Remote’s tilt control.

What is your favourite thing about the game so far? – Flash7

TI: What I like most is being able to provide new [games like the] classic series after 16 years. Developing a classic Sonic world that used to be pixel art and making it high-res by using CG rendering means a lot for me as I was one of the developers of the original classic title.

Source: ONM

Thanks to Velotix Lexovetikan at the SSMB for the heads up!

Sonic & Knuckles Wii VC Gets An 85% From ONM

Official Nintendo Magazine UK have reviewed the recent Wii Virtual Console release of Sonic & Knuckles and given it a good score of 85%.

The reasons restricting them giving the game an even higher score is as follows:

Naturally though, the main gameplay change is the addition of Knuckles, whose ability to glide and climb walls changes the feel of the game drastically. The levels aren’t laid out as well as those in the previous Sonic games however, and the game suffers slightly as a result.

So while it’s not as essential as the main Sonic trilogy, Sonic & Knuckles is still highly recommended for all platform fans.

Guess ONM arent fans of Knuckles gameplay change though they do give a + at the end of review for being able to play as him, the only – they give the game is in their words “Not as good as Sonic 2 or 3”.

What do you think of their review? Let the debate begin in the comments section.

New ASR Wii Gameplay Video At ONM

[youtube][/youtube] Thanks to sonicfan293 for converting the video to YouTube format.

Just a quick heads up, Official Nintendo Magazine UK have posted a new gameplay video of the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing at their site. The track being showcased is the Seaside Hill Ocean Ruins track, a track we’ve seen little of until now. In the video you get a better look at the undersea tube and the huge jump that follows it making for one awe inspiring track.

Like the look of Ocean Ruins? Let us know in the comments

ONM Want Your Sonic 4 Questions

Official Nintendo Magazine UK are starting a new feature on their website called ‘ONM Asks’ where they gather your burning questions to ask game developers about upcoming projects coming to Nintendo consoles. To begin this new venture they will be posting a recent Q&A they had with the team behind the Ace Attorney games this Friday but afterwards they’ll be seeing the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 team and they want to take your queries regarding the game with them. If you would like to take part you can post your questions at their forums.

Thanks to Trainer Gold at the SSMB for the heads up.

ONM Interview Craig Duncan On ASR

Official Nintendo Magazine UK has posted up an interview they’ve had with Craig Duncan, development director at Sumo Digital, to talk about Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. The interview discusses how the game came to be, Sumo’s relationship with SEGA, comparisons to Mario Kart, favourite characters and Gilius from Golden Axe.

ONM are quite interested in the game’s depth compared to Mario Kart such as the drifting mechanic –

ONM: It is a lot easier to drift around corners in Sonic & Sega Racing than in Mario Kart Wii. Was that because you wanted to remove the barriers for novices?

Craig Duncan: I think we have the same level of depth but I think our drift system is a lot more accessible than Mario Kart so I think you can learn and get drift by playing either a tutorial or a race mission. But it takes a lot longer to master drift so we do have depth for the hardcore racers. It’s got to be accessible and it’s got to have depth.

ONM also liken the game’s commentator to classic cartoon Wacky Races –

ONM: Were you inspired by anything else? The commentary is very Wacky Races?

Craig Duncan: Yeah it is maybe a bit Wacky Races. It’s a game system as much as anything else. So if one of the characters behind gets an All-Star move the commentator will say “Amy Rose has just got her All-Star move!” You’ll know that someone behind you has a certain move so it’s a helpful system for the player. It informs you of what’s going on.

Or if people fire certain weapons the commentator will tell you so. He’ll also chide and goad you if you’re doing badly. He’ll say “that’s not great driving from Sonic” if you bounce off a few corners so it’s really helping you experience the game and how it plays much better.

You can check out the interview in full at ONM’s website.

ASR Preview, Stickers & Poster In New ONM,

The February issue of Official Nintendo Magazine is out today and in it is a very positive preview of the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. Obviously we can’t give you the full preview here or ONM’s legal team will be on our backs, they end with the summary –

It’s Sonic, it’s Ryo from Shenmue, it’s great drifting, it’s loads of ridiculous power-ups, it’s online multiplayer and it’s Billy Hatcher back from the dead. What more do you want?

For the £3.99 asking price it’s a good read and you also get some Official(SEGA Europe labelled) ASR stickers and a 2 page poster with new artwork.

dabbido over at the SSMB has put the 2 poster pieces together so you can see it in full, thanks dabbido! –

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